How to increase penis: ways

Many men, unfortunately, are familiar with this problem. Not big enough size. This is what makes young boys and Mature men look for ways to solve it. How to make dick bigger at home? In other words, the penis enlargement is an important goal for many. Is it possible to increase the member of the house, without the operation (for example, cream for penis enlargement)?

how to increase the member

Let's consider the main ways in (including cream), as well as more talk about the thickness, length and diameter of the penis.

Dissatisfaction with the size

The small size of the penis, as we know, is often the cause of a number of complex and also other unpleasant sensations that are quite painful, psychologically. The small size of the "manhood" often becomes the cause of depression and related negative emotions: isolation, shyness, feelings of inferiority and inadequacy.

Often happens that man is ashamed to undress if it is in proximity with a woman or when surrounded by other people (for example, in the bath, in the hospital, etc.). Such a conviction in a small penis size is problematic, and when the guy for a long time convinced myself that his cock is quite small, and that it should be increased by 1, 2, 3, 4 cm or more, even the experts-doctors are unlikely to reverse the conviction. A guy will still have a problem: how to increase a member.

In a way, belief in it, and, as a consequence, the search for ways to enlarge the penis, is one of the reasons for regular porn. To be honest, almost any man, someone less, someone more keen on watching "adult films". Seeing what the size of the penis are porn stars, many are beginning to envy them, comparing it with her and realizing that the size of the "dignity" in the "heroes" of movies and commercials – much more and this is something to aspire to. After these hits, it is hard to go back to feeling that your penis is normal or average. As a rule, many conclude that it is a very small and needs to increase.

Men start looking for methods to study drugs, including cream for penis enlargement and growth, to search the Internet for information about can it be done without ointments, without drugs, safely. Comes to the fact that some people are interested in how to properly masturbate to the dick grew a few inches and learn such dubious advice of Amateurs. And some even convinced that there is a special technique that encourages the use of condoms, read the help of which you can exercise increase penis.

The application of various tools, including ointments, pills, as well as attempts of lengthening or thickening of a member of the folk remedies is due to the fact that men, in addition to increasing the length and thickness of his "dignity", and expect other "bonuses", including:

  • Improve sensations during intercourse.
  • Increase self-esteem in the presence of women.
  • The appearance of self-confidence and psychological stability.
  • Respect from other men, and more.

All these symptoms, in the opinion of men, are directly or indirectly influencing the improvement of the General psychological state, which, in turn, has a significant impact on the confidence of the owner of a large member size. Gradually such a man, who managed to lengthen the member, using one or the other technique, achieving his growth will probably start to develop confidence not only in themselves but also in behavior in the presence of girls.

principles of increase

At the same time, as practice shows, the majority of these manifestations affect not only the size, but that a man gets more confident and with the best ability to use the penis during sexual intercourse. In addition, according to some experts, this affects the sensations produced during orgasm.

Attention! Quite interesting are the estimates of what it considered to be "normal size" for the penis. Here I would like to say to make a small remark.

The fact that the representatives not only of different races but even different peoples, who belong to the same race, the average length of the penis may be different. Moreover, it concerns the penis in the excited and in the "relaxed" state. Probably many of you know that the length of the "pepper" of blacks, as a rule, more than the representatives of Caucasian race, and especially compared to most Asians.

Is it a problem, for example, Chinese, Koreans or Japanese? Unlikely, because for many centuries, such that from our point of view is very small penis was the norm for representatives of many other peoples. Their women adequately perceive what we do, and especially Africans, would have caused, if not laughter, then at least some confusion. Therefore, the concept of normal or average size is very relative.

In General, I want to say that a member with a length of about 14 inches (erect) can be considered quite average and normal. Anything less than this size, although not clearly a very small penis, but all the same, this is less than average. Member size of 12 cm or less – refers to a clearly small. However, even the owners of the 14-inch "dignity" and even larger, never hurts to have a few extra inches.

Technology penis enlargement

If the answer to the question about technology, talking about how to increase the penis, we can distinguish 3 main groups. So, the main classification methods:

  • With the use of surgical intervention.
  • Without the use of surgery.
  • Combined technologies increase.

Now, let us have a little more detail talk about each of these technologies, having considered the details, which often many are not considered and not taken into account.

Surgical methods

Be aware that the main feature of any surgical method remains the same. To increase penis offered, reducing the crotch Department which (in normal position), hidden inside the body. That is, it turns out approximately so: the penis size does not change, but as it "brought a bit forward." In this case, an incision is made tissues (surgically) that surround its base, and then everything is restored.

