Food to increase potency in men — choose the most useful of them!

To clinical nutrition to be effective, should be aware of some principles: principles
  • It is recommended to consume foods containing vitamins A, B, E, and fats are the omega-3 group. They are found in vegetables and fruits.
  • Increase testosterone nuts. Especially effective are pistachios and peanuts.
  • Starving in the dieting process it is impossible. Man needs power, and therefore the food should be nourishing, useful.
  • Between Breakfast, lunch and dinner definitely satisfied with the snacking.
  • From alcohol, fatty and fried foods should be abandoned. They adversely affect the reproductive system.

Great attention is paid to meat and fish product. They should be in the menu. Beef, chicken, veal cook cakes, meatballs.

Valid in the diets seafood: they also help to improve erection.

It is necessary to use oils: sunflower, linseed, olive. They are added to salads. These products contain substances that help to increase the potency.

Its effect on the body

Experts strongly suggest to adhere to clinical nutrition to improve potency.

Such a diet comprehensive effect on the male body:
  • Enhances libido.
  • Increases the potency.
  • Normalizes reproductive system.
  • Nourishes the body with vitamins, making it stronger.

Improving the health of men in General: he feels power and energy. Disappearing fatigue and irritability.

Nutritional therapy will enhance the excitement, make sexual intercourse more long-lasting and tangible. Without drugs, drugs work the reproductive system is restored.

Man to cope with psychological problems: be confident, be able to meet your second half and yourself. Diet heals the body in General, prevents the development of serious diseases of the reproductive system.

Sample menu

The diet is quite varied, it is not too strict.

Nutritionists recommend taking as a basis the following menu:
Day of the week Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday Oatmeal with fruit, pomegranate juice Vegetable soup, meatballs of veal, mashed potatoes, tea Boiled mackerel, stewed cabbage, compote
Tuesday Omelet with greens, green tea Vegetable stew, slices of beef, honey nut, berry juice Buckwheat cereal with tomatoes and cucumbers, tea
Environment Salad of grated carrots, a slice of cheese, citrus juice Rice with broccoli and chicken breast, handful of grapes, tea Cottage cheese with banana slices, Apple juice
Thursday Boiled egg, lettuce, tea Potato casserole with ground beef, beet salad, compote Rice milk with pieces of fruit, berry juice
Friday Buckwheat cereal, a slice of cheese, tea Chicken soup, steamed vegetables, fish, green tea Cheesecake with strawberries, yogurt
Saturday Fruit salad natural yoghurt, fermented baked milk Stewed cabbage with slices of Turkey, greens, fruit compote Beet salad with garlic, tea
Sunday Oatmeal, Apple and grape juice Vegetable soup, buckwheat porridge with bubulae cutlets and broccoli Cottage cheese with raisins, strawberries and a spoon of honey, Apple juice

It is recommended to include in the menu foods that increase the potency of men, such as meat, fish and cereals. The priority vegetables, fruits and berries. As a snack suitable nuts, honey, bitter chocolate and dried fruits.

Berries: raspberry, black currant, strawberry. Dairy products is not prohibited. They are perfect for Breakfast, afternoon tea. You should pay attention to the food to raise the potency in men, such as cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk.

To enhance potency should consume juices of citrus, grapes, Apple and pomegranate. Useful compote and green tea. Coffee is better to refuse.

The list of permitted and prohibited meals

The diet should be: dishes
  • Oils: olive, sunflower, Flaxseed.
  • Fruits: citrus, banana, Apple, pomegranate.
  • Vegetables: cabbage, beet, garlic, all types of onions, carrots.
  • Meat: beef, veal, chicken, Turkey.
  • Fish: flounder, tuna, salmon, mackerel.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Berries: strawberry, raspberry, black currant.
  • Dairy products: cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, fermented baked milk.

Are there any foods that instantly boost sexual potency in men? To instantly get the result, you should eat meals with various spices: they enhance libido. Useful decoctions of St. John's wort, thyme, ginseng. Will also help nuts: cedar, pistachios, hazelnuts.

Also on the menu include black, chocolate, honey, prunes, figs: they contribute to the strengthening of the erection. Excellent for snacking. Despite the variety of the menu, some products remain banned.

From the diet should exclude:
  • Cakes, pies, candies.
  • Flour.
  • Semi-finished products.
  • Salinity.
  • Smoked.
  • Sweet fizzy drinks.
  • Fried meals.

From the menu exclude sauce, mayonnaise, chips. Various sausages, fast food products is prohibited. Limit salt intake to 4 g a day. The rate of sugar in a day is 30 g.

Nutritionists advise against soy, caffeinated products: they also lead to reduced potency.

Should be deleted alcohol. Of them is allowed to consume in small amounts only red wine: it may enhance libido.

Recommendation for runtime

For the speedy increase potency restoring male libido, should be aware of some recommendations from specialists:

  • Vegetables are best consumed fresh, they have more vitamins. After heat treatment, they lose their significant part.
  • If a man smokes, it is better to give up cigarettes. They adversely affect the reproductive system.
  • Diet will be more effective if the man will move a lot, written in a sports hall. Exercise and a healthy diet have a beneficial effect on potency.
  • Before bedtime is useful to have kefir or yogurt. Dinner should be 2-3 hours before bedtime.

The menu should be as diverse as possible, in order not to bother the man and been more valuable. For example, if Breakfast cereal is selected, in one day it can be boiled in milk and the other on the water. It is recommended to alternate salads. using a variety of vegetables.

The hunger strike at the time of such supply is prohibited. To avoid such problems, consume meals every 2-3 hours, snack on berries, nuts, fruit. Due to this, the body will recover more quickly.

Contraindications, pros and cons

Nutritionists recommend to stick to this diet, it has many advantages:

  • A varied menu that is not boring.
  • There is no need to starve, diet is easily tolerated.
  • No side-effects.
  • A quick result.
  • The healing of the body.

The only drawback is the fact that you have to adjust to more power, to refuse certain foods.

It is necessary at first to get used to healthy food and foods that improve potency in men.

Contraindications such power does not exist. It is useful, brings only beneficial effects. It is recommended at presence of diseases of the digestive system to consult with a specialist, an additional adjustment of the diet.

Recommended duration and rules out


This diet lasts one month. During this time she increases the potency, restores the correct functioning of the reproductive system of men. output

Out of the diet only in the case if you were able to recover, restore libido, erection. Gradually increase portions, add in a small amount of forbidden foods.

However, if you continue to eat correctly, manage to prevent the re-emergence of problems with potency. Junk food should be avoided.

To increase the potency by using special power-it is possible. Following commendatae diet, the man very quickly restore erections and libido. Will avoid taking the pills.

Healthy food will lead to incredible results, will prevent the development of diseases of the reproductive system in the future.