Food for potency: what you need to eat men

The ideal diet for impotence (or in the prevention of illness) should be made individually: every man different life, different concerns, different immunity and comorbidities. But there are General tips to have a good libido, erection.

Important rule: food for potency men should not interfere with the primary medications prescribed by your doctor.

food to increase potency

Some foods can neutralize the effects of drugs, reduce the effectiveness of pills to zero (for example, when antibiotics can not eat grapefruit). Will inform about changes in the diet of doctor will help to adjust the diet, I would say that you need to eat and what to refuse.

Diet to increase potency in men is so the patient received dietary minerals, which strengthen the tissue, promote the elimination of inflammation, which improve blood circulation, remove toxins. Important: men should not starve the body requires many nutrients for recovery. But it is impossible to overeat, the portions should be average. Excessive pounds on the body men can cause impotence.

How long should last diet for men? Minimum term – the full recovery of sexual functionality. Although after getting rid of problems with potency proper nutrition is better with food impotence is not based on strict prohibitions, and is based on the principles of a healthy lifestyle. It has a positive effect on the body, "to restore order", provides vitamins, eliminates from the diet of harmful substances.

Remove from the diet

To enhance male potency at home in the first place it is necessary to revise the diet, stop eating junk food. There are some dangerous foods that all men should be eaten in limited quantities. Here is a list of harmful to the sexual functionality of men products:

  1. Fried, fatty meats. Potency disorders often arise from problems with blood flow in the pelvic region. It is important to regulate normal blood circulation. For this it is necessary to delete from menu foods that contribute to the formation of harmful cholesterol. It is primarily pork (especially bacon) and beef. It is better to replace on meat, chicken, Turkey, rabbit, fish.
  2. Salty, spicy, spicy food – they contribute to weak erection. Of course, completely stop salt pepper food, we will not advise. But be restricted from overly-spiced dishes still have.
  3. It is proved that there are products that numb the man's libido. First of all, it carbonated drinks, coffee, beer. Men take care of their health, it is better not to drink these drinks.
  4. Be careful with sports nutrition. Some additives are harmless, others significantly impair erection men (primarily, the damage have supplements with steroids). However, to completely abandon the sports nutrition people who are training hard, we have no need of recharge will begin exhaustion, which is bad not only for potency, but also on the whole organism.

Be sure to menu

What to eat to improve libido and erections? To increase potency, men need to include in the menu the following products:

  • Food that contains zinc. This substance helps to stimulate the production of sex hormones, and also helps to fight infections, which often suffer from potency. What foods contain zinc? Quite a lot of zinc contained in pumpkin seeds, seaweed, river fish, squid, peas, asparagus, celery.
  • Food that contains carotene. It is necessary to raise the level of libido. Many contain carotene fruits and vegetables red and orange: apricots, carrots, pumpkin. These products help to create a healthy body, strengthen the immune system. Still they are useful for the prostate gland, help to treat prostatitis (symptom is deterioration of potency).
  • Fiber. In the treatment of sexual problems, it helps because it increases the rate of metabolic processes. Moreover, fiber helps in losing weight, it is important for men whose potency deteriorates due to excessive weight. The diet must include fiber bread, greens, cabbage, apples, berry jelly.
  • Foods with tyrosine, glycine. These substances participate in the work of testosterone – this hormone directly affects the quality of erection and ejaculation in men. To obtain nutrients together with quail eggs. That is why it is believed that quail eggs for potency are very useful to eat. They can be eaten raw (for example, to do a cocktail), but you can cook soft-boiled. Fried eggs, unfortunately, eat useless – they lose their useful properties.
proper nutrition

Thus, we have listed the basic nutrition rules for increased potency – have shown what is useful and what is harmful to eat. As you can see, these rules are not extremely difficult, does not require strict fasting. Importantly, using the right products, the man will help in the recovery of potency. Moreover, if you eat these foods, it not only helps in restoring sexual function, but also improves the condition of the whole organism of the man.