Reduced potency in men, first symptoms, therapies

The main reasons for the deterioration of male sexual function are stress, diseases of the genital organs and the endocrine system , the blood circulation in the pelvic area. Reduced potency in men (impotence) can only be addressed when identifying the cause. Thus the patient it is important not just to take an effective course of treatment based on pills, but get rid of bad habits. With regular sex and eliminate the stress of an erection will always be long and intense.

potency in men

What is the potency

In sexology under the man's force realize ability to meet women's needs, the ability to conceive a child. The main features of good potency are a normal erection presence of sexual desire, the functionality of sperm , a sufficient duration of sexual intercourse . Number of sex is not the determining figure, because every man has its own individual characteristics. Having regular sexual relations in a week the average man in the 30-35 years sex 2-3 times 50 years 2 times 60 years - 1 time.

The reasons for the decline of potency

Reduced libido can occur in men of any age, since sexual health is influenced by many factors. If you do not analyze the deterioration of potency, it will exacerbate the situation. Reduced sexual function because of these reasons:

  • sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise - sedentary lifestyle and impaired blood flow in the pelvis, deteriorating spermatogenesis;
  • bad habits - alcohol, drugs and nicotine can reduce the amount of produced testosterone , they impair the functionality of the testicles ;
  • emotional tension and lack of sleep oppress male power;
  • the lack of a stable sexual life leads to a decrease in potency, the penis should always be in tune to sperm quality was appropriate;
  • excess weight leads to poor erection , as male organ, is a force that needs to be in good shape;
  • malnutrition - the lack of necessary mineral substances, vitamins, disturbed hormonal balance, General health;
  • age - related changes after age 50 reduces the amount produced of the male hormone testosterone , the result is a sharp decrease in potency;
  • failures in the endocrine system , which reduces the level of testosterone;
  • neurological diseases - epilepsy, Parkinson's disease , multiple sclerosis , impaired blood flow to the brain and the pelvic area, autoimmune diseases and systemic disorders, injuries of pelvic organs;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system , prostate ;
  • psychological and emotional problems - low self-esteem, complexes.

Young men

Young men

Reduced potency after 40 is a common problem, but impotence can occur in younger men. The reasons are in violations of the cardiovascular system, or hormonal disruptions. The latter can manifest itself in hypogonadism (lack of testosterone), excessive production of the hormone prolactin , which suppresses the male hormone as estrogen . Complications can arise as a result of disorders of the Central nervous system and peripheral nervous system .

After 40 years

Problems with potency, 40 years manifested in weak erection, that is, increasing the length and thickness of the penis when sexual arousal is not as intensive as it was before. This is due to a decrease in the number of collagen and loss of elasticity of the tunica. As a result, the permeability of blood in the veins of the inguinal region falls, there is ischemia of the corpus cavernosum , which is the penis, are destroyed vascular smooth muscle cells.

A sharp decline in

When the manifestation of erectile dysfunction is recommended to see a doctor. A sharp decline in potency in men of any age can be due to diseases that are transmitted sexually, with the appearance of tumors in the pelvic area and the temporal lobes of the cerebral cortex . Provoke impotence can diabetes , brain trauma , chronic stress and fatigue, the medication. Even tablets, such as diuretic drugs or medication to decrease the acidity can worsen sexual function.

What to do when the reduced potency in men

First you need to determine the cause of the dysfunction of the reproductive system. Can install the andrologist - a doctor who studies the reduction or absence of potency in men. Upon detection of the disease should be excluded from the diet of fatty, sweet foods, Smoking, alcohol. Encouraged to exercise to improve blood circulation and get rid of fat. We need to completely eliminate stress and pay attention to proper rest, healthy sleep. Finding physiological symptoms, you can understand how to improve the potency and the desire to have sex.

Treatment of the reduced potency in men

What to do when the reduced potency in men

Pills for male power does not return an erection, they make it possible for a certain short period of time after their admission. These drugs do not treat sexual dysfunction. To insure a long lasting sexual act with orgasm and ejaculation or be able to conceive a child will turn out if to start with medication (hormone replacement tablets). You can go to traditional methods of massage that improves the blood supply of the penis.


Viathine provides a really strong erection that remains throughout the sexual intercourse and also greatly enhances the orgasm. The drug has proven itself in Europe and has recently appeared in Russia, and at an affordable price. Viathine well tolerated, not addictive. Doctors actively prescribe this drug if you have problems with potency and allow its combination with a moderate amount of alcohol.

Some medications will not improve your sex life and will not cure low potency. They can help eliminate the cause of the dysfunction. Prescribed anti-anxiety medications if it is fatigue or constant stress. Severe disease, which appears sluggish potency, attention should be focused on the treatment of this disease. But the bulk of drugs impotence is designed to improve blood circulation . If the body is deficient of testosterone, prescribed hormone replacement drugs.

Folk remedies

Effective non-hormonal therapy in the fight against male sexual dysfunction - phytotherapy. You can take the following herbs: thyme, St. John's wort, hawthorn, ginseng. They improve the functioning of the nervous system, cardiovascular system. St. John's wort, willow-herb, Schizandra stimulates the production of testosterone. Tea made from ginger root increases the sensitivity of erogenous zones , improves blood circulation of the penis.