Ivan tea for male potency

Their patients, doctors often recommend Ivan-tea for potency, which contributes to its strengthening. Sexual weakness or impotence due to factors such as problems with urology, stress, physical injury, problems in the endocrine system. Constant stress, environmentally poor food, abuse of alcohol and Smoking will inevitably lead to sexual weakness in men.

Ivan tea for male potency

Up to 50-60 years of sexual life men less active. Therefore, doctors endocrinologists recommend to follow the metabolism and encourage it. In this respect, invaluable help can be provided by the fauna, plants-stimulants, for example, Ivan-tea or "tea for men" as it is often called.

Botanical description

In the world of science this fauna is called Epilobium angustifolium. Although the plant has many names, for example "Shoemaker", "Soroca eyes," "Firefighter," "breadbox" "Koporsky tea", "Koporka", because of the shape of the leaves, it stuck for the name of "willow-herb", "Willow-herb". The plant belongs to perennial medicinal herbs. In the plant reaches a height from 50 cm to 2 m. the Koporsky tea Stalk is straight and covered with many leaves. The leaves have a pointed form. The flowers are pink, rarely white. Fireweed begins to bloom in late June - early July. Flowers presented carpal inflorescences which produced fruit is a fuzzy capsule.

Fireweed is common in many countries. Most often the plant grows on sandy, peat soils, near to pine forests and in the bright areas of the forest.

Raw materials are starting to harvest in mid-summer. At this time the plants begin to appear flowers, but inflorescences should not be completely dismissed. Raw material is the stem with leaves and flowers, sometimes root. Collection not getting fluffy box, otherwise the raw material will be of poor quality.


Ancient doctors believed that the whole plant is medicinal. They dried the leaves, stem, root, fireweed and flowers. Ground roots are added to the flour. The bread was tasty and healthy. Thanks root crop, the bread was saturated and rich in vitamins and minerals.

With Koporki did alcoholic beverages. The young shoots of the leaves were added to salads to food to improve palatability. Of fireweed in old times were made of rope and fabric. His strength is not inferior nor of flax or hemp. Pooh, which was formed after flowering, collected, twisted into thin, durable threads. Knitted from threads of light, warm shawls.

As a Honey plant, beekeepers appreciate very highly. The honey is obtained from valuable medicinal properties. Folk medicine has collected many recipes of this unique plant. Research and testing of fireweed showed that this plant has a positive effect on male potency, and its properties are effective in cancer (cancer) diseases.

In the old days in Russia this tea was popularized by monks. The monks knew about its useful properties, and about the impact of fireweed on the body. They know when the grass needs to collect, how to dry how to make a useful infusion. So came the name "Monastic tea".

The chemical composition of plants

Ivan-tea contains a variety of nutrients, which determine its medicinal properties. Up the plant included a lot of protein which is easily absorbed by the body. Protein is the source of energy, therefore, the use of willow tea improves efficiency. The plant contains:

  • Tannins and polysaccharides (anti-inflammatory effect).
  • Mucus (have a enveloping effect).
  • Vitamins a,b, E, C (ascorbic acid content is several times higher than citrus).
  • Micronutrients (magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, manganese, boron, copper and others).
  • Flavonoids (beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, prevent cancer).
  • Coumarins.
Increased potency

The beneficial properties of willow-herb

Fireweed is used in the treatment of many diseases. The plant helps to normalize body functions. The plant has the following effect on the body:

  • improves and strengthens the immune system;
  • detoxifies and cleanses the body;
  • removes the inflammation is a powerful tool with angina;
  • reduces fever;
  • is a light diuretic;
  • improves and purifies the blood;
  • improves functioning of the gastrointestinal tract (drinking tea is especially good for peptic ulcer disease and stomach bloating);
  • normalizes the endocrine system;
  • tea helps reduce cholesterol in the blood;
  • the human psyche becomes more resistant to external stress;
  • having a large number of proteins, enhanced by the vital energy of a person;
  • men fireweed increases the potency;
  • the plant is traditionally used for the prevention of prostate (BPH);
  • Fireweed prevents the initial form of cancer.

Fireweed as a means for potency

Men should make Ivan-tea:

  • with prostate adenoma;
  • in chronic prostatitis;
  • in acute prostatitis;
  • by reducing the potency.

