Products that increase potency in men

Products that increase potency in men

In addition to physical exercise and stimulant drugs there is much more simple and gentle way to maintain your virility and sex drive. And this way is to eat the right foods. It has long been known that some foods are natural aphrodisiacs, it would be foolish not to use it.

For good potency men are very necessary products that contain vitamins A and E and vitamin B, which stimulates the nervous system and improves nerve conduction.

Here is a list of foods that will help to raise their "fighting spirit":

What to eat to increase potency?

The sea cucumber (trepang). Meat sea cucumber contains protein, fat, vitamin B12, thiamin, Riboflavin, the mineral elements, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iodine, iron, copper, manganese. Fat rich in unsaturated fatty acids, phosphatides. The composition of mineral substances with trepang cannot be matched by any known organism.

Sea cucumber to increase potency

In Eastern medicine we often use a tincture trepang with honey, which possesses two remarkable properties. First, it stimulates the regeneration of tissues of the body that provides total rejuvenation and restoration. Second, it has a positive effect on male potency, which was highly prized by Chinese Emperors, who believed trepang as effective a means of longevity and strength, as ginseng.

Natural (raw) trepang can now be found in the far East of Russia, or you can buy a tincture of sea cucumber in the pharmacy (works well enough).

Oysters. Nutritional value of oysters is high. Unique chemical composition provides a delicate taste and a tonic effect on the nervous system. In the meat of the oyster contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, glycogen, minerals (iron, zinc, copper, calcium, iodine, phosphorus), Niacin, and vitamins B1, B2, B12 and PP.

Joint work of scientists, Miami (USA) and Naples (Italy) showed that raw oysters, mussels and some other clams contain two unique amino acids, which induce (stimulate) the production of sex hormones. Oysters are rich in zinc, a key nutrient for testosterone synthesis in men and women.

Therefore, the use of oysters has a positive effect on the development hormones that provide men strong potency and healthy seeds.

However, it is not necessary to include oysters in the diet on a regular basis, as oysters contain large amounts of mercury, which can begin to poison the body. The oyster is a delicacy!

Flounder. This fish is one of the components of almost all diets and this fact undoubtedly proves the fact that the fish has a huge stock of useful properties. Meat of turbot contains a lot of useful protein is fully digested, fatty acids omega-3, phosphate salts. Flounder meat is very rich in b vitamins (especially B12). The same positive impact on the health of vitamins D, E and A, which are present in the fish.

But we are more interested in the fact that flounder contain natural aphrodisiacs that increase libido for 5 hours after eating fish. So if you are planning a dinner with my lady, it is best to try this fish! Believe me, it works!

Turnips. Turnips since ancient times was considered an excellent means of cleaning the body of toxins. In raw turnips contains up to 9% of sugars, a very high content of vitamin C (twice more than in any root vegetable), B1, B2, B5, PP, provitamin A (especially in yellow turnips), polysaccharides that are easily digested, sterol (an element required in the treatment of atherosclerosis).

Though many have forgotten about this product, it's still not worth it. Since turnip has a positive effect on the sex desire in men and improves the potency. To this effect turnip you can either add to salads or use honey, as in old times our ancestors did.

/Natural Honey to increase potency

Natural Honey. Honey has a vegetable origin, rich in vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, C, PP, K, E, Pantothenic acid, folic acid), and contains over 300 trace elements ( manganese, silicon, aluminum, boron, chromium, copper, lithium, Nickel, lead, tin, zinc, osmium, and others) that greatly accelerate the reactions of metabolism that occur in the body.

For men honey is useful in that it consists of simple sugars, are quickly digested by the body and give it more energy. In fact, the use of honey can be compared with the reception power, but without any side effects on the body.

Nuts. Daily consumption of nuts improves potency and a positive effect on sexual attraction. This is due to the fact that nuts contain large amounts of vitamin E, and rich zinc, and magnesium, that is just those substances that have a healing effect on the reproductive system. Additionally, walnuts include arginine, activates the production of nitric oxide, the substance necessary for erection.

