How to increase potency?

You think that your sexual performance isn't what it was before? Start thinking about Viagra? Do not rush! In the struggle to increase the potency it is not necessary to use drugs that can help folk remedies or simply the correct way of life.

What is the potency?

increase potency in men
Under the sexual potency refers to the ability of the male body sexual intercourse, the ability of men to be sexually active.

It describes:

  1. How tense the penis.
  2. How quickly will be the erection.
  3. There are sexual excesses.
  4. If a man is able to have an intense sex life.

To the sexual act took place, it is necessary to have a long-term erection. If not, the reason may be the low level of potency. This is often the case in men after 55 years. In life's journey characteristics of the sexual possibilities of change. The most active sexually men at a young age.

Statistics dispassionately argues that the violations of potency observed today every second man. It's important to recognize the problem and take action to eliminate it, thereby to return to normal sexual life, not only yourself but your partner.

There are drugs that allow you to save persistent erection for some time in order to allow sexual intercourse. But often scare men side effects of these drugs: their disadvantage is that the erection does not stop after ejaculation, which increases health risks. If an erection lasts more than four hours, consult a doctor. You should know that drugs like Viagra are not for everyone, and use them only after consultation with a specialist.

To avoid such problems is to try to solve the problem in a natural way.

What to do to increase potency in men?

  1. To perform what your way of life.
  2. Be checked if you have health problems that should be solved.
  3. To check your level of testosterone.
  4. To find out whether negatively affect your difficult relationship with a partner on the potency level.

Try to assess the situation honestly. Often this self and sincere study makes it easier solution.

increase potency in men products

Diet to increase male potency

Diet is the best way to support the body's natural testosterone production. The foods you eat every day contribute to the functioning of the body. Eat a healthy diet.

Protein is necessary for the body to maintain the highest levels of testosterone. It stimulates the activity of hormones in the body that regulate the release of testosterone. Protein is essential for building muscle mass in the body, but exceeding the daily requirement may have the opposite effect over time. Protein diet, which is often used by bodybuilders and weightlifters, can actually decrease the production of testosterone.

You need to consume healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids. The best source of this healthy fat is fatty fish (salmon and tuna). Flaxseed and nuts also useful to include in your diet as sources of fatty acids.

Remember that simple carbohydrates and sugar raise the blood sugar levels and inhibit the production of testosterone.

Reduce soy products, which can increase your estrogen level since its increase may lead to an imbalance between testosterone and estrogen, resulting in a reduced level of the male hormone.

Proper nutrition

The main increase potency folk remedies:

  1. Carnation.
  2. Ginger.
  3. Bow.
  4. Tomatoes.
  5. The radishes.
  6. Celery.
  7. Egg.
  8. Carrots.
  9. Asparagus.
  10. Coconut.

Particularly useful foods that contain vitamin E:

  1. Pistachios.
  2. Almonds.
  3. Nuts.

To solve male enhancement used color justo. To enhance sexual activity, you can use red. To attract sexual energy, at your Desk have to be red foods (tomatoes, peppers). To excite a man, wearing underwear in red color and the jewels are red.

To increase potency vitamins. Vitamin E is absolutely essential to every man. It can be found in avellanae sunt. Well contribute to the increased potency zinc. This trace mineral a lot in Turcia, cheese, brown rice, oysters. Men benefit from eating foods that contain vitamin B are: avocado, eggs, bananas, salmon.

increase potency in men exercises

A healthy lifestyle

For a healthy sexual life beneficial physical activity. She acts like venerem. Regular and ongoing training help to balance the metabolism and the hormonal system, so that the body remained sexually active. Lack of physical activity causes a drop in testosterone levels.

Exercise is needed every day, but in moderation. They need to perform 45 minutes. If you need additional training, need to take breaks between sets. After 45 minutes of exercise levels of cortisol in the body increases, which causes the natural production of testosterone. But beware of heavy and tiring physical exercises, because it can lead to reduced sexual activity.

Alcohol, Smoking and drugs can affect sexual potency in men negatively. When people drink a lot of alcohol and smoke cigarettes, it can restrict blood flow to the penis and lead to serious erectile dysfunction. It is important to stop the consumption of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes if you want to have your potency increased.

Mental health

Maintain good mental health, avoid stressful situations. As a result of stress potency may be reduced. To manage stress with help of yoga, a conversation with a person who understands you. When the mental stress is removed, the potency increases. Find ways to reduce your anxiety level. Try to do massage, practice yoga, deep breathing, meditation.

Avoid depression: its background can be a lot of sexual problems, some dietary and hormonal disorders. If there is a serious depression, you need to consult a doctor.

You can solve such problems and thereby increase the potency of folk remedies. A steam room can also help to enhance male potency. When a man soaks in a bath with a birch broom, he not only gets psychological satisfaction. This bath helps to cleanse the body and improve blood supply of all organs.

Maintain a high level of testosterone. Do everything you can to increase it.

Special exercises

Enhances the sexual appetite of a temporary abstinence. Thus, it is possible to try to have sex less often. Your sexual appetite and potency will increase.

Many people wonder how to increase sexual stamina. Sexual stamina understand the maximum duration of sexual intercourse. To achieve the desired result it is recommended to train RS — a muscle located between the testicles and anus. This is possible through Kegel exercises, which consists in the contraction of this muscle. To start this exercise is best not more than 50 or 100 cuts per lesson. It is important the constant maintenance and gradual increase of speed of exercise.

To be a sexually active man prestigious. Disorders in this area cause a lot of inconvenience. Particularly acute problem in middle and old age. But if you use natural products and to conduct a correct lifestyle, sexual activity will persist for a long time. A man can do without drugs, maintaining its potency folk remedies.