As a man enhance the potency at home?

The reason for reducing thrust to a woman can be a variety of factors, peculiarities of lifestyle, injuries and diseases, changes that occur with age. In this case, the increased potency is becoming a pressing problem. Because every man feels his usefulness, if he is wealthy and in the intimate sphere.

how to increase potency in men
There are many ways of normalizing libido and sexual function, from pharmacy prescription drugs and ending with non-traditional methods and folk remedies.

They need to have good potency?

Stable and high level of potency is guaranteed by:

  • Regular physical activity;
  • Minimize stress factors;
  • Normalization of the daily chart;
  • Long and healthy sleep;
  • Maintaining a proper diet.

When these conditions are met, the need to disappear by itself. However, there are signs of dysfunction, then they can be managed independently at home – a change in lifestyle and using natural dietary supplements.


Constant physical activity is a necessary condition to maintain normal sex drive and the ability to be excited in having the circumstances. There are even special exercises that enhance the potency level.

A Kegel exercise, embodying the tension and relaxation of the muscles of the perineum. It is good because you can run it at all hours and in a comfortable position, there is no need to allocate separate time.

Special morning exercise is also effective for men (if necessary, enhance potency). Selection of exercises depends on personal preference. Most often, there are included:

  • step in place;
  • the contents of an imaginary ball;
  • control muscle of the anus;
  • several elements made from a position lying and sitting, and also to strengthen erections and increase traction.

Diet (diet)

how to increase male potency herbs

The correct diet can provide a high level of potency for many years. In the first place should be excluded from the menu fatty and fried foods, replacing them with foods, steamed and baked in the oven.

In the diet must be present products with high protein content (fish and seafood). You must eat vegetables which contain vitamins and minerals that improve male strength. These include zinc, selenium and complexes of groups B, A and E.

Some types of fruits and berries — bananas, watermelon, pineapple, apricots and strawberries are also beneficial to erectile function. Honey and nuts are among the most well-known aphrodisiac, they are recommended to be consumed daily. Also, do not neglect spices – many of them have a stimulating effect and evoke interest in sex coitions.

A healthy lifestyle

Often reduce erectile function is a wrong way of life. Work schedule, if a man has Affairs in an intense pace for 10-12 hours, can not do without the stress and overwork, resulting in simply does not remain forces on the pleasure in bed.

Addiction to alcohol, an excess of cigarettes, low physical activity – these are all possible causes of impotence. To save men's solvency is very important:

  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day;
  • Getting outside in the fresh air, and even better to replace Hiking on rollers, a Bicycle or skis in winter;
  • To reduce the amount of stress factors, learning a different attitude to the working points;
  • To abandon bad habits, affording alcohol occasionally and in a therapeutic dose;
  • With attention to emerging signs of any disease and start treatment in time.

Folk remedies

how to increase the potency of men drugs

It is also possible increased male potency folk remedies. The problem must be addressed at an early stage and the appearance of minor symptoms. The knowledge accumulated by centuries of eae and doctors of Europe, Asia and Africa, led to the creation of powerful and proven tools from impotence.

Herbal, parts of plants, food prepared according to special recipes, help men to regain sexual power.

Honey nut

Honey in combination with nuts – ancient remedy to enhance male power. Each product is individually stimulates potency, and in combination with each other, the therapeutic effect is significantly increased.

Recipe home remedy to enhance potency:

  • Take 3 tablespoons liquid honey;
  • Grind hazelnuts and walnuts – 50 g;
  • Mix thoroughly and add one Cup of a decoction of juniper, which is often taken for the prevention of urological infections;
  • Dose – 1 teaspoon, can be taken no more than twice a day.

Ginseng root

Healing for men properties of ginseng root have been adopted by more doctors of Ancient China. Natural pathogen has beneficial effects on the male body, gives strength for long-lasting act of intimacy, improves blood circulation, important for the stable and long erection.

