How to increase penis: ways to increase

Today there are many penis enlargement methods, but not all of them are effective and safe for the main functions of this organ, erection, ejaculation and full of enjoyment. So how to increase penis without harm for health?

penis enlargement.

How to increase penis without surgery

Lengthen your phallus men have tried since ancient times, because a large penis is associated with strong and prolific man.

To the penis hung loads ranging from adolescence to the maturity of the penis become more. The effect was not very pronounced, and such methods themselves were very uncomfortable and traumatic.

Today, medicine has leaped forward and is able to offer to men with small penis are many ways to cope with the problem. It's like conservative methods of lengthening and thickening the penis, and surgery, more radical.

To include non-surgical vacuum and traction (stretching) methods of penis enlargement, in fact – it's a long workout, penis stretching.

How to increase penis without surgery

The use of conservative methods gives the effect of prolonged exercise and regular use of the devices. However, count on the fact that the penis will grow by 8-10 cm, it is impossible, for such miracles are not capable of even surgery.

When using these methods it may be about 1-3 cm at best. It is necessary for a long time, perseverance and patience men achieve their goals.

Vacuum devices work on the principle of changing the blood circulation in the tissues of the penis by creating a vacuum. It redistributes the blood within the penis and increases its size. The method helps to increase its thickness, but in length the results are not strongly expressed, only 1-2 cm.

Device for external tissue expansion of the penis, or extenders, are a special design, which with regular months of training can lead to gradual stretching of the tissues of the penis and increase its length 1.5-3 cm, But the doctors indicate that a much more efficient use of extenders after surgical correction of sizes.

How to enlarge penis surgically

With the aesthetic aim of lengthening and thickening the penis is not so long while the increase penis during surgery for various problems of the sexual sphere in men the surgeons were able and informed.

Today the indication for surgery may be the mere desire of men to make their penis bigger. This is especially important given that the surgeons mainly treat already established, Mature man who have a set of complexes due to the discomfort in the intimate sphere.

Today surgery with the lengthening, thickening penis, to correct the problems with erection and the combination of these types of transactions.

Doctors isolated as a socio-psychological syndrome (locker room, problems in sexual life, low self-esteem) and physiological, anatomical reasons for the correction (small penis, hypospadias, trauma of the penis).

Methods of correction of penis

Doctors consulting the patient tell you about all the ways to increase the penis. When choosing the surgical method it is necessary to remember it in full operation with indications and contraindications. It is followed by a long recovery period, and not always the outcome of the operation will be significant. Sometimes it is impossible to achieve a strongly pronounced increase even surgically because of the anatomy of the penis.

methods of penis enlargement

The main operations are carried out with the purpose of lengthening the penis, surgery long. The doctors cross a special ligament that supports the penis at the level of occurrence in the corpora cavernosa deep artery. After crossing this ligament the penis is fixed in the new position, to achieve a lengthening of up to 4-5 cm. Today developed many variants of access during this operation, and the exact plan of operation developed together with the patient in each case.

Another surgery is implanting a special prosthesis is certainly greater length with the intersection at the same tunica albuginea of the penis to transverse incision. This gives the stretching of the penis a few inches.

Operation Feather — special operation with a complete separation of the corpora cavernosa of the penis from the head and implanted in the space between the head and special bodies special cartilage implants. The urethra and the neurovascular bundles are stretched due to the natural elasticity. On average, this technique allows you to add up to 3-5 cm of length of the penis.

There are other modifications of operations, but the biggest challenge at these events is the preservation of normal erectile function. Complex operations fraught with that can lead to the violation of the sensitivity of the nerves and blood circulation problems, and eventually to the violation of potency, urinary and reproductive functions.

To increase penile were positive results, observation and treatment under the guidance of an experienced urologist-andrologist. No self-medication or "self-made inventions" in such an intimate sphere is simply unacceptable.