Thus, learning that he "grew" in size. A feature of this method is the lengthening of the penis, first of all, at rest. During erection (and that's the most important), according to the opinion of many patients, the increase is not so noticeable. By the way, surgeons themselves often warn that this method is fraught with complications. Therefore, it is, as they say in such cases, at the risk of the "patient."

Non-surgical methods

Most of these methods involves the use of special equipment. This device serves as a pulling member. Again, it is worth Recalling that the idea of a cream also apply to non-surgical technologies increase. However, to describe creams at our website there are separate materials.

But back to the device. Despite the fact that its application may lead to the desired increase of "manhood", it is unlikely that this technique can be classified as convenient and hassle-free. It is based on the principle of elongation of any limbs or body parts, which were always used by different peoples of the world, mostly tribes from Africa and Asia. It is based on this principle most of these techniques.

The disadvantage of this method is that to wear such devices must be at least 6 hours a day, and this is just the bare minimum. A person can be located in almost any position. On some sites there is evidence that this technique produces results at least six months, which as you can imagine, is terribly inconvenient for most people. At the same time, largely increase takes place in the penis in a state of relaxation, not in erection.

technology increase

With respect to such possible negative consequences as the level of potency, influencing the ability to have children in the future, as well as the diameter of the penis, there was no identified negative effects. In any case, clearly proved by evidence that was not presented. However, this does not mean that such consequences were not really because some people just ashamed to make such cases public.

Imagine how ridiculous it would look. You come to doctor and say to him, I tried to make a dick bigger at home by buying a special device. Was hoping that the penis will be more, but something went wrong. In fact, to provide such treatment to the doctor is difficult. Therefore, we will not unequivocally say that the apparatus for lengthening the penis can harm the health of the "patient", but to deny this unequivocally and unconditionally too.

Combined technology

Thus, the third method, which can, according to the statements of sellers, to quickly affect penis enlargement at home, is the so-called combined method. In short, its meaning is similar to the following, and is divided into 2 main stages:

  1. Operative technique (surgery using).
  2. The second stage applies a little higher method.

What you need to know about the types of penis enlargement

Thus, having thoroughly reviewed the basic technology of the how to enlarge penis without cream, and with an instrument (would you dare to wear your precious dignity strange piece of metal and walk around with it half a day?, let's move on to a more detailed description of how it is possible to increase male penis, to be precise what types of increase may be carried out by applying the above-described methods. Here they are:

  1. Thickening of the penis. Penis could make a thicker (more volume) as follows: take one part of the body and from it is extracted to fat proportion. This part of the adipose tissue is then added to the barrel of the penis. This approach is able to make the penis larger and visually more massive. However, this practice was highly questionable and there were some violations of the form member.
  2. Lengthening of the penis. To talk about this in more detail, it is necessary first of all to say a few words about how it's the way of the penis. It is attached to the pelvis with special ropes, which are also known as supporting ligaments. It turns out that the surgically cut the tension on these ropes that supposed to free some member that "comes out". The negative point is that in order to avoid the possible splicing of the ligaments, maybe the patient will have to wear a special device to weight and pulling for up to six months.

This more or less clear. Now, let's look at some alternative technologies to increase the penis.

How to make dick bigger at home

Now let's look at the possibilities of how to enlarge penis at home. Here is a list of the most popular methods:

the increase in home
  1. The use of massage.
  2. Hanging hamper of goods.
  3. Special exercises.
  4. Vacuum pumps.
  5. Creams, gels and sprays and other medications.

Attention! The best result happens in those cases, when using a combined approach. This means, at the same time it is better to use two or more ways.

Do massage

Enlargement of the penis this method is used by many men. Massage by hand is the free way with no creams and no ointments. It is important to follow the technique, as some say, "masturbating". First of all, you need a friend to warm her up with a massage. Alternatively, you can do it in the shower or wrap soaked in warm water with a towel. This will enhance the effect.

At the same time, there are 2 options of massage: in erection and in a relaxed state. Choose one technique and practice it regularly.

Use the load

With this method you need to be careful, since its use can lead to unpleasant injuries. Increase penis size by suspension to it of cargo. However, this increases only the length: the diameter remains the same.

Briefly, the method consists in the following:

  1. Warms the penis with the help of massage.
  2. Behind the head glue the plasters, which secures the string or rope.
  3. They are hung load. The main thing – do not overdo it with the weights.

The first few times you do not need to do the procedure longer than 10-15 minutes Then the duration can be gradually increased.

Remember! When you head starts to go numb or you feel pain symptoms – stop session. The repetition of such feelings reduce the weight of the load and the duration of the procedure.