How to increase potency in men at home

All will be useful to know how to increase the potency of men at home with the inclusion of food and folk remedies in your diet. To increase libido it is useful to pay attention to diet, physical exercise and lifestyle. The alternative to this method would be the use of popular recipes, fees, medicines with natural composition and special tools that help increase the potency of men.

What is the potency

What is the potency

Translated from the Latin potentia refers to the ability to act. In medical practice it refers to the ability of men to efficiently commit a sexual act to sexually satisfy a woman and have a child. The concept of potency includes several components:

  • sexual desire;
  • erection ;
  • ejaculation ;
  • the duration of sexual intercourse .

What affects potency in men

The reduction of each component, which is included in the concept of male potency, affected by the following factors:

  • cardiovascular disease - high cholesterol , poor heart function reduces erection;
  • diabetes mellitus ;
  • obesity ;
  • age-related changes men can increase the causes of disorders of sexual desire;
  • Oncology, multiple sclerosis , Parkinson's disease , spinal cord injury ;
  • depression, alcoholism, tobacco Smoking ;
  • high stress, psychological problems is able to enhance the problem;
  • Vitamin D by its chemical nature is a steroid hormone. The decrease of its concentration in the body leads to disruption of the functioning of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular, and of course reproductive. Hypovitaminosis of vitamin D is associated with a decline in testosterone levels . It reduces the sperm quality ( reduced number of motile and viable spermatozoa ) that can lead to male infertility. So to preserve man's health and strength it is important to regularly take vitamin D , for example, in the form of chewable tablets Ultra-D. They contain 25 µg (1 000 IU) cholecalciferol ( vitamin D3 ), due to the form of chewable tablets Ultra-D can be taken at any time, require washdown water.

That increases the potency in men

Besides treating the underlying physical or psychological problems increased potency men of any age can be stabilized in the following ways:

  • drug therapy. Viathine provides a really strong erection that remains throughout the intercourse. In addition Viathine greatly enhances the orgasm. The drug has proven itself in Europe and has recently appeared in Russia, and at an affordable price. Viathine well tolerated, not addictive. Doctors actively prescribe it if you have problems with potency and allow the combination of moderate amount of alcohol;
  • the vacuum device is a hollow plastic cylinder to enhance the flow of blood into the penis ;
  • injections of the drugs papaverine, phentolamine, of prostaglandin to increase the blood supply;
  • the use of instant on the effects of creams, ointments;
  • review of power, the rejection of the beer;
  • surgical medical implants help to improve erectile function when other methods are not working.


Folk remedies

The most popular question in disorders of sexual desire: what foods increase the potency of men? Normal food is the key to the normal functioning of the male reproductive system . In accordance with the recommendations of doctors, food men should contain 30 percent fat for hormone production, protein, phosphorus, zinc and vitamin E. it is Useful to include in the diet the following products for potency:

  • with phosphorus, brewer's yeast, bran, pumpkin seeds, almonds, beans, cheddar, mushrooms, parsley, celery, meat;
  • zinc - oats, rye, eggs, beans, beef liver, oysters, ginger root, turnips, olive oil , seaweed;
  • vitamin E - whole grain bread, nuts, soybeans , vegetable oil , sunflower seeds , spinach, peanuts , bananas, lamb;
  • a small amount of tea, coffee, a couple drinks of alcohol will not damage to blood flow to the sexual organs of men .

Folk remedies

Of the methods of folk medicine used the following herbal teas and tinctures of herbs to strengthen the potency of men:

  • the decoction of nettle dioecious in number tablespoon in a glass before meals to stimulate the urinary function;
  • a mixture of nettle seeds, red wine and honey to increase potency;
  • herbal tea with ginseng and honey or tincture of the root of a plant;
  • thyme infusion - drink a day cures sexual disorders;
  • pieces of dried calamus root;
  • a mixture of honey, carrot juice, red wine, ginger and nuts;
  • the drink is warmed up to white wine, juice of orange and lemon, honey, mint, cardamom, cloves and cinnamon.

How to increase the potency

Who are suffering from sexual dysfunction interested in how to increase male potency natural ways. Popular answers to this question are the review of food in favour of proper, moderate physical exercises and special exercises to stimulate the genitourinary system. Men useful to follow the norm take of alcohol, to get rid of excess weight, stress and nervous strain. To improve the quality of sleep and only in the absence of the effect of all of the ways to take the pill and stimulants potency.

Methods to improve

Urologists and andrologists are the following key factors that can enhance the potency of men:

  • food;
  • traditional methods;
  • training;
  • supplementation;
  • psychotherapy;
  • in addition, men are encouraged to check the hormones.



TOP 5 products included in the list to stimulate libido. Here's how to increase the potency of men nutritionists advise:

  • black stomach - to be taken in dried form or in the form of an alcohol tincture half an hour before sexual intercourse;
  • oysters - rich in zinc and rare amino acids, stimulate the production of testosterone and increase sperm volume , there are they need to be raw, preferably fished in the spring;
  • flounder is a useful fish contains zinc, amino acids, vitamins A and E, better steamed, saute or boil;
  • boiled mackerel - another good fish is for men due to the content in the composition of omega-3 and 6 acids that can enhance potency, increase sperm count through iodine;
  • turnips - vegetables can be eaten raw or boiled, mixed with honey, pureed carrot or cow's milk.

Improve the potency of folk remedies

Among the tips on how to increase the potency of men, are popular methods of traditional therapy:

  • mix walnuts and honey - take a tablespoon after meals 2-3 times per day rate per month, can be eaten instead of a snack;
  • tea with cloves, ginger or saffron normalizes erectile function;
  • two tablespoons of St. John's wort pour a glass of hot water, infuse hour, filter, drink 50 ml three times per day;
  • four tablespoons of root crops of parsnip mash with six tablespoons of sugar, boil 15 minutes, infuse for eight hours, drink three times per day tablespoon before meals;
  • tea made from hop cones drink half a Cup twice or three times per day rate of half a month for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

How to train potency

How to train potency

Good methods how to increase potency, are specific exercises that are part of daily gymnastics for men. A half-hour run sessions per day increase the erection to five times. Here are some useful exercises to correct the problem erectile dysfunction:

  • 10 seconds standing, sitting or lying down tense the muscles of the perineum , representing what hold urine stream when emptying the bladder;
  • stand straight with hands down and step maximum lifting knees high;
  • stand up, slightly bent knees, stretch and relax your gluteal muscles, introducing sandwiched between the stone;
  • run on the spot, without taking socks from the floor, only your heels;
  • lie on your back, half bend your knees, lean feet on floor, lift your pelvis;
  • lying, slightly open your feet, tense the muscles of the perineum between the anus and the testicles;
  • sit on a chair, visualize buckwheat on it, try to "collect" her buttocks muscles .