Products to increase potency in men, best products for male enhancement

Problems with potency, decrease of sexual desire, premature ejaculation with these problems a man can face at any age. The main risk group are patients older than 40-50 years. Weak potency (medical name – erectile dysfunction) – is this a temporary or permanent reproductive disorder in which the hardness and volume of the penis prior to intimacy, and while its not sufficient for sexual intercourse. This situation may occur with prostatitis, vesiculitis, benign growth of the prostate tissue and other pathologies of the reproductive system.

products to increase potency

Adversely affect the potency a sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, as this leads to stagnation of blood in the pelvic vessels and the deceleration of its current through the veins and arteries. Improper diet, stress, alcoholism, tobacco addiction, all these factors lead to decreased libido and erectile disorder. The mainstay of treatment is to correct the lifestyle and diet. Some products need to include in the menu, as they contain a lot of zinc, chromium, and acids. They improve the quality of sex life and stimulate men's sexual activity.

What substances need men?

For the functioning of the organs of the male reproductive system to respond to certain minerals, amino acids and vitamins, so a lack of them leads to persistent sexual dysfunction that can manifest in a decrease in thrust to the opposite sex, deterioration of tactile perception during contact with erogenous zones, a decrease in potency. To save men's health at any age, you need to make your own diet according to the body's needs and individual circumstances. For example, a red fish with caviar is one of the most important products that improve the quality of sex life in men, can enter into the menu of people not prone to allergies and have no problems with the functioning of the immune system and the hemopoietic system.

Critical elements that enhance potency and stimulate the reproductive organs in men, as listed in the table below.

SubstanceFor what it is necessary? What foods contain?
Vitamins a, E, K and C Improve the elasticity of blood vessels located in the area of the small pelvis, stimulates the circulation of blood and fluids, which ensure the prevention of stagnation. Positively affect the composition of semen and its flow Bell peppers, tangerines, tomatoes, meat by-products (preferably beef), cod liver, chicken eggs, leafy greens
ZincAn essential element that provides all the genital organs of men. Increases the potency, regulates erectile function during sexual intercourse, improves the chemical composition of the seminal fluid Nuts, beef and pork liver, fish, seafood, green and yellow vegetables, cheese
ChromeIncreases libido, regulates the functioning of the testes (testicles) – the body that is synthesized testosterone and sperm are formed Eggplant, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, soft goat cheese
Omega 3 fatty acidsResponsible for sufficient production of testosterone – the male sex hormone, synthesized from entering the body of cholesterol Meat and poultry, fatty fish (mackerel, trout), cheese, fatty dairy products
seafood for potency

Important! If for some reason a man does not get necessary elements from food, he start to develop various forms of erectile disorders, therefore, patients are advised to consult a doctor and choose the right vitamin-mineral complex, taking into account individual characteristics and needs specific to men.

That is: a list of "male" products for potency

Doctors believe that the daily application of the following products and sufficient physical activity, you can get rid of problems with potency even in adulthood. If a man is faced with sexual dysfunction, a properly balanced diet can stop the progression of disease and avoid possible complications. It is important to understand that the products, despite all the useful properties that are not a cure for all male diseases, and if a man is assigned to any treatment, to refuse it in any case not worth it.

Fish and seafood

Men's health is useful for any type of fish, but it is better to choose the sea, because it contains almost all the minerals necessary for proper operation of the bodies involved in the process of sexual activity. Most useful for men are:

  • mackerel;
  • tuna;
  • trout;
  • salmon;
  • flounder;
  • halibut.

They also contain a lot of phosphorus, strengthens bone and ensures the prevention of pelvic pain, which may be one reason for reduced libido and difficulty with potency. Fish should be consumed 2-3 times a week in any form, but it is better to boil it with a little salt and herbs or cooked on vegetables. Men who are suffering arthritis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal device, you can enable it in menu, up to 4 times per week, replacing meat by fish or poultry.

