How to increase the potency at home fast

Potency for every man – one of the main aspects of life that controls not only stability of the physical and psychological health. But, unfortunately, problems with sexual function can begin at any moment and the reasons for that variety. For example, even a stressful situation can easily affect the sexual power of men. Thus, the question arises how can I restore or enhance the potency of your own? There are many ways, which is promised in the shortest terms to improve erection and make sexual intercourse more long-lasting. But first, let's deal with the root causes that result in sexual dysfunction.

What affects potency?


The significant decrease in potency can be affected not only by physiological causes, but also external factors.

Psychological causes

Nerve disorders affect sexual health. Regular stressful situations, worries, quarrels undermine psychological condition, which ultimately affects the quality of sexual intercourse. Among all the psychological reasons are the following points:

  • The fear of the first intercourse with a new partner (lack of self-confidence, fear of inability to satisfy a woman).
  • Moral injury young age (when the boys were negative associations after the first sexual experience).
  • Sexual failures (if one day men had problems with erection, there is a fear of recurrent lesions, which leads to a sharp decrease in libido and, consequently, the potency).
  • Physical unattractiveness of the partner (if externally, a man is not attracted to the partner, libido decreases sharply, which leads to insufficient erection).
  • Regular stress (psychological disorders accumulate and eventually affect the sexual life)

Sexual abstinence

If a man has a long period of time never had sex or he's not regular, it increases the probability of a temporary reduction in potency. To resolve this issue very easily by regular sex

Effects of medications

Often many drugs can significantly affect the erection. For example, problematic can be the treatment of cardiovascular diseases that are prescribed medicines that impair blood circulation in the pelvic organs. The therapy for nervous system side effect is that slowing the natural reactions of the body. Thus, the above treatment is contraindicated to men who have a weak potency.

Also some medications similar effect on men's health:

  • Hormonal drugs.
  • Drugs of narcotic nature.
  • Medication to block nerve endings.

This problem is temporary, therefore eliminated upon discontinuation of the drugs.

Stagnation of blood

A couple

As a result hydrodynamic the life of men may experience congestive processes blood.

Problems of neurological nature

Among the diseases that affect the male power identify the following:

  • Epilepsy.
  • Surgical intervention in the area of the spinal cord.
  • Parkinson's Disease.
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Bad habits

Undoubtedly, nicotine dependence, regular consumption of alcoholic beverages and drug use not only impairs health, but also significantly affect the potency.

The age factor

According to statistics found that after forty years of male power is starting to fade, so there may be problems with sexual dysfunction. For fifty years, the male body begins to produce testosterone in much smaller quantities, which affects erectile dysfunction.

Unhealthy lifestyle

It is quite natural that the lifestyle of a man determines his sexual power. To the deterioration of erections can lead:

  • Improper diet (eating fatty foods).
  • Overweight.
  • Sleep disturbance, lack of normal rest.
  • Fatigue


Sometimes, problems with erectile function can become the harbingers of diseases of the genitourinary system and other organs (kidney, heart, thyroid, brain). It is therefore necessary to conduct regular diagnosis of the organism and in time to eliminate the disease

Alarming symptoms

The lack of interest in the process of sexual intercourse — one of the reasons to see a specialist.

About the treatment worth considering if an erection problem occurs not for the first time. Cheerleaders have the following symptoms of reduced libido and libido:

  • The lack of interest in the process of sexual intercourse.
  • The lack of spontaneous erections.
  • Insufficient erection.
  • Your erection is enhanced throughout sexual intercourse.
  • The inability to complete sexual intercourse.

If to consider the symptoms from the viewpoint of the male anatomy, this is due to the sufficient filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis. As a result, the body loses the firmness during erection. Parallel to erectile function may influence the psychological factor.

After identifying these symptoms, you should immediately consult a specialist to determine the exact cause of the dysfunction.

It is important! If the exact cause of impotence is not installed, to self-medicate is strictly prohibited. Because a wrong treatment can cause impotence.

You can enhance the potency in one day?


The loss of the ability to carry out a sexual act, a man concerned only the question of how quickly you can improve the potency. It is quite possible, but the effect will not be long (3-5 hours). It is recommended to use special tools. They can be, local action and ingestion. The effect of gels and ointments is due to the active substance which is absorbed into the tissues of the penis, enhancing not only the erection but also the sensitivity of the body. The result is a strong sexual desire, the duration of sexual intercourse increases. A similar effect has and tablet form.

That's only if you select such stimulants should pay attention to the composition. Remember that only natural ingredients are not able to harm overall health. To apply these funds must be for ten to fifteen minutes before intercourse, having thoroughly studied the user manual and various contraindications.

The increased potency and penis growth with exercise

As it turned out, there is a special group of exercises that can not only eliminate problems with potency, but also to make penis a little more. This exercise stretches of nature that resemble Masturbation. As a result of regular exposure to a member significantly improves blood circulation, which leads to increased potency and the growth of tissue by providing cells of the cavernous body with blood.


  • Pre-on you need to warm up. For this you may use warm salt heating pad or to take herbal sitz bath.
  • Erection should be 50-60%. If you follow with a full erection, it can result in personal injury.
  • To facilitate the process, use lube, and after applying to the authority to take action.
  • To begin the exercise, you need to clasp the member at the base in the ring of thumb and index finger.
  • Holding the body in a circle it must continue from the base to the head, reducing the compression force.
  • You can then change the hand, but the effects on the body should always occur in one direction (base to head) and with the same force.
  • Manipulations are performed regularly for three weeks.

The result: the organ grows in length and thickness, fade erection problems.

Quick increased potency folk remedies

Today methods, which includes medicine, quite effective and are absolutely safe for health, so they can be used by men at any age. The only exception is the idiosyncrasy of a particular substance.

Non-traditional therapy to improve the potency are allocated on the basis of herbs (teas, decoctions, tinctures), with regular use you can observe the following effect:

  • Stimulation of the normal circulation.
  • Preventing inflammation (may also cause lack of erection).
  • Stimulates the protective function of the immune system.
  • Normalize hormonal balance.
  • Improve the psychological state.

Taken together, these indicators positively affect the health of men in General, thus eliminating possible erectile problems.