Foamy drink and intimacy issues

Doctors are often confronted with this question, how beer affects male potency. To answer this question clearly cannot be. Depends on the quality of the drink from how to cook it. The main harm present powder shakes. This method of manufacture in recent years, gaining catastrophic momentum. This beer has a lower cost. With this drink quickly bought up. But this form and causes many negative changes in men's health.


Types of beverages

Beer is produced by boiling the plant components on the basis of malt. After preparing the drink needs some time to settle in barrel. The liquid is then filtered and run. This beer contains a large amount of nutrients and has a low alcoholic index. But the complexity of its manufacture affects the cost of goods. The price depends on quality of initial raw materials and the instruments used for the digestion of the wort.

Demand among modern men enjoyed a drink powder. For its production is taken as dry concentrate, liquid alcohol and water. In this case, producers avoid the natural process of fermentation. This method allows to change the concentration of alcohol and flavor characteristics. But many men do not realize that the dry powder does not contain vegetable components. It is made from chemical elements. Such substances have a positive effect on production volumes. Daily manufacturer might produce several tons of such goods. As the cost of powder beer is low, the product quickly sold out.

The composition of the powder drink is composed of the following components:

  • starch based;
  • phyto-estrogens;
  • flavoring;
  • carbohydrate compounds.

Because these substances occur negative disorders of male potency.


Than harmful drink for overall health

In recent years there has been an increase in demand of men for the consumption of beer. Addiction to foamy drink occurs because of active promotion in social networks and on television. In movies there is a widespread use of the drink during daylight hours. This causes the growth of demand for harmful liquid.

Frequent drinking of alcoholic beverage in men experience various health problems. Among beer lovers, there was the development of the following issues:

  • the increase of body weight;
  • the change of the organs of the peritoneum;
  • the disruption of the heart and blood vessels;
  • neural and psychological pathology;
  • diseases of the liver and kidneys.

It was observed that beer drinkers are overweight. This is due to the composition of the drink. It contains carbohydrates which have a high index. Such carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and enters the tissue of the subcutaneous tissue. In tissue substances cause the activation of mast cells. These cells capture pollutants and retain them. There has been a sharp increase in body weight. It is worth noting that obesity is a difficult medical and sports correction. To reduce weight, you must avoid alcohol.

On the background of addiction also suffer from abdominal organs. Modern Beers are subject to an additional gasification. This is necessary due to the lack of natural fermentation. Artificial gasification is performed with a special apparatus. The substance irritates the intestinal wall. The gas pressure causes an increase in diameter of the intestine. For this reason, there is such a thing as a beer belly. Many men have noted an increase in the girth of the abdominal wall. This cause not always is obesity. Such abdominal palpation hard. Bodies are not detectable.

Suffers from the use of foam fluids and the cardiovascular system. The alcohol used for the manufacture of beer, expands the lumen of the vascular fibre. Frequent changes in the diameter of the veins affect blood circulation. The fluid supplied to the organs insufficient. Tissues do not receive necessary nutrients and oxygen. The myocardium ceases to function properly. The drinkers observed the development of hypertension. They also are at risk of myocardial infarction.

Changing the composition of blood fluid. Cholesterol, which is included in the composition of the liquid accumulates at sites of vascular fiber. A large concentration leads to the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. For this reason, in recent years, increased mortality of young men from stroke. Bring these plaques is possible only under the strict supervision of a specialist.

What else harmful drink

It is also noted that patients suffering from the harmful addiction to have various nervous diseases. These diseases develop because of disruption of the brain centers. Prolonged beer drinking parts of the brain no longer work correctly. Signal transmission to the nerve endings becomes unstable. Because of this the patient becomes irritable and prone to stress. It is noted also the phenomenon of alcoholic depression.

Common for the beer pathology of the liver and kidneys. Liquid made from dry powder changes the density of urine. Increases the load on the kidneys. Paired organ cannot fully clean the urinary fluid. Part of the compounds are deposited in the renal pelvis. The accumulation of a large number of such compounds leads to the formation of stones.