Seafood preference is given to oysters and shrimp and mussels to eat. The use of even 50-80 g of seafood an hour before the alleged proximity has a positive effect on the sexual organs and provides a good erection throughout sexual intercourse.

Quail eggs

Quail eggs – not only a valuable dietary product, but also an excellent tool to enhance potency, especially in men whose erectile dysfunction is related to age-related changes in metabolic processes. They should be used up to 4-5 times per week for 3-4 pieces a day. Quail eggs contain less cholesterol compared to chicken and eggs of geese, while vitamin and mineral content of this product provide almost 80% of the physiological requirement of zinc, chromium, ascorbic acid and other elements necessary to maintain male health.

Eggs of quail are best eaten cooked, adding them to salads, to meat dishes or using as a standalone product, supplemented by a small amount of greens, vegetables and pine nuts.

Dairy products

From dairy products are the most useful cheese and cottage cheese. Cheese is better to take with a fat content of 5-9 %, low fat product does not contain and half of acids needed for the proper functioning of the male body. The fat content of cheese may be different, but to abuse them is not worth it: daily allowance of cheese with 45 % fat are 10-20 grams (about 2 medium slices).

Men with BPH should choose a soft cheese, for example. There are a lot of protein (about 16 grams) and a little salt, and mineral composition is not inferior to traditional varieties of hard and semi-hard cheese.


Important! Excess salt can lead to increased inflammation and swelling in tissues of the prostate, so men with prostate pathologies cheese can be consumed 1-2 times a week.

Meat products

A lot of protein and important amino acids contained in fresh meat. In the daily diet should be present as a dietary types of meat, and red meat, e.g. beef, veal or lamb. Lamb is considered to be quite a fatty meat, so occasionally it should be replaced by the lamb. Very useful for men of any age rabbit and Turkey. Pork can be eaten only boiled or baked 1 times a week, be sure adding a vegetable side dish – the meat so it is better absorbed, and the nutrients can go into the systemic circulation.

What to choose a vegetarian?

If men adhered to the principles of vegetarianism, it can draw attention to products of plant origin, among which also many useful fruit. Leader on the content of zinc and chromium among vegetables and fruits is avocado. You can eat it raw or add in salads. A lot zinc is also contained in all types of Kale, but add it to the menu carefully for those who suffer from diseases of the digestive tract and chronic colitis the bowel. The fact that cabbage contains a lot of purine which causes bloating and intestines and can cause an attack of intestinal colic.

Products to increase potency in men

Among the vegetables and fruits there are other products that increase potency, for example:

  • watermelons (provided that they are collected in season and was grown without the use of chemicals);
  • pomegranate and fresh pomegranate juice;
  • grapes (especially red and black);
  • green apples;
  • parsley and cilantro;
  • bell pepper;
  • tomatoes.

Do not forget about nuts: it has been proven that daily consumption of nuts improves the libido, improve the quality of sexual life and prevent the many diseases of the genital organs in men. Abuse the product is not necessary because of the high calorie and large fat content of 8-10 nuts a day would be sufficient to meet the needs of the male body. The most useful nuts for men are considered to be Brazilian, walnuts and cashews.

These same properties, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. You can apply them a couple times a week no more than 30-50 grams at a time. Vegetable oils from olive, almonds, apricot seeds can provide almost daily requirement of zinc, so they definitely should be included in the menu at least a few times a week.

Men are not allergic to honey, it is useful every day to eat a small spoon of natural honey. This healthy dessert is not only increases the potency, but also improves the condition of the vascular walls, stimulates blood circulation in the vessels of the penis, providing longer lasting erections, and also has a restorative effect on the entire body. Useful properties have also pollen, propolis and honey comb, but use them only if tolerated.


Nutrition is the basis of health and longevity. There are many products that are able to restore the damaged organs, but to use them you need to properly and in the recommended by doctors quantity. Products to increase potency in men should enter in the daily diet, but to combine them, based on the needs of the organism and the age of receipt of vitamins and minerals.