What herbs help to increase potency in men?

No man is immune from failures in bed. Problems with erection can arise as a result of poor lifestyle, health problems, often the root of evil lies in the nervous or physical overstrain. Whatever lurked the reason for the failure of potency, solve the problem immediately as soon as it made itself felt.

There are a number of medications that help to troubleshoot any problems in sexual dysfunction. The medical method allows in the shortest terms to restore potency. But many treat it with caution, believing that such interference cannot take place without a trace.


To help those who wish to have great potency, but not to resort to the help of advertised drugs comes in traditional medicine.

Herbs that increase the potency

A huge advantage of herbs is that they are much cheaper in comparison with the funds from advertising to restore your erection. Ready herbs for potency in men without any problems can be found in any pharmacy, and if you want to collect yourself. Prepare a tincture or tea ready and the collection is not difficult.

Unlike medicines, which give obvious, but short-term results, herbs to solve the problem with potency for a long time, as they have a cumulative effect. The contraindications are minimal.

Adverse reactions from herbal teas come very rarely. Most often it is associated with individual intolerance of a particular herb. However, this problem is easily solved by replacing to another plant or collection.

Ginseng for potency

The possibilities of this miraculous root is truly limitless. Ginseng is used in the treatment of many diseases, disorders potency including.

The result of the combined action is an active libido stimulation. This effect is caused by expanding blood vessels, improving blood supply to the body, the blood flow to the genitals, and has a positive effect on potency and contributes to the onset and maintenance of erection. Improves sperm quality, there is improvement in all urogenital system as a whole.

Tea reception on the basis of a ginseng has a positive effect on the body.

The effectiveness largely depends on what kind of ginseng used. So in the form of tincture on alcohol ginseng is able not only to help restore potency, but also aggravate the situation. Since alcohol, even in small proportions does not contribute to improvement of sexual function. It is wiser to choose other forms of cooking ginseng.

The effect of this plant on the body is really priceless. But you should know that in addition to the positive effect he gives a number of side reactions that should be taken into account. So, ginseng is absolutely contraindicated in acute inflammatory processes.

Not recommend it at all sorts of bleeding, ulcers and infectious diseases. As a result of thoughtless acceptance of this herb for potency may occur vomiting with a chance of a sharp jump in blood pressure. Ginseng a strong enough immune, so before use it is useful to consult a specialist.

To improve the potency, you need 25 grams of dry root is mixed with 700 g of honey. Infuse the mixture for 10 days. Take a teaspoon a half hour before eating three times a day. To restore full sexual function, make the mixture you need for two months. Then we need a break. Two months later, the course may be repeated.

Fireweed to improve the potency

This herb is often called fireweed. It is rich in all kinds of vitamins, especially C and group B. due to the rich content of microelements, fireweed is often used in folk medicine in the composition of the charges. It gives a tonic effect, helps to renew, rejuvenate the body from the inside, and improving sexual function.

Teas on the basis of fireweed help cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, improve blood flow, the oxygenation of body tissues. Willow, like the rest of the herbs to enhance potency in men, do not give the instant action, the result comes in a couple of weeks. Therefore, it is important to be patient.

The main feature of Ivan-tea is the ability to improve testosterone production, the content of which directly influences men's potency. Soft calming effect, which gives this plant helps to relieve stress, restore nervous system, which positively affects men's health and helps to improve erection.

Ivan-tea not only helps to restore the potency, but also helps to fight prostate cancer and other diseases of the genitourinary system in men.

How to use the plant, it is not difficult to guess, the main method of its application are already laid in the title – the dry herb should be brewed and consumed as a tea. Brewing should be dried leaves, infuse for 5 minutes. Drinking tea several times a day. It tastes nice and it's easy to drink instead of regular tea. This is the easiest way to use willow tea, but not the only one.

You can prepare a medicament on the basis of the root, the latter are dug in the fall or buy in the pharmacy. Clean root cut into small pieces, you need 2 tbsp of prepared raw materials. Pour half a liter of water and boil for 20 minutes. When the broth is ready, it should be filtered and, for two weeks drink 30 minutes before Breakfast and before bedtime. Take a glass.

Ivan-tea contains large amounts of caffeine, therefore, too often tea drink based on it or increasing the dosage of medicinal products not the best way affect the condition of the body and nervous system, resulting in a very strong excitability.

Calamus root in poor potency

Another herb to increase potency, which is able to return to the men's health and to restore your erection – calamus root. Due to the high content of camphor, gums, ascorbic acid and tannins drugs based on it have a tonic effect, help to strengthen the body as a whole.

Regular use of drugs based on Acorus calamus leads to improvement of male sexual function, helping to improve potency. Note that the action of calamus is strong enough, so an increase in dosage may lead to undesirable consequences in the form of vomiting. In the presence of gastritis and ulcerative diseases of the stomach and the acidity from the use of calamus also should be abandoned.

the root of calamus

Uses of sweet flag lot, the easiest to chew the dried root of this plant in the likeness of chewing gum. Can be prepared from sweet flag medicinal tea. This will require a tablespoon of dried root, steamed Cup of boiling water and infuse well. Drink the infusion three times a day for 1 / 4 Cup half an hour before meals.

