Alcohol and the potency of men effect on the body

Almost every representative of the stronger sex wants to preserve their sexual function and fear of losing them, but not everyone realizes how detrimental the influence of alcohol on male potency. But the frequent use of alcoholic beverages, even in small doses can start the development of a number of diseases of the genitourinary system.

the effect of alcohol on potency

Violations that occur in the processes of sexual attraction, arousal, occurrence and duration of an erection, suffer from 37 to 42% of the male population aged 30 to 55 years! Hypoactive sexual desire affects not the best way to sexual health and physical and emotional condition of the men.

Alcohol and potency

Most patients don't think about erectile dysfunction until the start of the problem. Usually impotence overtakes men who love alcohol, up to about 35-40 years.

At a young age the alcohol may work exciting, what is it that makes young people almost every time before intimacy to consume drinks containing alcohol. Alcohol dilates blood vessels, providing blood flow to all tissues, including small pelvis. This erection seems to be more persistent and prolonged. But in fact alcohol is subsequently clogs the blood vessels, which leads to terrible consequences.

Reflex forcing men to drink drink almost every time before sex. Gradually, the alcohol depresses sexual function, the nervous system, contributes to the deterioration of blood flow. Sex is becoming rarer, but the man lives up to stress, fatigue, not realizing that is already on the verge of impotence.

Signs of impotence in young age is accompanied by the onset of rapid ejaculation, weak erection. At one point, the erection just does not occur that the first was adopted for the misfire, it happens to everybody. But then again erectile disorder is increasingly become commonplace.

Soon falls and self-assessment, in place of physical impotence comes and even psychological. Impotence comes as a result of depletion of the prostate gland, the changes in its work. Cavernous bodies are unable to fully engorge with blood, the penis becomes flaccid, impaired sexual intercourse.

You often hear that alcohol is a sexual act to last longer than they are proud of. In fact it is due to poor functioning of the nervous system, who drink just reduced sensitivity. All signals of excitation and braking, just not in time reach the nerve centers and receptors of the body, the person is disoriented.

Effects of beer on the potency of men

Beer is one of the most ancient beverages. Due to the low percentage of alcohol often and in large quantities used for men and women. However, beer is very dangerous, especially for potency in men.

The effect of beer on the potency of men is not limited to this. Observations have shown that beer can cause infertility, increased appetite, so men often suffer from excess weight.

Upon release from alcoholism often used method of encoding or sewing capsule, which slowly releases the drug. Men interested in the question "does the encoding from alcoholism on the potency?". Experts in one voice declare about the safety of such procedures for men's health. Moreover, getting rid of alcohol addiction, you get the chance to regain potency and erections.

We do not call to completely abandon alcohol, but to reconsider the amount of its acceptance. According to studies and surveys, the application of 40 grams of alcohol in any form comes a little drunk, who drank, feels a sense of elation, vigor. One-time use of 40 grams of alcohol, for example, in the form of 100 grams of vodka, leading to increased sexual desire due to the weakening of the subcortical reflexes and the awakening of the instinct of procreation. The reality shows that 250 grams of vodka (100 grams of alcohol) at once make men impotent for some time. Regular addiction to alcohol leads to permanent symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Potency gradually

In drinkers sexual performance reduced gradually. First disappearing dreams of erotic content, morning erection and involuntary ejaculation. Healthy men experience the described condition at least 1-2 times a month.

Over time erection. Resistant, prolonged erection is a rarity, and the sexual act lasts a little, may result in sudden disappearance of erection and the inability to further intimacy. In our time science has stepped far forward and can make the kind levitra to raise the erection.

Changes and orgasm. First you need to put in the effort to achieve it. Ejaculation may not occur for a long time, or too fast, not satisfaction. Over time, may disappear completely ejaculation. Orgasm is no longer brings pleasure, moreover, it can become painful. Next, a man exposes himself to more and psychological changes. He loses interest in sex, to his wife. That is, it becomes a psychological impotent.

What else but the potency can pick up alcohol?

potency and alcohol

Alcohol abuse is one of the first problems in many countries. The population prone to alcoholism from a young age, and all the "thanks" is incorrectly organized leisure, social status, psychological and material tension.

Alcoholic lifestyle is the opposite of healthy. Unfortunately, spirits are the first cause of mortality among the working population. There is now a large number of cases of alcoholic psychosis, a very severe form of alcohol abuse. Alcoholism is a social Vice. It not only destroys the individual, but also negative repercussions on the whole society.

The negative effect of alcohol on the body begins with the action on the nervous system. The brain and spinal cord are the organs that actively consume energy. As a result of alcohol intoxication is depletion of brain tissue oxygen. The result of prolonged alcoholism, the death of neurons and dementia. Long-term outcomes of alcohol abuse — the death of the cerebral cortex, its significant depletion.

Not only the nervous system suffers from this addiction. Alcohol disrupts the rhythm of the heart, produces coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction, increased blood pressure.

Alcohol, especially in combination with tobacco, produces severe diseases of the respiratory system. So, alcoholics are often found tuberculosis, emphysema, bronchitis.

Don't shy away from the terrible habit and the endocrine system. According to statistics, every third man, who often drinks alcohol, have problems with potency and erection.

Men's health is only in his hands. When problems begin with potency, we have to turn to the experts, to change habits, lifestyle. Stick to a healthy lifestyle, and your health will not fail you.