How to increase male potency natural ways?


Incorrect lifestyle, regular stress, inadequate diet and of course age-related changes sooner or later lead to the question: how to increase potency in men?!

Faced with this problem, some representatives of the stronger sex immediately sent for help to the doctor-the urologist, but most, unfortunately, prefer to be treated yourself.

For this purpose, they use dangerous synthetic drugs presented to the pharmacy. These drugs have only one advantage – demonstrate an immediate effect. However, with this artificial stimulants potency have a number of side effects (if used incorrectly some of the tools can lead to death).

How to increase male potency natural ways? Therapy should include a range of events – from a correction of the diet and daily regimen to use potent natural compounds that promote the active production of testosterone, which stimulate the libido and helping to deal with erectile dysfunction. Consider the question of how to increase potency in men in more detail.

Increased potency in men after 50 is difficult. It begins with correcting the diet.

First, you need to ensure that the daily diet includes products that contain:

  • selenium;
  • zinc;
  • b vitamins, C and E.

Also the complex of therapeutic measures should include special exercises, the purpose of which is to improve the local blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Simple simple workouts at home will give its first results from the first practice.

But the main answer to the question of how to increase male potency natural ways, connected with the process of the production of testosterone – a deficiency of this hormone leads to sexual dysfunction and reduced sexual desire. Best drugs to increase potency in men, (and, hence, activation of testosterone synthesis) – Chinese Schizandra, ginseng root, as well as horns and a member of the deer.

The worst enemy of potency is the extra weight. Overweight not only affects the production of testosterone and increases the synthesis of estrogens - female sex hormones. This phenomenon not only involves problems with potency and erection, but in General has a negative impact on the health of men. Therefore the increase potency in men after 50 is directly connected with a healthy weight loss.

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From what I should avoid?

How to increase male potency natural ways? You must completely avoid alcohol, Smoking, and especially drugs. Not the best way affects the sexual sphere and sedentary men, the thought exercise will help to adjust local blood circulation and to cope with stagnation in the pelvic organs.

Increased potency in men after 50 is impossible without eliminating the psychological emotions and stress. The same applies to fatigue, poor sleep, excessive mental and emotional stress. Without these factors no drugs to increase potency in men won't help.

Natural medicines to increase potency in men:

  • Chinese Magnolia vine;
  • ginseng root;
  • Chinese ginseng Oolong tea - tea with ginseng and licorice root;
  • herbal with Astra, a nettle and flowers of impatiens balsamina;
  • and horns of deer penis (chopped).

These natural remedies can easily cope with the following tasks:

  • stimulate the synthesis of testosterone;
  • increase sperm volume;
  • struggling with erectile dysfunction;
  • increase sexual desire.

While these drugs to increase potency in men (as opposed to synthetic drugs) not only do not give strain on the body, but also demonstrate the therapeutic, restorative effect.