How to increase the potency | Effective practice tips

That's how men's minds that even being in the elderly man concerned with the active state of his sexual organ. Full potency gives an opportunity to feel "the man" and assert themselves in it.

Therefore, every failure in bed a man is seen almost as a universal tragedy. But should I be concerned about this? Of course, if You are well over 70, to worry about the weakened potency is probably not worth it.

The word "probably" I wrote because known cases in this age man has a second and even a third marriage with a younger wife and even there are cases that in marriage they give birth to their children!

Therefore, I believe that regardless of age, if the man himself did not put on itself "cross" as a complete male specimen, he must worry about how to increase the potency.

Given that often a serious action in modern men just don't have the time, we offer the means to increase potency which can be used at home, both for treatment and for prevention.

Why the potency can decrease? The reasons can be many, it can occur due to obesity, diabetes, potential cardiovascular disease. Or, corny, due to her weakened body, which lost its former shape under the influence of constant stress, abuse of nicotine and alcohol, a sedentary lifestyle and the like.


How to increase the potency at home

An active lifestyle is the best friend of potency

Given all this very first and most important measure to increase the potency needs to be active lifestyle. Train yourself to morning exercises, gym, and just regular running.

Share from alcohol and cigarettes if categorically excluded these factors are not derived from his life, then at least aim to strongly limit their intake.

In addition to this view, perhaps Your body is weakened simply due to the fact that You have not been on vacation or work a second (third, fourth ...) a month with no days off.

Remember, fatigue accumulates in the body and so just does not go away, let your body the opportunity to relax, otherwise do not complain about the weak potency.

Folk remedies for potency not only allow to increase the level, they are also completely safe for the body.

I think many men will be delighted to learn that natural coffee is the most affordable way to increase the potency. But it is important to remember that you should not abuse this tool, a simple rule applies: one Cup in the evening – use, two and more harm.

Means to increase potency

Effective natural remedies to increase potency, you can use tincture of ginseng or Siberian ginseng. The infusion of these herbs accept as follows: on the first day – half a glass of water to dilute one drop of tincture, in the following days, the number of infusions increase by one drop the amount of water remains the same.

It is necessary to increase the number of drops to 28, so the whole course will last 28 days. Every three months the course can be repeated.

Attention! The course is contraindicated for people with hypertension and severe heart disease.

Training vessels of the genital organs contrast bath

Well increases the potency of home therapy with administration of contrast baths for the lower body. For the procedure, you will need two basins, one with cold/cool water and one with hot. Starting with hot water alternately sit in each basin for 30 seconds.

The total duration of the session – 15 minutes. The total duration of the course – at least 2 weeks. Also, as the previous one, once in three months the course can be repeated.

If the cause of the weak potency chronic fatigue

Especially for those who have reduced potency associated with chronic fatigue and processing, we recommend you to enjoy a relaxing dip recipe – bath with Bay leaf. In order to prepare it, you need to brew the leaves of Bay leaf, then pour this infusion into a bath filled. This procedure must be performed before going to sleep, the duration of reception of baths Laurel – 15-30min.

Alternatively, you can substitute Bay leaves chamomile flowers.

In addition to a relaxing bath, to reduce the level of fatigue, we recommend to do yoga, aromatherapy, exercises to increase potency.


Products that increase potency

A phrase that is already bored because of the frequency of its use, "We are what we eat", however, not lost its relevance. The right food can work wonders for male potency.

Make your choice in favor of a diet rich in seafood is a natural source of zinc (the link read more about the importance of zinc for male potency), is a trace mineral that plays a key role in increasing male potency. Eat more protein – eggs, meat.

In addition, eat lots of nuts, seeds, legumes. Don't forget to use herbs, such as parsley and celery perfectly stimulate the potency. In addition, vegetable salad, seasoned with vegetable oil, a natural source of a whole complex of vitamins and a good tool for a natural increase the potency level.

So, if You heed the recommendations in this article, You will be able to increase its potency, and in addition enhance immunity level and enhance the overall health of the whole organism.

Additionally I recommend to use in the daily practice of the improvement of your body.