Another option is to pour 100 g of finely chopped root a liter of vodka. Push it all 2 weeks is a prerequisite that the vessel must stand in a cool dark place. To eat no more than a tablespoon before meals.

Not to overdo it with this form of extracts, since the presence of alcohol may not lead to improved potency, on the contrary, aggravate the situation.

The potency restores parsley

This herb is a known aphrodisiac, it contains a large number of essential oils, minerals, vitamins. A special component of this herbs for potency – apigenin. Thanks to him, the parsley is a great antioxidant, which quickly leads to a decrease in the content of estrogen. The result of such work the amount of testosterone – the male hormone, increases.

Another important property of parsley – improving blood flow in the pelvic area. Through such work, there is an active saturation of the small muscles of oxygen, in consequence, the entire urogenital system improves. This has a positive effect on improving potency.

Parsley is good because it applications virtually no contraindications, which allows to widely use it in cooking. The only disease where you can't eat parsley – jade.

Ways to use parsley several. In equal proportions mix the dried parsley and coriander and use the resulting mixture a spoonful at mealtime. As an alternative, you can take both herbs are fresh. To apply also.

The second option – 60 grams of fresh finely chopped parsley mixed with 100 g of rose hips. The berries need to advance to the pan and also chop. Add 250 g of nuts, to walnuts and peanuts are simple, there is no difference.

You will also need 300 ml of wine and honey. All components mix thoroughly. To withstand this need in a cool dark place for 12 days. Periodically, the composition should be mixed, not allowing the nuts and the grass to settle.

Take the resulting composition to a tablespoon half an hour before meals 4 times a day. This recipe is not only helps to eliminate problems with potency, but also to strengthen the body in General.

St. John's wort for potency

This herb helps in restoring potency in men, it is used as a standalone component or as part of special fees. Result from the use of St. John's wort has a positive effect on sexual function and overall sexual health. Unlike other similar products, this herb for potency fairly quick operation, just a couple of weeks St. John's wort is able to establish potency.

A course based on St. John's wort helps to restore potency, helps to awaken the desire to have sex. Due to the active influence on the nervous system, St. John's wort helps to fight stress, reduces fatigue, restores vitality, he is able to fight depression, improving mood.

Chur to get involved in the infusions and decoctions on the basis of St. John's wort should not be, because too often their use can lead to the opposite reaction.

This herb in its composition contains toxic substances. Their concentration may be too high, especially if the grass was collected in an area with unfavourable environmental conditions. Also St. John's wort can cause a leap in blood pressure, which is very dangerous for hypertension.


To establish potency, you need 10 g St. John's wort (can be used both dry and fresh grass), pour a glass of boiling water. Infuse for half an hour. After strain and drink 50 ml three times a day for a quarter of an hour before meals.

You can prepare a tincture with vodka. This will require 40 g of grass and half a Cup of vodka. Put the mixture in a dark cool place for 10 days. Then strain, removing unnecessary grass, you need to drink the extract 30 drops three times a day, it should be done for a quarter of hour before eating.

Nettle improves the potency

This herb is generally available and to collect it will not be difficult, especially when you consider that it is extremely helpful in recovery of potency and sexual function. Their properties nettle owes a great saturation with vitamins, it actively enhances libido and has an antiseptic effect on the body.

Make infusions and decoctions on the basis of the nettle can not for everyone, as it has a number of contraindications. Because of higher blood clotting should not take their men over the age of 45-50 years. The tendency to increase of pressure — as a barrier to medication on the basis of nettles.

Kidney disease, in particular nephritis, the presence of stones is also a significant reason to abandon the nettle. Atherosclerosis and high cholesterol – are also contraindications for its reception.

If any of the above diseases you have, then you can safely use the recipes on the basis of the nettle for the benefit of their own health. Some recipes, you can take a tablespoon of chopped herbs and pour the Cup of boiling water. Leave to infuse for an hour.

After straining, you can drink 2 tablespoons before meals three times a day. As nettle quickly enough helps to achieve better results, drink it should be no longer than a month. After you want to take a break.

Another option, 75 g of seeds pour in the red wine. The latter will need 500 ml of Wine along with the seeds to boil water and put to cool in a cool place for a day. You can put it in the refrigerator. Drink infusion during the month a spoonful before bed.

Fees for potency

the result

Herbal also effectively configure the urinary function. They are good because they help to combine the positive effects of several herbs have a positive effect on men, more effectively improves the potency. Such fees you can prepare yourself in advance by gathering or buying the grass at the pharmacy. You can purchase ready-to-eat fees.

There are also pitfalls. The fact that the camp contains a lot of herbs, you need to carefully study contraindications of each. Not be amiss to consult a doctor to find out the Genesis of potency. After all, the reasons can be many. From inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system to depression. So, with infections should choose the fees based on yarrow and St. John's wort.

If the source of the failure of sexual function lies in the breakdown, a required component of the fee should be hawthorn, rose hips, lemongrass, and ginseng.