7 effective exercises to increase potency

In this article we will talk about exercises for a noticeable improvement and increase potency in men. Problems with the quality of erections can occur in young people, physically healthy. If the time to take action to avoid possible impacts and to improve potency.

If erection problems are not associated with severe forms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, or hormonal imbalance, a simple exercise can help to increase the potency and improve the quality of sexual intercourse.

The following exercises aimed at normalization of blood flow to the genitals, as well as increasing muscular frame. Due to this effect will be strong and long lasting, unlike drugs improve potency.

A comprehensive gymnastics to restore and increase potency

Only regular exercise will provide tangible, lasting, in all respects, the result. Miracles promised by the marketing team of pharmaceutical companies, and in ordinary life, it will require considerable effort, but they will come true.

Ideally, exercises should be done daily or at least every other day, in the morning or during the day, on an empty stomach.

We turn hula Hoop

Rotation of the pelvis in different directions will help to disperse the blood the exercise and prepare the body for the following exercises. Standing, feet apart, hands rested on her hips, you can start with twenty or thirty rounds in each direction, gradually increasing the number of turns to fifty.

Rotation should be slow to stretch only the lower part of the body. Exercises for potency not only improve circulation, but also train your back muscles responsible for frictions.

walking on the ground

Above the legs

Standing, back straight, arms down. Actively stepping in place, raising his knees reaching his chest. If not, at first, to help hands, along with a beer belly will shrink. To start with thirty lifts on each leg to bring up the fifty.

The slopes

  • Standing, feet shoulder width apart, knees straight, deep bending forward so that your palms touched the floor, while flexible enough fingers touch.
  • You can start with twenty bows, but gradually, adding a few pieces to bring up the fifty.
  • The optimal amount to strengthen the back muscles and improve blood circulation in the spine, which is important for sexual organs and potency.


Lying on your back, bend your knees, feet pressed to the floor, hands placed along, palms down. To raise the pelvis as possible and lower slowly without lifting your shoulder blades and feet. To perform dozens of lifts, rest, repeat. To start with three approaches, bring to five.



Lying on your back, bend your knees and raise to the side, press feet on the floor, hands relaxed. To stretch the internal muscles, with the feeling that all in the area of the penis and the anus gathered in a bunch, hold, and relax.

The stronger the will to strain, the better, repeat ten times. One of the most important exercises to restore potency, which you can try to perform throughout the day, alternating tensing and relaxing of the muscles while standing, sitting, lying.

To sit on a hard stool or chair, shoulders, back straight, torso tilted slightly forward, hands rested on his hips. Much to strain the muscles of the perineum, works like suction Cup to the seat, trying not to involve the buttocks, hold, and relax. To perform dozens of repetitions.


Half sit down, raise his knees, stretch his hands to squeeze the muscles of the anus. Slow to perform rotation of the pelvis from side to side for a minute. As strengthen the muscles to increase the duration of exercise up to three minutes, you can do several approaches.

Keep the ball

Will need a small (up to 20 cm diameter), plastic or rubber ball. Standing, slightly bend your legs, place ball between knees, straining buttocks, much to compress. Starting with thirty reps to bring up the fifty.


Standing, feet shoulder width apart, back straight, hands stretched forward.

  1. Slowly Crouch halfway down, with a force to compress the buttocks, to linger for a few seconds, slowly rise and relax.
  2. Enough twenty repetitions.
  3. Includes exercises for potency easy to implement, do not require special physical training, will take not much time to ignore them, referring to employment.

Giving yourself this half hour, men will save much more by avoiding running around to pharmacies and doctors.

The benefits of gymnastics to enhance erection:

  1. Exercises for erection positively affect the synthesis of the male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for the potency and erection.
  2. Regular exercise strengthens weak spot of the human body -muscles of the perineum muscles which are responsible for retention of urine, of feces, which are involved in the process of sexual intercourse and the appearance of a full erection.
  3. Stable erectile function requires a constant and proper blood flow to the pelvic organs, and in particular to the cavernous body of the penis. This can be achieved with the help of gymnastic exercises.
  4. Physical activities are accompanied by the emission of large quantities of hormones. For men important epinephrine, androgen hormones, which affect the balance of the nervous system, a person's ability to overcome stress without obvious consequences.
  5. After a workout increases vitality, improves mood;
  6. Physical activity relieves tension in muscles, makes them trained, and therefore more enduring.


a set of exercises

Research conducted by doctors has shown that the load on certain muscles can for a short period to resolve problems with potency and erection. If a man observed-early ejaculation, then thirty minutes a day for two to three months with the help of physical exercises it is possible to completely get rid of the problem.