For the greatest effect you must use mixed nuts, seasoned with honey. Using this method you can obtain a quick absorption of the product and all substances needed by your body. Naturally nuts should be consumed raw, without any processing.

Dark Chocolate. Although dark chocolate and has no direct impact on the potency, he has quite an interesting and useful property. So in the dark varieties of the product include significant quantity of theobromine – alkaloid similar to caffeine, and phenylethylamine, a special chemical compound that could spark a feeling of love and increase libido. Chocolate contains antioxidants improve mood and health, creating favorable conditions for normal functioning of sex organs.

In other words, if you feel any nervousness, fear or excitement before a meeting with his lady, you need to eat some dark chocolate to calm down and enhance your mood and fighting spirit.

Chicken eggs. Eggs in raw form since ancient times, men used along with onion for the treatment of impotence problems. Now, of course, this method is very dangerous because of low egg quality, but, nevertheless, it is possible to prepare hard-boiled eggs, add fresh herbs (onion) and Breakfast. This will help to overcome problems with potency.

Meat. This high-energy product that promotes the production of the hormone thyroxine. The action of this substance aimed at the intensification of oxidation reactions in cells to maintain hormone excitability of nerve centers.

The greatest benefit you'll be lean red meat type horse meat, beef and lamb, and diet – rabbit, products from Turkey, chicken, and frog legs.

Among the more exotic products of this group it is worth noting the roosters scallops, sauteed with onions testicles of a RAM and ox, the meat of pheasants and blackbirds. Men of the East are confident in the effectiveness of dog meat, seasoned with turtle blood with vegetable oil.

It is important to note that too frequent eating large amount of meat can have the opposite effect: the body throws all the forces on the digestion of this product from what sexual activity is greatly reduced. Also it is not necessary to have sex to eat meat together with potatoes.

What to drink to increase potency?

What to drink to increase potency

Fresh juice for potency. Squeezed immediately before use juices, can the degree of impact equal to known drugs, they are safe for health and additional benefits throughout the body.

The most effective are the juice from pomegranate, pumpkin and watermelon. They improve circulation and blood flow to the pelvis, and the nitrogen relaxes the circulatory system. Complete the picture of the healing properties of vitamins and minerals that are filled with these juices.

Mare. The milk of the Mare has a rejuvenating and restorative effect on the body, it is able to normalize the metabolism, improve blood composition, the cardiovascular system. In this product are lactic acid and alcoholic fermentation contains important hormones that have a powerful impact on the immune system. No wonder this drink is the best way affect the male potency, improves the reproductive ability and sexual activity.

Ginger tea. Ginger tea is rich in vitamins A, C, amino acids, trace elements and minerals that have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system of the body, contribute to the thinning of the blood, strengthens blood vessels, eliminates toxins and stimulates the brain. All this leads to improved potency and men's health.

That is bad for potency?

Now we know that there are a number of products that have a positive impact on men's health and strong potency. However, you need to understand that there are also a number of products that, on the contrary, reduced libido, reduced potency, or purposefully harm the male body. We offer you a list of such products:

  • Meats contain a toxin that reduces the level of testosterone.

  • Alcohol severely reduces testosterone levels and affects the testicles. If we're talking about beer, it contains female sex hormone – phytoestrogen that reduces levels of the male sex hormone testosterone.

  • Corn, soybean and Flaxseed oil reduces the level of testosterone if the dose exceeds 3 tablespoons a day.

  • White bread and bakery products also negatively affect libido and lead to rapid weight gain.

  • Fast food itself is not harmful to your body. However, if these products were cooked in butter of poor quality (which happens quite often), you risk getting problems with potency and excess weight.

  • Products with excessive content of harmful cholesterol (chips, pizza and other fast food, mayonnaise, various meats and sausages and all foods fried in oil).

  • Cilantro in small amounts can be used as a means to improve potency, but its excessive use gives a diametrically opposite effect.

  • Sugar, salt, vinegar, spices, if their dosage is higher than normal.

If you want to be healthy in all respects, be picky about her food! A woman will not appreciate a bad cook, like a bad lover!