The use of electrical stimulation of a member to increase potency in men

Most men are afraid of the emergence of serious problems with potency since it depends on their ability to have sex with my sexual partner. If you experience problems with the sexual attraction some guys have problems with self-esteem, and they feel inferior. To restore potency, it is recommended to use the electrostimulator which will return a man's strength and give the opportunity to continue to make love at any time.

Causes of erection problems

Before using electrical stimulation for the restoration of male power, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the basic causes of problems with potency. There are three reasons for weakened erections in guys.

Alcoholic drinks

Often sexual attraction is deteriorating due to alcohol abuse. It is no secret that alcohol impairs motor skills of a person, impairs the ability to think and to Express their thoughts. However, in addition, it is several times reduces sexual desire and because of this in men is disrupted erectile function. More than 70% of guys suffer from impotence because of alcohol abuse.


Emotional health also affects his sexual performance. Depression and constant stress complicate retention of erection. If a guy wants to have sex, stress hinder him in this. Also violate sexual desire can other emotional disorders. These include suspicion of treason or a complete lack of feelings for a sex partner.



It is known that Smoking adversely affects human health and therefore it affects the sexual attraction of boys. Regular Smoking impairs blood flow, which leads to the weakening of blood flow to the penis. Because of this, problems with potency appear not only in elderly men but also young guys. If you believe the results of the conducted research, 70% of cases of complete cessation of Smoking restores the lost sexual performance.

The effect of the electrostimulator

To troubleshoot problems with potency a lot of guys use a special electrostimulator that allows you to restore virility. Such devices have become popular due to its high efficiency. To feel a positive effect, enough to hold two sessions of electrotherapy.

At the time of application of the stimulator to ease the effect of a weak electric discharge. Due to this effect strengthens the tissue of the penis and enhanced erection in the excited state. Also increases blood flow and improves urination, which is often affected by impotence.

Some compare the effectiveness of the stimulator massages the prostate. However, electrical stimulation has a more productive and strong action which restores erectile function in 1-2 weeks.

Indications and contraindications

Before use stimulants potency men need to be familiar with the indications and contraindications for use. This procedure is often done to restore the health of the prostate. Also, it is prescribed to men with chronic prostatitis. In addition, electrical stimulators used:

• if the patient has premature ejaculation;
• when the infectious form of prostatitis;
• infertility;
• if the patient complained of ongoing aching pain in the pelvis;
• in metabolic syndrome.

Also, application of the electrostimulator there are several contraindications which must be read. The procedure is contraindicated in people with:

• acute prostatitis;
• tuberculosis of the prostate;
• malignant neoplasms of the anus;
• serious diseases or inflammation of the rectum;
• cancer of the prostate.

The procedure

Convinced of the safety of electrical apparatus for the restoration of male power, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the electrostimulation.

There are two main ways of performing this procedure. When choosing the most appropriate treatment method takes into account contraindications and the stage of development of prostatitis. In order to get acquainted with the use of a pacemaker, will have to learn the specifics of these methods:

Introduction of the electrode into the urethra. Most often the clinics are used this method, in which one electrode is fixed to the coccyx, while the other is introduced into the opening of the urethra. During the procedure the patient lies on back with legs bent at knees. The doctor is stimulating the prostate until the patient's discomfort.
Introduction of the electrode into the rectum. This method is less painful because the anus is not so noticeable, as the uretra. Before stimulation the patient to completely empty his bowels and bladder.

Electrostimulator with their hands

Short penis is considered a delicate problem, which many guys don't want to tell anyone. Not to draw to the problem attention and not to buy the device in store, some people try to make such device with their hands. As a reason many people use miostimulyator. It replaces one electrode to the other, which was perfect for prostate stimulation.

Not recommended in the manufacture of stimulant use motor ekscentrikoi that you can get with old electric shavers.

They make a good vibrating massager, which are not suitable for electro-stimulation and recovery of potency.

Men who understand the electrical and physics, connect the electrodes to the power supply without assistance. The stimulator consists of only two electrodes. First made in the form of a flat plate and is connected to the power source, and the second is used for prostate stimulation.

In order to make a stimulant will have to make a head entry into the anus. In its manufacture are complied with the following requirements:

• the length does not exceed 5-6 cm;
• width is 3-4 cm;
• the base is equipped with a reliable mount so that the nozzle is not broken at the time of application of the stimulator;
• attachment must be made of high quality latex or rubber.

With the above requirements will be able to produce a safe device that will not damage mucosa.

Most of the men sooner or later faced problems with erection. To get rid of them and restore the potency will help stimulation of the penis.