The truth about penis growth: the real and proven methods

At some point, the man thinks about how the size of his body fits possible scope of the regulations and whether you can change it.

how to increase the member

In fact, this is a serious question, because of doubt whether a man can satisfy a woman in intimate terms, he develops insecurities, complexes and depression.

But before you develop experience, familiar with the peculiarities of growth of a member, his "normal" size and how realistic the increase.

The average size and the rate at different periods of growth

Outset, the full concept of "norm" in the issue of penis size in different age period in men does not exist.

There are several statistics that are performed with different number of people and in different places, which are reduced to some kind of middle option.

It is useful to know how to correctly measure penis.

The growth of the penis occurs in puberty, it most often begins in 9 years.

Taking into account the size of the body in a calm state obtained the following data:

  • 10 – 12 years the average penis size of about 4 cm and each year of life increases by 0,5 – 1 see thus in any year of my life possible opposed to the norm 1-1,5 cm
  • 13 – 15 years minimum value will increase in length to 5 – 6 cm;
  • 16 – 18 years of age normal values will be 7 – 9 inches.

Normal penis size in erection:

  • 10 – 12 years the average penis size of 9 – 10 cm;
  • 13 – 15 years norm corresponds to 12 – 15 cm;
  • 16 to 18 medium settings on be 13 – 16 inches.

However, since 18 years, the body grows to a maximum length, and further changes only in diameter. When increasing the width of the member, probably a slight reduction in length, half a centimeter.

Speaking about the diameter of a member, note that there are statistics:

According to them, we can conclude that from the age of 12, around body 7-8 cm, and for 18 years, 12-13 see

Described below are methods on how to increase the thickness of the member.

psychological factors

Psychological factors

Considering the question about penis enlargement from the point of view of the psychology of men, are often groundless, far-fetched reasons.

Usually men begin to doubt in ability to satisfy partner during sexual intimacy. They think that penis size is inadequate and on this background develop significant unrest internally and emotional stress that undermines health.

Of course, in every man by nature has a desire to be a leader, the first number in every sphere of life. If do penis small size, it can be very upsetting, interferes with normal life in all forms, and man do not let thoughts about how to increase the size.

But usually it's a illusory thoughts for unconscious violations of the psychological state.

How to really increase penis (penis)?

Men interested in the question: “how to really increase penis“? One hundred percent they will get the result if you go to the doctor and he will do the surgery. But surgery is only possible if indicated. So if they are not, can only be used without operating the ways.

About how such methods of penis enlargement are effective, there are different opinions, from complete denial and confident to confirm the effectiveness. But in any case, if it was decided to appeal to the more affordable method, it is best to combine several options. It is a complex approach to try to increase the size of the member, will allow to count on a decent result. Real examples are described below.

Testimony to the increase

Given the fact that there is a way to increase the member a surgical way, for it is the and readings. Among the reasons for the operation of medical staff allocated:

  • Micropenis, that is, the size of the organ does not exceed 3 cm.
  • Epispadia, congenital abnormality in the form of splitting of the upper wall of the urethra.
  • Hypospadias – abnormal location of the opening of the urethra.
  • Peyronie's disease – a benign tumor, which does not belong to the group of tumors that develops in the tissues of the protein.
  • Cavernous fibrosis, in other words, instead of the cavernous bodies in the penis is dense connective tissue.
  • Injury.

There are "cosmetic" indications for surgical intervention. An example of such a situation can be a situation where the body is hidden due to the excessive amount of fatty tissue in the pubic area.

Any increase of the penis is consistent with a specialist!

Best practices

There are different methods of increasing the size of manhood. Among the adjustments of member sizes distinguish the increase in length and increase in width. But the more common ordinary options, easily implemented at home. Each technique will be discussed separately. And if You are questioning whether to increase the member, you definitely will find a positive response.

soda for penis enlargement


Folk medicine has long been no surprise, because often it helps to solve various health problems and just improving your appearance.

A special place is baking soda, in an amount not to exceed one teaspoon.

It is diluted in a simple glass of warm water and stir until dissolved. We get a small bath in which is immersed the body.

The procedure lasts less than 10 minutes and it is advised to spend one hour before the planned intimacy.

There is also a view that it is possible to use a combination of baking soda and honey. This composition is thoroughly mixed in equal proportion and pound her manhood. It is believed that after the procedure, penis enlargement baking soda, a man feels how much increase body tone and increases sexual desire.

Repeat this procedure for several months leads to an increase on 2 cm.


There are excellent exercises for penis enlargement:

  • to stretch
  • to improve blood supply,
  • support group.

Each option has a number of techniques, which can be read by any man. Moreover, these methods of the exercises are simple, require no effort and is easily done at home. Exercise is the best option penis enlargement at home.


The nozzle member has been for a long time and has proven its simplicity and accessibility. The bonus of this option is the lack of requirements, skills or training before use. In addition, they are sold in the theme store.

This is the fastest method to lengthen the penis.

The nozzle on the member differ in: material from which they are made, size and shades, and most importantly, on the purpose of their application. There are options:

the nozzle member
  • Tips for thickening;
  • Able to lengthen the penis;
  • With vibration function;
  • With the unusual terrain;
  • Stimulants of gel;
  • Nozzle for impact to both the female clitoris and anus.

