Nuts for potency in men - types and their useful properties

Representatives of the stronger sex, regardless of age, to improve the potency, use of drugs, recipes of traditional healers.

nuts for potency

Traditional medicine in the solution of this problem recommends using the nuts for potency in men. This product is a real storehouse of nutrients. Each species or variety of nut has unique elements and is used for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. What nuts are the most useful for potency – we'll deal with in this publication.

The nuts

The effect of nuts on potency and body is the most versatile, since all these works have in common is that in their following composition:

  • Large amounts of vitamin E;
  • Micronutrients and macronutrients, phosphorus and magnesium, iron and calcium, manganese, potassium and zinc;
  • Omega-3 acids;
  • Other organic acids.

Types of nuts

Any kind of nut contains the above ingredients in varying proportions, have a different impact on sexual function of men. What nuts are useful for potency the maximum let us consider in more detail.


Does walnut for potency? Yes, this is the most useful product in this regard. It has long been the fruit of this tree are used as a therapeutic agent. Proponents of Eastern medicine say that a nut treats the liver, heart and brain.

Folk healers recommend recipes for potency, in which the main ingredients – honey and walnuts.

Walnuts with honey for men – an effective assistant in enhancing potency and strengthening sexual life. Due to the presence of zinc and other elements, is a positive impact on the growth and development of gonads. At the same time the formation of a clear prostate, normal level of testosterone.

Resulting from the consumption of such a product, achieving the following objectives:

  1. Improved sexual life.
  2. Increases the potency;
  3. Is getting rid of the symptoms of BPH;
  4. Normal level of hormones in the blood;
  5. Is to normal thyroid function.


Hazelnut is an important product to solve the delicate problem. These nuts with honey for the potency of the male body, is simply necessary. Forest fruits have beneficial effects on the nervous system, helping to stop excessive irritability and anxiety. Applying a moderately hazelnut kernels, we can normalize psychological background, to avoid impotence of psychogenic development.

When eating hazelnuts activation of the gonads, which are testes. The result comes in the male body the necessary volume of highly active testosterone, maintain the required level of libido, growth of frequency of occurrence of erection.

Pine nuts

A panacea for many diseases are considered the fruit of the cedar. Pine nuts for potency are valuable because they are rich in minerals and acids, thus urogenital region gets what it needs.

As pine nuts affect the potency?

Numerous studies have shown a beneficial effect of pine nuts on the potency as fruit oil eliminates fatigue, activates the body, filling it with energy. For this purpose is recommended to use oil of cedar nuts 1 tbsp. l. three times a day. The high content of b vitamins, copper, boron, phosphorus, zinc and especially of the great influences on the activity and maturation of the reproductive organs (prostate). Without the presence of zinc can be a normal germ cells in men produce necessary hormones. Synthesis of hormones has a thyroid gland, but in order for it to function correctly, requires iodine. Pine nuts are a great compensate for a deficiency of this element.

Pine nuts should be consumed raw, to fill their dishes and desserts. Folk doctors offer unique recipes that contribute to the normalization of the urogenital functions:

  • Tincture. For its preparation you will need untreated cedar fruits (500 g) and 0, 5 liters of vodka. Mix well and leave for 2 weeks to draw.
  • You can prepare a remedy from purified nuclei. 200 g need a glass of vodka. Infuse medication 35 days. Make a drink from 5 to 25 drops daily.

Nutmeg, almonds and peanuts

What kind of nuts increase the potency yet? Will help restore sexual matters:

  • Nutmeg;
  • Almonds;
  • Peanuts.

Based on these products created recipes to enhance potency. However, you must know how to take nutmeg for potency, and other similar fruits. Products beneficial effect on the organism only in small amounts. Their main task is stimulation of the cardiovascular areas, as well as strengthening the Central nervous system. Medicines on the basis of nuts are used by men who are faced with a reduction in sexual potency due to:

  1. The constant stress;
  2. Mood swings;
  3. Arousal before intercourse;
  4. Of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Considering the question of which nuts are most beneficial for potency, note the value of almonds for men. In the Mature seeds of this plant has a huge supply of fatty oils and high protein digestibility. This nut is a storehouse of essential amino acids, it enables a person to be in optimal physical shape. Daily intake of a certain number of nuts:

  1. To improve the relief of the muscles;
  2. To increase confidence in their abilities.

This effect is invaluable for those who have problems in communicating with women. The composition of fruit has a unique mineral complex, glucose and enzymes, and vitamins that act together as an effective antioxidant. Doctors recommend medication with almonds if you have problems with conception. The nutrients the fruit contribute to the development of male seed.

The most caloric and nutritional product is in the category of nuts – peanuts. It is often recommend that men with disorders of erection, infertility, prostate adenoma. Regular intake of peanuts quickly restores hormonal balance, increases the activity of sperm, speed up the production of testosterone. Wanting to diversify the daily menu, you can use various recipes that allow you to increase the potency. It is useful to use nuts with honey, sour cream, meat, fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices.


Coconut is famous for being able to greatly enhance the potency: as a stimulant it is used in many medical preparations.

Effective properties to enhance erection has both the coconut and the milk.

The chemical composition of coconut is such that it is full of vitamin B6 and fiber. This is a great way to win over atherosclerosis. Carefully working on this, lauric acid, is present in the composition of the coconut.

Pistachios and other nuts

What are the nuts for potency can be used in everyday life? Many positive reviews left by men who consumed pistachios. A group of Turkish doctors from the hospital recommend that their clients eat up to 100 grams of pistachios. After 20 days, the average data of MI (international index of erectile function) increased from 36 to 54 points, indicating a clear improvement.

However, not only these fruits help strengthen erections. Italian doctors from the hospital in Turin are sure eating only 7 Brazil nuts daily, a man improves the quality and volume of sperm. Increased amount of polyunsaturated fats, vitamins, micro and macroelements, which are in this product, has a positive effect on male fertility.

Healthy recipes

For maximum effect, you should use nuts with the other components, and definitely raw. Nuts with honey for potency is a unique formula to achieve positive results. There are various variations on this theme – you need to take components in equal or different proportions. You can use the following recipe with honey and walnuts for potency:

  • 100 g of nuts mixed with a tablespoon of honey;
  • To use 1 scoop before bed.

Recommend the use and different patterns of consumption: 1 Dec. L. after Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The course lasts for one month. To help cope with the problem honey, nuts, dried apricots, raisins and lemon. These products for potency considered to be the most effective.

We publish the recipe of the famous cocktail with sour cream, are able to safely and quickly restore your potency:

  • Carefully knock down the three egg yolks with a mixer;
  • Add 250 g of sour cream;
  • Mix well, achieving a uniform consistency;
  • In high-calorie mixture add 50 g chopped nuts;
  • Add the parsley, finely chop it;
  • The resulting cocktail you want to drink a few hours before the alleged intimacy.


Nuts for potency can not completely eliminate the problem. It is also important to observe the following requirements:

  1. Abstain from alcohol and Smoking;
  2. Sports;
  3. Get rid of stressful situations.

It is forbidden to fill more than three-quarters of his own stomach. Rich meal it is impossible to complete sexual intercourse. Before intimacy day is recommended to stick to a liquid diet. If this is unacceptable after a minimum of four hours, and only then begin to have sexual intercourse.