Penile enlargement: techniques, tips

Even men with big size advantages wonder "how to increase length of your penis?". It is rather a question of aesthetics, of taste, of personal preference. Today in the Arsenal of medicine has several methods of penis enlargement, the best of them will be discussed in this article.

how to increase the member

It is necessary to increase the size of penis?

First, it is not always the situation demands correction. If you member seems small, just swipe the measurements. Rare pathology when the experts agree with the man. It's called little member, that is, in erection manhood does not exceed 8 cm. If the length from 10 to 15 cm, it is quite acceptable. Sometimes a man wants to enlarge the penis, as it is in a calm state looks fine. But the initial length and width of the body did not affect its size in the excited state. But the man wants penis stood out, not only in bed but also in the sauna, locker room, restroom, if it is in the company of other men.

Secondly, most men who want to go under the knife for penis enlargement, you may experience dysmorphia. That is, his body seems not the way it really is. This is what happens in anorexia when the patient is too thin, it seems that still it has weight. A man with a normal penis size that is solved on the increase, are more likely to help a psychiatrist than a surgeon.

Penis enlargement without surgery

If you haven't given up with penis enlargement, then read more affordable and painless way:

  1. The vacuum pump. In a special pump creates a vacuum through which the blood flow dramatically increases and the penis becomes more than before. And to prevent reverse flow of blood, keep the size, just clamp the penis at the base of the special ring. This method is used to treat erectile dysfunction, but its disadvantage is that the effect is temporary. If the action is over, your body will be the same size. The negative effects are: sores, bruises, impotence, damaged blood vessels, loss of colour and thickness of the skin. It simply becomes thinner. Ring for clamping can be worn only for 30 minutes maximum, otherwise you risk tissue death.
  2. Exercises and other methods. How to increase penis size from home? There are various techniques, exercises, which in the long run help to cope with the complex of a small member. For example, ancient Arabian massage. It is based on a daily kneading of a member, his pulling. Gradually you increase the time of massage beatified 30 minutes, but in any case not allowing yourself to reach orgasm. As soon as I feel that it is coming, take a break. In this case, growing member? It is believed that a permanent injury, i.e., metered load, leads to the destruction of the tissues of the penis, growth of new cells, increasing the corpora cavernosa From the male requires caution, precision of action, change of hands, as any increase in load on one of the sides of the penis leading to curvature and further complications.

How to increase length of a member of the traditional medicine

The increase in penis size was relevant, so medicine has developed several methods that will help to increase the length and width of the body.


ways to increase

Great procedure, especially if you thinking how to increase dick width. Bloodless method which is based on the introduction into the body of the penis, only his own cells.

During the manipulation of the fat from any area of the body is pumped out of a special thick hollow needle and is injected into the penis. In this form the additional volume, the width of the member.

The fence of adipose tissue is painless, as used cannula with a rounded end. When you enter it does not injure nerves and blood vessels, and pushes them fat cells with the help of vacuum is sucked into the syringe. Effects almost never happen, because adipose tissue belongs to the patient, rejection does not happen. It is still sometimes used hyaluronic acid but the effect lasts for a year, the procedure must be repeated.

You can increase the penis size permanently?

In the usual practice of the surgeon there are several ways: tearing of the ligament, which is located in the pubic area, pulling the side of the penis from the pubic region. This part of the body to the operation is hidden. The surgeon makes a fixation of the muscle, produces the plasticity of the skin of the pubic region. Do not expect that after such procedures the average penis size in men will increase by 10 see the Most effective is increase on 5, see If this result seems small, the surgeon will give you recommendations on how to increase penis size , following which you will be able to add another 1-2 cm, while in the home.

Indications for the operative solution of the question

For the operation is important not only the patient, but also the original size of the penis:

  1. If the penis is less than 9 cm, that is, the expert has to deal with underdevelopment of the penis, when millimeters matter.
  2. With a length of about 12 cm, the surgery is performed just to improve the size and achieve brilliant results.
  3. With a length of over 12 cm operation will be complementary.

After the procedure you should abstain from sex. The terms depend on the type of surgery. For example, when the elongation of the penis at least 3 weeks of a strict mode, if you increase the width to 4 weeks, and if the operations were combined, not less than 1, 5 months.

small dick

To increase the member a variety of ways. After detailed consultation with specialists, perhaps even a psychologist, you will be able to select the most suitable method.