Vitamins for men for potency, how it is better to get?

This problem can relate to as a young man just beginning a sexual life and a Mature man in his Prime.

Reasons that cause reduced potency

potency in men

Reduced potency may be temporary or permanent. Temporary disturbance may be caused by stress, depression, unfortunate circumstances for sex, constantly reduced potency is the result of disease, wrong lifestyle, etc.

The main reasons for dysfunction of erection are:

  • stress is often a situation of stress inhibit sexual function;
  • lack of sleep leads to decreased production of testosterone occurs chronic fatigue;
  • sedentary lifestyle – not a long time to work in a seated position;
  • diseases of the reproductive organs – urethritis, prostatitis;
  • the use of substances that reduce sexual function, of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana;
  • psychological disorders – bad first experience, the presence of phobias;
  • unbalanced diet – lack of vitamins and minerals.

To improve male potency requires a holistic effect on the body: traditional methods of treatment, massage, exercises, medications, psychological advice. All this helps to restore the normal functioning of the body externally and internally, to improve blood circulation, normalize the psychological status of the patient. The key to health is proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.

What vitamins are important for potency

People have long understood that what foods to consume every day a man, depends directly on his sexual health and fertility. One of the most important vitamins for men's health is vitamin C.

Vitamin C not only strengthens the immune system, and makes elastic vessels, improving their permeability. It is important for the quantity of blood the penile tissues. The vitamin is involved in hematopoiesis and improves the production of hormones that prevents the formation of carcinogenic substances that cause prostate disease. Smokers ascorbic acid or vitamin C is not absorbed.

vitamins to increase potency

For potency in the human body needs to contain vitamin D promotes the production of testosterone – the male hormone, which boosts libido and potency. Indispensable for the male body and vitamins of group B. They improve heart function, restore energy and stimulate the nervous system.

Vitamin E for potency, is indispensable for men as it affects libido and the formation of sperm. Its lack can lead to complete indifference towards sex, muscle weakness, the appearance of fat and reduction in the number of red blood cells.

Minerals for men's health – that the body needs?

In addition to vitamins, men's body requires minerals for the normal functioning of the reproductive system. The most important remains selenium and zinc.

Zinc is actually the building blocks of the hormone testosterone – without zinc molecule substances simply will not be formed. There is a direct relationship – no, zinc is not produced testosterone, there are sexual desire and potency.

The zinc acts as a prophylactic against prostate and enhances sperm motility, increasing the possibility of conception. Daily dose of the mineral for men is 15 mg.

Selenium effect on reproductive function, improves sperm quality, due to which it is particularly useful for men who treat infertility. Mineral involved in the synthesis of testosterone and in General, improves the functioning of reproductive organs. Daily dose is 60 to 70 mcg of selenium.

Useful products for men

Get a dose of vitamins and minerals a man may in two ways – from food and supplements, vitamin complexes. The body to gain is necessary for potency of substances is to use:

  • zinc – salmon, perch, trout, herring, shrimp, nuts, garlic, egg yolk;
  • selenium – seafood, rye bread, tomatoes, corn;
  • vitamin C – cabbage, citrus fruits, parsley, carrots;
  • vitamin D – cheese, milk, cheese, eggs, fish oil;
  • vitamins B – cheese, cottage cheese, carrots, nuts, fish;
  • vitamin E – egg yolk, green onions, any vegetable oil.