If the complex of physical exercises for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (see photo) had the greatest effect:

  1. For men who have lost interest in sex, causes often fails to call;
  2. Disappear episodes morning or spontaneous erections;
  3. During intercourse, the penis does not reach the required hardness, remains sluggish;
  4. Erection is so weak that it is impossible to commit a sexual act.

The reasons for these violations are many, but the result is insufficient blood flow to the cavernous bodies or partial swelling of the penis.

Through such training, it is possible to defeat the above problems:

  • the content of the stone;
  • the execution of the main step;
  • skipping;
  • training the muscles of potency;
  • the plough and the corkscrew;
  • suction Cup;
  • bow and Cobra.

Almost all the exercises for erection, borrowed from the practice of yoga, therefore, from men in the performance of them requires dedication.

Also popular exercises to increase or improve erections from the practice of qigong. Each of the activities its own, but there are General rules for the entire complex. Start with a small number of repetitions, better with 10. As soon as you feel the muscles stronger and can do more, add the number of repetitions.

Simultaneously with the execution of the physical exercise you need to hold the power correction, the use of products that increase potency in men is the main treatment, to revise the way of life, including sexual activity and the possible presence of sexually transmitted infections.

food for erection


Wait for the result only if the regular and responsible implementation of classes:

  • Front step. From a standing position start to walk down along the body hands. From the man you want as high as possible to lift the legs, knees touching the stomach;
  • Exercise bridge. Starting position lie on back, arms along the body, feet pressed to the floor. Lift your pelvis as high as possible, lower to the floor. So you need to do 10 times;
  • The implementation of skipping. Can be done in two variants: standing straight on the floor or hands on the wall and slightly leaning forward. The point of the exercise is to fast walk on the spot, not tearing off socks from a floor. Raises just the heel. One more note - you want maximum execution speed, but at the same time, duration of employment no more than 1 minute;
  • Retention of the stone. Starting position standing, hands on waist, knees slightly bent. Start the exercise with slight flexion of the knees and the rhythmic compression of the gluteal muscles. For understanding, imagine that between your legs you hold the stone;
  • Exercise vacuum. For this you will need a chair. A man sits on it and is that the chair is croup. Rhythmic contractions of the pubic-coccygeal muscles, which resemble a vacuum cleaner, like the collected cereals. Correct execution should not lead to a reduction in the gluteal muscles;
  • Stimulation of the muscle of the pubis and the coccyx with the help of squats. Doing squats from a standing position, feet wider than shoulder width. Drop the pelvis to the level where the hips will be parallel to the floor line. If necessary, you can stick to a chair to lean on the wall, but only the first time. In this position, you need to perform pelvic thrusts forward and backward, but without moving your body. At the same time you will strengthen the muscles legs back.


For potency and restore erections-it is important to perform some exercises in the complex. The fact that the muscles gradually get used to a certain level of load, they require more time and exercises to work through each fiber. Different types of activities affect a much larger number of muscle fibers than the same exercise that is the muscle is being worked out in all its parts. We give examples of complex exercises that are most effective for increasing erectile function:

  • Starting position-standing on all fours. It is important when performing any gymnastics to breathe correctly. For example, when you perform this exercise on the exhale, slowly let the pelvis so, until it touches the heels.- Hands do not bend, repeat the movement several times, depending on your level of fitness.
  • Starting position for the following exercises of this complex is standing. Hands relaxed, even breath and exhale tend to squeeze the muscles that form the anal sphincter. At the maximum point is delayed for 4 seconds, relax. So repeat 10 times, then gradually increase the approaches.
  • Take supine position, hands behind head, legs straight. Inhale and on the exhale raised vertically one foot up and give it a few circular motions. So to repeat each leg 10 times.
  • For the following exercises you need to lie on your back, draw knees to chest, heel to touch the buttocks. Hands should be placed on the knees. On the exhale knees bred in hand, but at the same time as providing resistance with your hands. Repeat to start at least three times.

Now most men lead a sedentary way of life, the consequences of which is the phenomena of stagnation of blood in the pelvis. Exercise can stimulate the movement of blood, remove stasis phenomenon. The most important are the hip joints and the spine in the coccyx.-

As a result of regular training returns blood flow in the pelvis to normal, relieves spasm of the muscles, the hormone endorphin. Physical activity positively affects overall health, enhances the reproductive capacity of an organism, recommend to the young to take up sports from a very early age, just as a prevention to avoid the aforementioned health problems.