The prostate is the "second on breathing" for the man who is responsible for mental and emotional health of men. If attentively to the concerns of the prostate, can overshadow the lives and the existence of even the most prosperous, successful man. Therefore, from the life and functioning of the prostate depends on the health of men. The use of Koporsky tea has a positive impact on the health of men.

Many may have doubts, influences the plant to increase potency. However, studies have been conducted in herbal medicine, fireweed has received many positive reviews and has established itself as a powerful means for male potency. With the constant use of a decoction of the release of the hormone testosterone, which increases libido. And the blood flow to male genitals promotes increased potency and prolonged sexual intercourse.

Regular use of Fireweed has a positive effect on potency, replacing the potent pharmacological agents. The increased potency is due to the presence of flavonoids.

Flavonoids - a substance related to vitamin R. These substances help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reducing their permeability. The result normalizes blood pressure, improves blood circulation. It is necessary for men because the penis receives enough blood.

Many studies confirmed that treatment with tea from Fireweed gives a significant result. The people's doctors recommended a decoction and drink Ivan-Chay to increase potency.

Methods of brewing tea

To increase blood flow to the genitals and treatment of disease should know how to make fireweed correctly. There are several ways of brewing infusions and tea.

The first method

By reducing the potency. The first way to prepare the infusion. To do this, 1 tbsp crushed, dried leaves and flowers of Fireweed pour boiling water (200 ml). Capacity should wrap and let stand (about an hour). After infusion filter and drink 50 ml before meals 4 times a day. Extract taken 1.5 months.

The second method

Prepare the infusion of 50-60 grams dried Koporsky tea. It is possible to use not only the ground part of the plants, but the powder from the dried roots of the plant. Pour boiling water and infuse until it is just warm. Apply 25 grams 30 minutes before food, 4 times a day.

The third way

Make tea for male power. To do this, take 1 tbsp of fermented Willow-herb infuser, pour boiling water (200 ml) and infused for 10 minutes. After is to drain, drink 70 ml of infusion, in the day 3-4 times.

The fourth way


You can make a decoction from fresh flowers and leaves of the plant. To do this, take the leaves and flowers fresh. 10 PCs of flowers and leaves, pour hot water, put on the stove and simmering on low heat for 20 minutes. After decant, allow to cool and drink the third Cup before meals for 30 minutes.

In the formation of stones in the prostate, doctors recommend brewing Koporsky tea and drink it. 1 tablespoon of the plant, pour 200 ml of boiling water and infuse (5-10 min). Take 2 times a day 1 Cup in the morning before food and evening half an hour before bedtime.


Infusion of fireweed on alcohol has found application in the treatment of impotence.

To prepare a tincture, take 100 grams of fresh flowers and leaves, pour half a liter of alcohol or vodka. Infuse the tincture should be two weeks in a dark place. Use 30 grams at mealtime. Alcohol increases blood circulation. The rutin content in the plant affects the activity of enzymes (substances, stimulates nerve endings and increases the excitability of the men).

Many believe that Ivan-tea and potency are identical concepts. With regular use of infusions, teas and tinctures of Fireweed, a man gets rid of sexual impotence, while the operation of the prostate gland improves. While increasing potency, increasing the time and quality of sexual intercourse. Of course, all necessary measure. Starting treatment, you should know how to prepare the infusion how to drink it, contraindications for use.


Specific contraindications of a plant not identified, but the individual intolerance. Hypotension means it is better not to take.

When using the tea infusions as well as infusions and decoctions, accumulate in the liver coumarins (contained in plants). These substances can cause to the liver, so you should take a break between doses. You need to remember laxative and sedative effects Koporsky tea, therefore the dose should not be extended.


Decoctions and tinctures from Ivan-tea is proven as an effective means of potency. Patients who took the Willow, leave only positive feedback. In the old days in Russia this medicinal herb was very popular, especially during sexual impotence. He was so valuable, compacted briquettes of the plants were taken for export, and its value was no less than fur and flax. In our days, the fireweed is almost the best remedy for potency. Rasputin believed that Koporsky tea is able to increase libido and strengthen erections. Ivan-Chay - male power, a man will forget about their sexual failures. He will have the confidence that ensures better mental health, better sleep and overall health of the body.