How Smoking affects male potency

Potency is the body's ability to achieve and maintain an erection for sexual intercourse. The opposite of this condition is male impotence (impotence, erectile dysfunction), which has many causes.

Impotence and infertility are not one and the same. The most common form of impotence is insufficient hardness of the penis during sexual intercourse. Erection in men is achieved as a result of the collaboration between blood circulation and peripheral and Central nervous system. Arterial blood flows into the hollow of the cavernous body of the penis through small blood vessels. The increase in arterial blood flow (about 7 times compared to normal) leads to an erection.

Nicotine is a very potent vasoconstrictor, affecting blood vessels in two ways:

  1. First, as a stimulant it helps spasm, influendo arteries of the heart, lungs, eyes, internal organs, arms, legs and, of course, the genitals.
  2. Further, it damages the walls of blood vessels, thereby impairing their ability to relax.
Remember! How Smoking affects the potency? In simple terms, it leads to a decrease in blood flow needed for an erection and the inability to prevent reverse flow of blood.
does Smoking on potency in men

Since nicotine is a powerful and quick constrictor of blood vessels, it has almost a direct impact on sexual the bloodstream.

Studies using Doppler ultrasound have shown that the deeper arteries that supply blood to the penis immediately respond to cigarette smoke, "shrinking" so that the blood flow is not seen after two cigarettes. While such an effect of nicotine comes to "no" after a treatment from Smoking or using consectetuer substituit the walls of the arteries and nerves for a long time "recovering" from the effects of nicotine.

As soon as Smoking affects the potency and overall health, the damage of nicotine and some other components of smoke over time increases to the "tipping point".

Some of these components include:

  • nicotine;
  • carbon monoxide;
  • of isoprene;
  • acetaldehyde.

Under the influence of these substances, blood vessels are unable to relax completely in response to sexual stimulation, thus not receiving appropriate blood flow for erection.

Long-term effects of Smoking on potency

In one study on the subject of impotence and effects of Smoking on potency was attended by 440 men with erection problems. They examined the risk factors and it was noted that a number of risk factors increases with age.

  • In a study where the average age of men was 47 years, 53% had problems with arterial circulation. Moreover, Smoking and other factors that contribute to the occurrence of impotence is much more common in men who have impotence than other men of the same age.
  • Measurement of index of blood pressure of the penis revealed that Smoking led to a decline to subnormal values. According to the interpretation of the investigators this means that there is poor circulation in the genital area.
  • In addition, Smoking can directly affect the contraction of the small blood vessels in the genital area. Circulatory insufficiency develops gradually and the negative impact of Smoking on potency is most often seen in the age of 40-50 years.

Does Smoking on potency and quality of semen

Heavy smokers reduced the number and motility of sperm, in addition, Smoking can cause damage to their structure.

Finnish researchers believe that sperm motility decreases faster in men who smoke compared with nonsmokers.

how Smoking affects the potency of men

For those who come for tests for infertility recommendation to quit Smoking is one of the first.

However, no differences were found in the hormonal balance of smokers and non-smokers.

Does Smoking on potency? Yes, nicotine can cause lack of erection. This was noted in animal studies and in experimental studies on humans.

  • Thus, subjects were asked to smoke three cigarettes (with nicotine content of 0.9 mg per cigarette).
  • And their erection has worsened in comparison with people from the group who was Smoking cigarettes with a nicotine content of only 0.002 mg per cigarette and with a group that did not smoke at all.

Researchers believe that this is caused by the penetration of nicotine into the vascular system through the autonomic nervous system and reduced blood flow. So the answer to the question "does Smoking on potency" is "Yes, Smoking interferes with good potency."

Frequent Smoking and impotence

On one of the annual conference of the American heart Association on cardiovascular disease epidemiology and prevention, presented results of studies on the relationship between Smoking and impotence.

"This is not the first study documenting the link between cigarette Smoking and erectile dysfunction," said researcher Jiang He, an epidemiologist from the University's school of public health and tropical medicine in New Orleans Coronat. "But this study is unique in the sense that considering other factors associated with erectile dysfunction and unable to establish these factors."

It is important to know! Heavy smokers often appear on plaques in the arteries (atherosclerosis). They impede the normal flow of blood through the vessels, causing a variety of circulatory problems throughout the body, such as erectile dysfunction.

In their study, the researchers examined the medical data on 4764 Chinese men, whose average age was 47 years. Among the studied data were information on Smoking and sexual relations.

does Smoking on potency in men reviews

The findings of the study were as follows:

  • Men who daily smoked more than 20 cigarettes, the risk of impotence was 60% higher compared with men who never smoked.
  • 15% of past and present smokers have experienced erectile dysfunction.
  • Men currently and formerly Smoking are around 30% more likely to suffer from impotence than non-smokers.
  • Among men who never smoked, only 12% had erection problems.

Frequent Smoking and impotence often go "hand in hand". While most people know that Smoking is seriously injurious to health. The impact on potency is only one of the harmful consequences of the use of nicotine. But maybe for someone it will be the decisive reason for the refusal of bad habits.