The main ways of increasing actual penis size

How to increase penis size if a man is dissatisfied with his diameter or length? Modern medicine offers a number of methods that are divided into conservative and operative. More detailed information about each of them will cover in this article.

penis enlargement

Manual methods to tension member

Manual methods are the most popular among men, thanks to such advantages as availability, ability to perform independently at home, massages of this kind do not require financial investments. These techniques will help to increase not only the length and width of the penis, and increase sex appeal, stamina during intimacy.

Massage of the genitals is carried out using techniques of tension and compression that leads to their increased filling with blood. The correct execution method to avoid injury and minor damages, but for the comfort and safety it is better to use special grease. After a couple of months after regular massage you can notice changes of the penis in a better way. The most famous method in this category is jelqing. Means "milking", during which the male is uniform in strength and speed movements like stretches sexual organ. The procedure is conducted regularly, starting small. This means that in the early days it is unacceptable to use excessive pressure and long massage member. Manual therapy of this kind is able dimidium-erectio not to damage the vascular system of the genitals.

Options mechanical impact penis size

This category include vacuum pumps, extenders and lecticis.

lecticis and extenders for the penis are mounted directly on a hollow member. How to increase the diameter of the penis using these devices? They are designed to ensure that the penis has become larger in length and width, they also help straighten the penis.

The increase in size occurs due to stretching the cavernous bodies and ligaments of the body. The approach of this method is very similar to that in manual method. That is, the result will be noticeable with regular use devices daily, with a gradual increase of time and tensile strength. As a result, the man should bring the exposure time up to 2-3 hours. The course can take from one to several months.

If a man interested in how to increase the size of the penis before intimacy for a short time, you can use a vacuum pump. The principle of operation is simple: the sexual organ is placed in a transparent cylinder, where with the help of the pump the air is evacuated. The resulting vacuum leads to increased copia sanguinis corpus cavernosum, increasing its parameters. How long to apply the pump is impossible, a maximum of 20-30 minutes. The effect of its use, although only temporary, but long lasting. Before to carry out manipulation on the basis of the wear on the rings to hold the erection.

The vacuum pump is dangerous for men. Of the possible risks it should be noted the injuries like rupture of blood vessels, abscesses, bruising, the development of impotence.

surgery for penis enlargement

The surgical correction of the length of the member

Is it possible to increase the size of the penis using the conservative methods? Of course, positive feedback is, but such methods have several negative aspects: the possibility of injury, development of impotence, jelqing, if improperly performed, leads to a curvature of the penis, possible rupture of blood vessels. Exercises to increase penis size is mostly of a temporary nature, that is, the result is difficult to achieve when using a vacuum pump and very short. Therefore, more and more men turn to traditional medicine, that is, change the operating parameters of the genital organs.

Surgical intervention will increase the diameter of the penis, its length forever. Types of surgical correction:

  1. How can I increase the length of the penis? Anatomically part of the body would be hidden inside. This is due to the presence of ligaments that support the penis. The doctors cut the ligament, thereby visually extending it. That is, decreases the hidden division, its the crotch portion. Ligaments cannot be repaired, so in the postoperative period it is important to wear the weights, pulls fixture for 6 months.
  2. As with surgical correction to increase the diameter of the penis? This method used before, but it had several disadvantages. So as to increase in width used their own fat, over time, this led to their absorption. Member was unevenly wide, bumpy, resembling cobblestone Brooke. Now the thickening is due to the introduction of the allograft, it gives long lasting and more desirable results.

Cons surgery for penis enlargement

As with any surgery, plastic penis sometimes leads to adverse consequences. In the first few weeks following this intervention, bleeding, persistent swelling, prolonged, and perhaps permanent loss of sensitivity glans penis, pain during erection, as well as introduction of infection in the wound.

After cutting the ligaments, for example, it is possible to change the angle of the erection. It is so excited on "looks" not up or even down a bit. During sexual intercourse can occur in very unpleasant subluxation of the penis, it becomes unstable.

Transplantation of adipose tissue or allograft rejection sometimes occurs, suppuration, warping and other deformation types. A doctor must warn a man that very often, almost half of the cases, the result is not satisfaction in patients dissatisfied with the result of the correction.

Sometimes men seek professional help to remove the unwanted early erection by increasing the thickness of the penis head. Recommend that before you decide on surgical techniques, use drugs to correct erectile dysfunction. These drugs able to prolong sexual intercourse several times.

to increase the member

Another simple way to reduce the sensitivity of the head is the use of Lidocaine spray on it, judging by the reviews, quite with a good result. The spray is applied only on the region of the frenulum of the penis to avoid the loss of sensitivity and achieve anejaculation that is, the absence of ejaculation.

The decision to change the member settings takes a man. In this case we recommend to consult a specialist, especially a psychologist, as according to doctors many men have a distorted view of their body structure, mistakenly thinking the parameters of the small penis. If a potential patient has a normal size of manhood, then it is more likely to help a psychiatrist than a surgeon.