Recovery of potency

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a medical term that means sexual impotence in men and inability to maintain erection during sexual intercourse. According to statistics and researches, this diagnosis is more than 30% of representatives of a strong half of mankind. The disease has no particular age, erectile dysfunction affects both young boys and men in advanced age.

According to the diagnostics the problem of impotence today is quite acute. It is considered that impotence is a psychological problem that involves constant stress, insecurity and fears before intercourse. However, thanks to modern research, it was found that most cases of erectile dysfunction are connected with physiological causes, most of which, thanks to the latest developments in medicine, successfully treated a variety of ways.

recovery of potency

Causes of impotence

To medical reasons for the development of erectile dysfunction include:

  • Hormonal problems (e.g., lack of testosterone);
  • Liver disease;
  • Nephrological diseases;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Disturbance of microcirculation;
  • Cancer;
  • Chronic obesity;
  • Prostatitis;
  • Urethritis;
  • Venereal disease;
  • Excessive abuse of alcohol and nicotine.

However, the main factor in the development of loss of potency are violations of the nervous system. These include:

  • Beriberi;
  • Chronic lack of sleep and fatigue;
  • Deficiency in minerals;
  • Regular stress and nervous disorders.

Impotence may occur after operations on the spine, bladder, lower intestine, and prostate.

To cause erectile dysfunction can also taking certain medications: tranquilizers, diuretics, sedatives and antihypertensive drugs.

Therefore, to determine the most appropriate treatment, it is necessary to list all the drugs you applied to the emergence of problems with potency.

Diagnosis of erectile dysfunction

Like any other treatment potency begins with a visit to the doctor for diagnosis. Basically, the first potential causes of erectile dysfunction, a specialist learns more during the initial conversation with the patient. Diagnostics may be carried out in several steps: determination of the patient's complaints. The first appointment includes history taking and patient interviews about the problems in sexual life. Also symptoms of impotence are identified using a specially developed questionnaire of the International Index of Erectile Function. This form includes 5 simple, simple questions, the answers to which help the doctor to evaluate to choose the most effective practice, and to appoint effective treatment.

  • Psychosocial examination. This stage includes the analysis of the psychological state of the patient.The specialist also identifies the absence or presence of male depression. Upon detection of such, the patient is sent for examination to a therapist or neurologist, for further treatment;
  • Physical examination. It allows you to establish the exact causes and to determine the degree of development of erectile dysfunction. The main task of this phase is to identify problems associated with incorrect thyroid gland. These include hair loss, problems with skin, frequency of pulse, etc. Also includes the medical inspection of the external genital organs of men. A specialist inspects the General condition of the scrotum and identifies possible changes to the shape of the penis. At this stage also diagnosis of prostate.
  • Laboratory studies. Include ultrasonography, measurement of blood pressure in the blood vessels of the penis, radioisotope scanning.

Can additionally be assigned a number of analyses and tests, for a more detailed diagnosis of the causes of erectile dysfunction.

The course of treatment to restore potency

Recovery of potency in men is a complex of different activities, which includes healthy eating, exercise, medication and physical therapy, the use of various folk remedies, etc.

More detailed information about each of them:

  • Drug therapy. All drugs, or as they are called in the people, sexual doping that are applied in clinical practice, help to achieve high efficiency of treatment, which reaches about 80%. However, their distinctive feature is the side effects that occur most men. These include: headache, redness of neck and face, changes in visual acuity, hyperemia of the oral cavity.
  • Intrakavernoznye injection of vasoactive drugs. This technique is the introduction of microinjections of vasoactive drugs directly into the penis immediately before intimacy. This method is widespread and is considered one of the most popular to restore potency.
  • Intrauretralnogo therapy. The effect of this method is very similar to the previous one, but eliminates the injection. Therapy is absolutely painless, which is a huge advantage. This technique is an expensive treatment, as drugs are quite a high cost. This therapy involves mandatory use of a condom.
  • A vacuum - constrictor pharyngis inferior therapy. Using a vacuum cylinder and pump in the cavernous bodies of the penis creates a strong negative pressure that causes blood flow and, consequently, erection, which is supported by a special ring at the base. This technique is not popular because its efficiency is only 40-50%. Also the disadvantages include painful ejaculation, numbness of the penis, the inability to hide the ring from the partner and the short duration of intercourse (no more than 30 minutes).
  • Surgical recovery of potency. Surgery used today only in very exceptional cases where medication doesn't work or is invalid for the individual patient. This method is indicated in case of insufficient arterial blood flow in the penis. Here is microvascular bypass surgery, the performance of this method is 30-50%.
  • Prosthetic penis. Is the final step in the treatment of erectile dysfunction when all other methods were powerless and did not show results.
  • Psychotherapeutic therapy. This technique involves the use of three-step technique focusing sensuality, which recommends to pay more attention to the satisfaction of the female partner during intercourse.

This may also include rehabilitation and therapy, which consists of a set of different measures:

  • Consultations of psychologist;
  • Taking a prescribed medications;
  • Herbal medicine;
  • Treatment of chronic diseases;
  • Vitamins;
  • Physiotherapy;
  • Diet and intake of aphrodisiacs;
  • Healing massage, etc.

Moreover, experts recommend taking a folk remedy that uses the strong half of humanity for the restoration of male power, for centuries. These include red wine, nuts, honey, seafood, garlic, sesame seeds, some dried fruit, etc.

In addition to the use of various folk remedies, good results in the treatment pills show to improve erections, such as Viagra, Cialis etc. these medications are Taken an hour before intercourse.

If you have problems with potency, in any case should not self-medicate. Unsuitable for individual health features drugs, traditional remedies, or advice from the Internet can not only show results, but much to aggravate the situation. Therefore, when the first symptoms, seek the advice of professionals.