Nozzle enlarge penis even at 10 cm immediately.

Despite its profitability and simplicity, they reduce the sensitivity during intimacy, and also create only a feeling of increase for your partner.

Drugs, hormones, herbs, cream, gels and ointments

There are penis enlargement methods: pills, biofeedback, herbs, hormones, creams, gels, ointments and ramis. Their effectiveness the reviews are mixed. Any remedy is prescribed after consulting a specialist.


On a method of increasing the size of manhood vacuum pump has long been known.

The basic technique is to put the creation of vacuum, which stimulates increased blood flow to the body and thus increases it and improves elasticity.

With this method you will be able to quickly increase a member for a short time.

The result obtained from the vacuum pump will remain in a calm state of the penis, but will last the effect of increasing not more than a day. To ensure that the result remained for a long time, the pump must be used systematically and for a long time. Not more often than once in two days.

Note that not always the pump can be used, there are contraindications to the use. These include:

  • Diseases that affect the foreskin.
  • Acute inflammatory process that affected the entire body.
  • Diabetes mellitus, disorders in the liver or kidneys.
  • High blood clotting with a tendency to thrombosis.


Very interesting method of penis enlargement – Jelqing. The technique is a special exercises, which affect all the characteristics of manhood. Technique known to man from all points of the planet. It is based on stimulation of increase blood flow to the organ that leads to its increase.

There are three popular techniques:

  • The sexual organ is introduced into half erectum condition. Carefully lubricate and renew during the procedure, when the lubricant dries up. On the basis of the member connecting the tips of the forefinger and thumb, forming a kind of ring which tightly hugs the body. Just jamming, this ring pull to the head. Then release and repeat action with the other hand. Tempo run average, the main thing is to stick to a comfortable rhythm. It is believed that the most noticeable increase in penis thickness;
  • The second technique is characterized in that the lubricant is not used;
  • The third option, again with lubrication, but "ring" not doing the two fingers and the entire hand.

If you suddenly had a painful feeling – stop action for a few days.



Extender for penis enlargement is a special device developed by medical staff.

It is intended to enlarge the penis and to deal with congenital defects of the body and the consequences of the performed surgeries.

The main change will be to increase the length.

The device is worn for 4 to 6 hours a day, making between them a break. Convenient is the option, when the ex put on 2 hours in the morning, then repeat it on the same time in the afternoon and evening.

Exercise is recommended daily. If suddenly was missed one day, it is considered to be the maximum of possible interruptions in the use of the extender.

Men who used the device for at least four months, saying that he gives an amazing effect of increasing by 1, 5-2, see


Massage for penis enlargement – the procedure itself is pleasant and useful, if carried out with the aim of increasing penis size. Developed different massage techniques, but worthy technique is Kegel.

During the massage, was developed by Arnold's Size, the man affects the muscles of the pubic and coccygeal areas.

To determine what force needs attention, he needs to during a visit to the toilet for a few seconds to delay the act of urination.

At this time, feel the tension of one muscle that needs exercise.

If a muscle is defined, you can go directly to the massage:

  • The muscle shrink and relax at a fast pace, trying during compression to shorten it. The exercise is conducted at a fast pace, but not more than a couple seconds. Time gradually increases.
  • Muscle strain step. First slightly for a few seconds, then at the same time relaxing. Next time increase the force and so gradually to the limit, avoiding unpleasant sensations.
  • Squeeze the muscle as slow as possible. When the voltage has reached the limit is relax. During this exercise must be feeling the "vibrations" of the muscle.
stretching cargo

Stretching cargo

Penile enlargement hanging weights – old and free method. There are several ways of attaching to the body:

  • A rope with a load fixed with adhesive plaster,
  • With rope make a loop and put on the head, clipping exactly under it.

This method seems simple and safe, but it is not. For a start, just specify that the result actually achieved only after several years of using this technique. And a high probability of injury to the body.

Outside of the household this method is absolutely not comfortable.

The load will stop to move and making noise will attract unwanted and embarrassing male's attention.

Plus this technique is that it is free. Although with this statement is debatable, because if such exercise will damage the body will have to spend a lot of money for treatment. It is better to use a different tool increase or grabatum.

More information about how to hang a load on a member, you will learn from this video:


There are several options for surgical intervention with the aim of increasing the size of manhood:

  • Ligamentum based on the intersection of the ligaments, the fixing on and removal of its partial internal length out. It lasts no more than an hour, and the man leaves the hospital on the second day after surgery. The average increase was 3-5 cm.
  • Penile prosthesis, the surgery, in which there is implantation of an artificial prosthesis. This procedure is complicated and is done in extreme cases.
  • Lipofilling – fat cells add to the penis, increasing it by 1 cm
  • Muscle transplantation is a microsurgical manipulation, in which the thickness of the manhood is increased by 3-4 cm.
  • Plastic surgery – the organ is introduced gel or silicone implants, which contribute to the thickening.
  • The injection of hyaluronic acid.