Age impotence at what age do men start to lose potency

Experts in the field of medicine claim that impotence and age have no connection.

According to the collected data managed to determine that in 30% of cases the condition is diagnosed in older men, and young people — 10%, which in statistics is a minor difference.

impotence up to 50 years

This fact suggests that to avoid age-related impotence is always possible. For this it is necessary regularly to prevent and promptly treat any emerging diseases, even those that have no connection with the reproductive system.

At what age do men lost potency?

Medicine has long known that significant decreases in the production of testosterone occurs after the age of 35 years, and begins to operate the process after 27.

Of course, it is impossible to say with certainty that this can happen to every man, as it depends on many individual factors.

On the basis of clinical trials in America, it was determined what age is a man likely to develop impotence:

  • from 20 to 30 years — the problems observed in 21%;
  • from 30 to 40 years — the problems observed in 27%;
  • from 40 to 50 years — the problems observed in 48%;
  • over 50 years — the problems observed in 53%.

The most common impotence in men under 50 years:

  • the average age. Mainly impotence faced by men after 35 years, because during this period the testosterone starts poorly produced. It is known that this hormone is basically responsible for ability to sexual life;
  • early appearance of erectile dysfunction. Problems with potency in men at a young age began to occur more and more often, this is due not primarily to any experiences or psychological pathologies, and improper maintenance of lifestyle.

It can be concluded that more prone to problems in the intimate sphere are men after 50 years.

The reasons for the decline of male power

The causes of impotence in men can include the following:

  • rare sexual activity. This is especially observed in men older than 35 years. Experts say that to support male power necessary regular sex life, as it helps to improve sperm quality and increase the number of viable sperm cells;
  • transferred or not fully cured of the disease. This cause of impotence is not uncommon. And this is not always pathology, which are associated with the reproductive system. On the potency can be affected by: prostatitis, orchitis, heart disease, arthritis, vesiculitis, diabetes, urethritis and orchiepididymitis;
  • the change in production of testosterone;
  • unhealthy way of life. This includes: excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, Smoking, for quite a long lack of physical activity, physical inactivity, and unhealthy diet. These symptoms disturbs the blood circulation, which is the deterioration of the normal blood supply of the penis;
  • the use of certain medications. Despite the fact that medicinal products can have a positive impact on the body, for example, lowering blood pressure, but at the same time may adversely affect potency.

What are the possible symptoms to identify that a man begins to lose potency?

The first symptoms of the loss of potency can be observed, starting from the age of 18.

The most frequent such characteristics:

  • a weak erection. Due to the start of pathological activity, the lower the hardness of the penis during sex. Thus, it can be a sign of neurogenic, hormonal, vascular and other disorders;
  • premature ejaculation. Is a spontaneous emission of semen before intercourse or at the beginning of it. Normally this symptom is associated with vascular abnormalities;
  • complete absence of erection. This symptom is among the first and can also occur in the nocturnal and spontaneous erections.

To what doctor to address?

To determine the causes of impotence and to conduct its treatment in the first place a man should go to the therapist. Surveys it find out the factors that led to this state, and send the patient to a more specialist.

Depending on the causes of impotence should contact the following specialists:

  • urologist;
  • cardiologist;
  • andrologist;
  • venereal diseases;
  • endocrinologist;
  • sexologist;
  • trauma;
  • the gastroenterologist.

The treatment of age impotence

In the treatment of impotence in men have resorted to various methods. Usually it is complex and involves, first and foremost, a lifestyle change.

Drug therapy


Medicines to restore potency are selected based on the cause of her loss. To return the potency of the ways many drugs based on tadalafil or sildenafil .

If treatment is aimed at the root cause, you can use:

  • hormones;
  • tools aimed at the normalization of sexual glands;
  • vitamins;
  • Dietary supplements.

Medicines can be in the form of tablets, gels, rectal suppositories, solutions for introduction into the urethra.

Medication often leads to side effects that you should be prepared. Some require additional measures after use in the form of, for example, intercourse with a condom only.

Treatment of folk remedies

The use of folk medicine in the treatment of impotence is quite popular and effective.

To cope with the disease will help the following recipes:

  • fresh carrot juice should be mixed in equal proportions with honey. Apply three times a day for ¼ of ready mix;
  • ginger powder mixed with honey one to one and take three times a day a teaspoon with some liquid;
  • mix 150 grams of aloe juice, 250 grams of honey, and 350 grams of Cahors wine. Apply three times a day before meals tablespoon;
  • tea with cinnamon, ginger and cloves;
  • grind equal quantity of coriander and parsley into powder, take a tablespoon before eating;
  • daily eating 100 pine nuts contribute to the increased potency;
  • to obtain the juice from the celery and drink it 30 minutes before Breakfast, lunch and dinner on a teaspoon.

Surgical treatments

Surgical therapy is indicated only in the case if chances of natural recovery of potency no, and conservative methods have failed.

Modern surgery is able to restore the possibility of sexual activity almost every man, 95% of interventions successful.

To restore potency performed penile prosthesis or surgery on the blood vessels.

However, this method is quite expensive and not recommended for the elderly.

How to maintain strong erection to old age?

In order not to experience problems with potency throughout his life, a man should take care of this since youth. It prevention of impotence is the key to sexual activity for many years.

For the prevention of impotence are advised to observe the following rules:

  • the diet should be balanced, that is, man, it is important to obtain the necessary for the body the daily amount of protein, fat and carbs as well as nutrients;
  • regular physical activity prevents the onset of stagnation in the pelvic organs, improves blood circulation, prevents stress and strengthens the immune system. However, do not overdo it, sport should be in moderation;
  • a man should avoid situations where he might get injured groin and lumbar region. Such injuries can damage nerves or impair blood flow, which is treated with great difficulty;
  • it is important to contact the clinic upon detection of symptoms of any disease and, therefore, time to get rid of them. As mentioned above, to impotence can cause of the disease is not only related to the reproductive system, but also with the entire body;
  • should give up bad habits such as drinking alcohol and Smoking. Nicotine and alcohol have a negative impact on the circulatory, endocrine and nervous system;
  • you should avoid stressful situations and fill life with a lot of positives. Psychological impotence is quite common, and it is found in the same amount as physiological.

Following these simple rules, man will not only be able to maintain a healthy potency to a ripe old age, but also will be able to keep their health at a high level for many years.

Impotence does not occur at a certain age, its occurrence is influenced by many factors. For example, it may result in an incorrect lifestyle, permanent psychological fatigue, and various organ pathology. Problems with potency can avoid any man, the main thing — time to take care of this.