Stimulants of potency for men

Perhaps, in a man's life, there are times when you need additional insurance before intimacy. The reasons may be varied: the desire to surprise a partner, reduced potency because of fatigue, psychological problems. In all these cases, to cope with the task will help stimulants male potency.

potency in men

Some of them are shown in the prevention of erectile dysfunction, some are used only on strict conditions. Many have undesirable side effects, the development of which will make you wonder next time whether to take drugs or not.

In any case, at the right moment to strike in a dirt the person, not a bad thing to understand the male stimulators.


Stimulants potency medicines or mechanical devices, which have different modes of administration, form of drug, type of exposure, but one indication is the decline in erectile function.

Mechanisms of action by which this effect is achieved, there may be several.


Natural stimulants contain natural ingredients, which have an activating effect on the potency. The main advantage is that they are quite harmless. However, it is not always effective. For example, here is food products that increase potency:

  • Nuts;
  • Honey;
  • Fish;
  • Seafood, particularly oysters;
  • Vegetables: turnips, garlic, pumpkin;
  • Fruits: bananas, citrus, strawberries.

Herbs and roots, which have a stimulating effect on potency:

  • Ginger;
  • Ginseng;
  • Thyme;
  • Ivan-tea.

Similarly, very popular dietary Supplements for potency on the basis of castor jet, the extract of deer antlers.

Vitamins for men with zinc, selenium, cobalt, vitamins A, E, b, PP have a strengthening effect on virility.

There is unconfirmed information about the effectiveness of bee venom in potency. Enough bee sting in the genital area to restore virility. But it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism in response to a bee sting. To check for yourself is not recommended!


The best stimulants of potency of inhibitors of phosphodiesterase – 5 (PDE-5).

The result is based on the concentration of intravascular vasodilatatore – NO. The nitric oxide under the action of NO-synthase is produced by the vascular endothelium – the inner shell. This substance producitur in a continuous mode to maintain vascular tone in the normal state.

There are factors that affect the synthesis of nitric oxide, reducing its quantity. For example, the existing long-term arterial hypertension leads to a drop in the number of nitric oxide. An enzyme PDE-5 breaks down nitric oxide, thus, the drugs block the enzyme, increase the quantity of NO.

"The national Association of urologists recommends the drugs PDE-5 as a first line of treatment praesent violations," — said in the scientific journal urology.

To medicines in this group include (in name of active ingredients):

  • Sildenafil;
  • Vardenafil;
  • Tadalafil;
  • Udenafil.

But the trade names drugs far more. Most popular:

  • Viagra;
  • Cialis;
  • Levitra;
  • Zidena and so on.



Sildenafil is included are widely known powerful means to increase potency is Viagra. There are tablets of 50 and 100 mg.

Indications: Reduction of erectile function of various etiologies.

Method of application:

Inside taken 1 tablet 1 hour before intercourse. Intake of fatty foods slows the absorption of active ingredients, so the maximum effect will be delayed. The duration of effect lasts for 4 hours. Dose depending on the reasons for the decline in potency can be reduced to 25 mg or increased to 100mg. an Erection begins to occur in response to sexual stimulation.


  • Organic penis deformities.
  • Reception of preparations of group of nitrates.
  • Decompensated diseases of the internal organs.
  • Allergic reactions to components of the product

Side effects:

  • A rush of blood to the face and the upper half of the body.
  • Nasal congestion.
  • Change color visionem.
  • Allergic reaction.


Contains in its composition, Tadalafil. Method of application is taken orally 20 minutes before sexual intercourse 1 tablet of the drug. The duration of effect lasts for 3 days.

As a result, Cialis is called weekend pill: a single dose activates sexual function all weekend.

Contraindications and side effects of all inhibitors PDE-5 are the same.


drug based on Vardenafil. Available in tablets of 5, 10, 20 mg.

Method of application:

In single dose the required dose is 10 mg, older men 5 mg. to Take remedy recommended 1 hour before intimate contact. The effect lasts for 5 hours. 20 mg shown to make patients with atherosclerosis of the penis, diabetes enim diabete who underwent surgery removal of the prostate.

Unlike other representatives of this group of drugs, Levitra can be taken together with alcohol. Contraindications and side effects same.


Drug based on Udenafil. Tablet contains 100 mg of active component. Method of application: recommended to use 1 tablet 1 hour before intercourse. Lasts 12 hours.

STIMULANTS ON the BASIS of prostaglandin E1

The ineffectiveness of inhibitors PDE-5 we recommend the use of drugs prostaglandin E1. For example, one of the drugs of this group – Alprostadil.

The action is based on the change in adenylyl cyclase in the smooth muscle cells accumulated cyclic amp, reduced the concentration of calcium ions, this leads to weakening of muscle fibers, increasing sanguinem penis and ensure adequate counter erection.

Method of application:

To make an injection in the penis area. Initial dose of 2.5 mcg.

If necessary, the dose can be increased to 20 mcg in severe cases of organic erectile dysfunction.

Erection appears after 10 minutes after injection, lasts for about 1 hour.

To prepare the solution: mix a dry substance with 1 ml of physiological solution of sodium chloride.

To enter the tool follows in the cavernous body. After it is best to use a barrier method of contraception – condoms – to prevent the introduction of infection.

To optimally use the drug 2-3 times a week.

Side effects:

Local reactions consist of redness and inflammation at the injection site. Perhaps the appearance of a bruise. With the wrong selection of the dosage may develop prolonged painful erection. Of the internal organs adverse effects occurs very rarely.


  • Organic deformation of the penis, which is prohibited to bring it into a state of erection.
  • May develop allergic reactions to the use of funds.

Just do not forget about decompensated pathology of the internal organs and confer with your doctor before using.


The preparations are suitable for use by men and women. They contribute to new sexual experiences, aestus pleasure, a state of excitement.

Apply to:

  • to increase your sex drive;
  • potency;
  • delay orgasm;
  • to relax the smooth muscles.

The effect is based on increasing the heart rate, increase blood supply to the whole body, including the brain, which is manifested in the form of a slight dizziness. As well krovosnabjaemah genitals.

To use poppers, you must careful not to combine their use with inhibitors of PDE-5, nitrates and heart medications. It's impossible to allow fluid to mucous and skin.

To achieve the effect takes a few times of inhaling vapors means and after 3-5 minutes begin to show feelings.

Poppers should be used with caution, it is better to consult a doctor.


tens machine pads

Modern medicine has in its Arsenal of stimulants male potency, based on physical impacts on the sex organs.

  • Device for increasing the potency of an Electron not only restores the erection, but also cures chronic prostatitis.

It is recommended to use every day for 10-20 minutes.

In order to obtain the effect of the tip should be inserted into the rectum to a depth of 5 cm it will be enough to stimulate the prostate.

Electrica impulsionibus increase the blood flow to the prostate and organs of the reproductive system, thus eliminating blood stasis.

Contraindications – presence of acute inflammatory process in the pelvic organs and rectum malignant pathology of the genitals.

  • You can also affect the genitals magnetic fields with the help of the device Ermak.

You should place the penis in a special tube device. The influence of the magnetic field contributes to the elasticity the cavernous bodies, improve blood supply to the genitals.

In the tube not only is the influence of the magnetic forces, but there is the presence of vacuum, which increases the size of the penis.

Together: traditional and folk medicine has many methods, tools, and recipes to stimulate the potency.

The task of man is to choose a suitable, effective way, after consulting with a doctor.