As hemorrhoids affect the potency of men? The relationship between diseases

If a man determines that he has hemorrhoids, the first thought that creeps into my head: "And how will it affect my potency?" Does hemorrhoids potency in men?

Does hemorrhoids prostate? Proctology soothe aching fact that though the rectum to the prostate are close, but physiologically they are not directly related.

hemorrhoids and potency

So on the potency hemorrhoids can affect only indirectly. How? Consider the article.

Why develop hemorrhoids in men?

Often hemorrhoids in the later stages, when a drop of hemorrhoids, observed in middle-aged men and the elderly. However, from the initial stages of the disease suffering and young people up to 35 years.

Consider the factors that provoke the progression of the disease:

  • a long stay in a sitting position (in the workplace, at home watching TV or computer);
  • heavy physical work or hobby power sports;
  • improper diet, passion for fat meat food;
  • regular constipation;
  • hormonal disruptions in the body;
  • mechanical damage to the anus.

Each reason can have a negative effect and trigger the development of hemorrhoids in young and in more Mature age.

Now as increased physical activity on some types of work in training and sedentary work in offices go back to normal. It is not surprising that the incidence of hemorrhoids in men is growing.

The stronger sex is interested in the effect of hemorrhoids potency. Let us consider, hemorrhoids can have effect on the potency? Should I worry that you have this disease and to limit a sexual life or not?

The symptoms of the disease

And how to understand that hemorrhoid?

There is a certain symptoms:

  • sharp pain in the rectum or anus;
  • blood on toilet paper after a bowel movement;
  • education hemorrhoidal nodules, which can be felt;
  • of mucus from the anus;
  • burning and itching in the anus.

Now to elaborate on the physical and psychosocial relationships between disease and the potency of young and Mature men.

What is the relationship between disease and potency?

Doctors say that men don't worth much to be frightened at the detection of hemorrhoids. This disease does not directly affect the sexual life, and, hence, on the potency.

With 1 or 2 stages of the disease negative symptoms are not too worried about the patient, because severe pain may be absent, and only the painful act of defecation during exacerbation of the pathological process.

At stage 3 or 4 illness when a drop of hemorrhoids and sphincter muscles squeeze them, there is a sharp pain.

Similar symptom discourages the extra time to shimmy that inevitably occurs during sexual intercourse.

On the one hand, the reason for the rejection of sexuality is physical, and, on the other, it is not directly associated with a lesion of the prostate. This body may be quite "working".

During exacerbation of hemorrhoids give such pain that it was difficult to walk, sit, a little easier to lie in a relaxed way, but you need to work. On the background of anxiety and depression libido temporarily reduced.

As you can see, the reason for the refusal of sexual relations especially psychological. However, the man that does not help, because sexual contact is very important for the relationship between the partners. The lack of sex can even become a factor in the breakup.

Important! Hemorrhoids and potency are not directly connected, the more varicose of hemorrhoidal veins does not affect the development of impotence. The reason for sexual impotence are more likely to be urogenital diseases.

That will help to fix the situation?

carrots hemorrhoids

The first thing to do, suspecting this unpleasant disease, be on reception to the proctologist. He besides medicines, advise to establish a proper diet.

The task of a competent diet prevention of constipation. Hemorrhoids can't push, because such actions are in the initial stages of the disease can cause a prolapsed hemorrhoid, and later when a large lump and bleeding, will cause severe pain.

The following products will help with proper digestion:

  • fresh grated carrots, beets;
  • fresh ripe apples, oranges;
  • prunes;
  • crisp cereal;
  • sour-milk products;
  • the fresh vegetable salad (cauliflower, lettuce);
  • med.

You also need to pay more attention to personal hygiene. After defecation need to wipe the problematic area with a damp cloth or wash away. For example, in many restaurants the toilet has a bidet.

Thus, hemorrhoid affects potency only an indirect effect. However, the problems of the psychological plan can lead to a variety of complexes, conflicts with a partner and even rupture of relations.

When the first symptoms of the disease must have an appointment to the proctologist. He prescribed suppositories, ointments, tablets, which are fast enough to cope with the disease in the initial stages.

Launched hemorrhoids treated longer, in some cases required surgical excision of lumps. Therefore it is better not to run the disease and the time to contact the experts.

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