An effective tool, which is very simple to prepare alcoholate. Procedure:

  • 20 g of fresh root grated or finely chopped;
  • Pour into a glass container and pour a glass of high-quality vodka;
  • Leave in a cool and dark place for a week;
  • Need to drink 1 tablespoon, a medium can be mixed with water.

Onions with eggs

Egg is a reference protein product, through which sexual potency becomes stable and sustainable. The onion is known for its properties to cope with increased level of cholesterol and break down plaque on vascular walls. This effect normalizes the blood flow to the genitals and causes a strong erection even in men after age 60.

Folk remedy on the basis of these products represents a dish, regular use of which allows men to be sexually active in virtually all circumstances. To prepare it you need:

  • 2 large onions chop and fry;
  • Once onions become brown, add 1 tablespoon of olive oil;
  • To break in the pan 3 eggs;
  • Crush a few garlicky slices and pour into the dish;
  • Fry until cooked.

This eggs is good for Breakfast several times a week.

Ginger root

Ginger is effective for erectile dysfunction caused by prostate disease. Also, it prevents rapid ejaculation, cleanses the blood vessels and capillaries, increases the level of sex hormones. Moreover, in some situations, helps to recover faster after sex.

A decoction of the root horned popular among men. It is prepared as follows:

  • In 2-quart saucepan pour water almost to the brim and boil;
  • Fresh root chopped and pour in boiling water;
  • Boil the decoction for quarter of an hour.

The tool should take 1 glass after a meal. To improve the taste and efficiency, you can add a slice of lemon or a spoonful of honey of any variety.

Garlic with wine

Wine with garlic dilates blood vessels, improves blood flow in the penis. The corpora cavernosa filled with blood in full and there is a strong erection maintained for a long time.

Delicious and healthy drink is prepared as follows:

  • 1 garlic head split into cloves and crush;
  • Put the mixture in a small pot and pour a bottle of red wine;
  • Bring to low heat to a boil and wait another 30 seconds;
  • Ready means to pour in from a glass jar and store in a dark place at normal temperature;
  • Drink 10 ml 3 times daily before main meals;
  • Course duration – 3 days, repeat after a week and a half.

Dietary supplements

Supplements effective in those cases when you to normalize the level of potency of folk medicine does not work, and to turn to drugs, which consist of artificially synthesized components, it is too early.

A big plus dietary Supplements – all-natural formula and a minimum of restrictions for acceptance and side effects.

Pills to enhance potency

Chemically synthesized pills to enhance potency, as well as homeopathic drugs and capsules on the basis of natural components is necessary when a strong dysfunction.

Before the beginning of the therapeutic course, it is important to get advice and approval of the attending urologist or sexologist.

how to increase potency in men massage

How to improve virility?

In some cases men prefer to use rare and unexpected ways to increase potency.

The reasons for this decision may be different, however, with the appropriate mood and have a positive effect.


If the drugs to enhance potency seem to be the man's too strong by means of special types of massages effectively correct the situation. In some cases you will need the help of a woman, as male will not be able to cope on their own.

Types of massage that can be done at home:

  • Effects on the prostate;
  • Stimulation of the scrotum and testicles;
  • Massaging the penis;
  • Massage the points that are responsible for sexual attraction. They are located on the soles, in the solar plexus and on the cross.

Unusual ways

One of the rare and little-known methods of treatment of impotence is baths. Is replacing a basin of cold water into hot. Each stay should not exceed 30 seconds. The whole procedure takes a quarter of an hour. As an alternative – you can lie once a week for 20 minutes in warm water with a decoction of Bay leaf or chamomile.

Listening to the sounds that put isochronous rhythms. The process promotes the production of endorphins, rejuvenates the body, leads to a state of harmony, due to which eliminated the effects of stress and overwork.

The most exotic way is to use magic. Vintage Russian incantations and rituals can affect sexual vigor, however, the condition for obtaining the effect of sincere belief in such non-standard techniques. Rumor has it that even pagan witchcraft can restore male viability, and finally to save people from the problems of an intimate nature. However, with a small caveat – the secret is the Placebo effect, which is very important in terms of male viability!