It is also noted the deterioration of the activities of the liver. The authority participates in the purification of blood. Substances entering the bloodstream of beer, cause clogging of individual hepatic ducts. Prolonged abuse is accompanied by cleavage of phospholipids. Phospholipids are involved in the construction of liver tissue. The lack of these trace elements in the liver ceases to fully clean the blood.

The growth statistics of allergic reactions. When using low-quality raw materials drink causes bad allergic reactions. The man appears rash. With severe lesions diagnosed rash.

Beer has a negative impact on the function of the endocrine glands. The authority is to develop a special hormone. The defeat of that observed on the development of such diseases as diabetes.


Drink and sexual health

The main harm of poor quality of the beverage is in the deterioration of male potency. Potency is formed by the joint action of multiple systems. To have an erection requires the presence of a nerve impulse, increase testosterone levels and accelerate blood circulation. When activated, the nerve centers of the brain is the formation of the pulse. It causes increased production of testosterone.

The hormone is when injected into the blood, dilates the walls of blood vessels. Accelerated blood circulation. The fluid enters into the cavity of the trunk of the penis. During sexual contact these properties are accompanied by an increase of adrenaline. Hormone causes the pituitary gland to greatly accelerate their activity. The peak of sexual arousal. The sharp decrease in adrenaline leading to the removal of sperm from the ducts.

Healthy potency is characterized by a specific duration of sexual intercourse and number of acts over a specified period. Joint development of these qualities indicates male libido. Each patient is as different. It depends on the individual characteristics of the man.

For normal potency also need the right composition of the seminal fluid. Sperm has a certain viscosity and contains a large number of motile gametes. These characteristics determine the patient's ability to conceive.

What you need to know

When drinking beer is often diagnosed following a negative reproductive system:

  • stagnant processes in the prostate gland;
  • reduction in the duration of sexual intercourse;
  • reduction of healthy sperm in the ejaculate;
  • violation of the hormonal level;
  • the feminization of the patient;
  • impotence;
  • a sexual dysfunction.

For normal male potency necessary, the proper function of the prostate gland. The authority participates in the development of the secretory basis of the ejaculate. Also, the prostate is responsible for the partial production of androgens. Alcohol causes a reduction in the activities of the prostate. Dedicated secret becomes thick. Fluid accumulates in the ducts and causes a stagnant process.

The stagnation of secretions also often leads to prostatitis at a young age. The disease is characterized by development of inflammatory disease. On the wall of the swell. The prostate is deformed. The disease in most patients occurs in a latent form. For this reason, the presence of addiction requires regular visit to the urologist.

Many men experience a decrease in the duration of sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is associated with a decrease in the activity of the pituitary and vascular tissue. On the contrary the substance provokes a rapid end to the contact. To restore the normal course of sexual intercourse can only medication and the elimination of beer dependence.

Beer affects the quality of semen. Frequent consumption of the drink is a slowdown in the activities of the testicles. Paired glands responsible for the production of healthy gametes. By reducing testicular function number of healthy germ cells is significantly reduced. The quality of semen deteriorates. Long term pathology is accompanied by a diagnosis of infertility.

Beer and impotence

Additional factors

Beer contains substances, such as plant estrogens. Phyto-estrogen affects natural testosterone production. Reduced level of the male hormone causes a variety of reproductive pathology. Normalization of hormonal levels occurs only in the rejection of the beer.

Notes and the feminization of men. This problem is characterized by the change of figures on the female type. The patient's expanding hips, growing Breasts, increased lower abdominal cavity. Such changes are accompanied by displacement of the reproductive organs. This leads to additional reproductive pathologies.

In recent years, physicians are faced with impotence because of a beer addiction. The age of the patient. Impotence affects young because of the addition of several reproductive diseases. This disease requires careful diagnosis and long term treatment.

Despite all the negative properties of the drink are observed and positive qualities. Real beer contains a variety of useful vitamins and minerals. All the negative changes potency arise from the abuse. If a man has no control over the amount of alcohol consumed and frequency of drinking beer, the disease will not keep itself waiting long.