How to increase the penis all known methods and penis enlargement methods

Many men are not satisfied with the size of your penis, and often it becomes the reason for the withdrawn isolation of indecision and uncertainty when dealing with the opposite sex. It is logical that some decide to change the size of your hollow body. There are many different methods, but not all of them show a high level of efficiency and safety. That is why it is so important to choose the one, which will ensure maximum results. Consider all the ways in more detail.

penis enlargement.

Is it possible to enlarge the penis?

Before proceeding to finding the most effective ways of penis enlargement, you must know if this is possible in principle.

The penis is an organ which consists of special structural elements – body Male organ is very sensitive to negative manifestations in the environment. Studies have shown that if man is to satisfy his sexual desire devices with a narrow diameter, the penis decrease in size in the last two months. Or can this process go in reverse?

In fact, many representatives of the stronger sex, even no need to search for the best way to increase a member because it is fully consistent with the norm, and some even more. Among Caucasians the average size is between 12-16 inches, while the girth is about 3-4 inches. If the size is within this range, then the problem is psychological. For those who have a really small body, which is the result of a genetic disease or any disease, experts suggest to have a plastic surgery. But this is not the only way to solve the problem.

All methods of penis enlargement:

  • massage;
  • jelcing;
  • the medication and biological additives;
  • the use of ointments and creams;
  • the head of the penis;
  • baking soda;
  • folk remedies;
  • the use of special devices (extender, vacuum pump, etc.).

The best results can be achieved only through integrated use of these funds. However, to expect an immediate effect is not necessary. To achieve a positive result will require a lot of time and perseverance with strict observance of all recommendations and regulations.


Almost all penis enlargement methods can't guarantee a 100% result except the plastic surgery. That is why this method of correction appeal so much to men. However, surgery has some serious shortcomings, for example, long term rehabilitation, and high cost. For surgery need appointment from your doctor and it can be obtained only after the diagnostic measures and the presence of real pathology.

Doctors remind that the penis, size 10-14 cm allows to implement reproductive function in full measure, with the second half experiencing sexual pleasure. So before you increase male member, you need to understand whether to do it at all.

For those who want to slightly adjust the size of your penis only a few centimeters that it is not necessary to use all methods of penis enlargement, you can select one or a few of the most effective and appropriate in your situation.

Surgical intervention is carried out under such conditions:

  • congenital abnormalities;
  • age-related changes in the body;
  • micro-penis.

The last factor occurs very rarely, however, is a serious one, because the man loses functionality, so the operation is a necessity, not a whim. This method to increase the member is divided into several stages. The first of which is diagnostic, which is designed for a full examination of the body to check for any contraindications and birth defects. The specialist will also help you to know how you can increase penis less radical methods, if possible. Followed by a preparatory stage — it is very important, because it determines the duration of rehabilitation and the effectiveness of the procedure.

During surgery, the surgeon cuts the tissue and pulls the hidden part of the penis. The resulting space fills fat cells, and then sews and fixes the penis in the correct position. Then the wound should be delayed, and tissue to grow, which will indicate the end of rehabilitation. Additional applied to the filler, it fixes the body in the correct position — without it, a positive result is not achieved.

how to increase the member

If necessary the plastic surgeon can change the shape of the penis, which is very important for the genetic abnormalities that are a consequence of the disease. For those who want to learn how to increase penis size in thickness, this method is also suitable. To realize produce special injection, transplanted rectus of the abdominal cavity, injected adipose tissue or implanted in a special matrix.

In some cases it is advisable to carry out a special procedure if you are using special implants made from artificial materials. This procedure is complex and difficult future, but completely changed the appearance of the penis.

The operation is a good method to change the configuration of the penis, but its use is necessary only for those who really need it. So before to change the male organ by means of surgical intervention, it is necessary to consult a physician. Don't forget about the side effects that arise from a large number of patients, and it is not a result of medical errors, sometimes the tissue can not settle down, ill patients emerging from anesthesia or the wound gets infected.


How to increase penis quickly and effectively, and not to resort to surgery? The is suggested to use a miracle pill, a composition which contains amazing components, thanks to which the sexual organ in a matter of days to increase by 10 centimeters. Is it possible? Unfortunately, no, because this is due to the peculiarities of the anatomical structure of the male organ. But the pills can give a positive result if their choice to responsibly and carefully.

The modern range of products so broad as to select a specific tool is very difficult, in this case a man, as a rule, is guided by a great name and bright packaging, forgetting about contraindications and side effects.

Good tools not only have a positive effect on the size of the penis, but also establish the overall functioning of the reproductive system, for example, increase the duration of erection and make the sperm better. This is due to their composition, the main ingredients are the following products and substances:

  • ginseng;
  • Ginkgo biloba;
  • points;
  • from saw Palmetto;
  • arginine;
  • hawthorn;
  • ginger root;
  • extracts of herbs.

The developers of the pills are guided by the studies and bring in the formula means new ingredients. By the way, most of them are of natural origin. Experts really do not recommend the use of hormonal drugs, since they must go through a long quality control, which, of course, no one does. Effect on male hormones is fraught with consequences, up to complete loss of reproductive potential.

A special place among the methods of penis enlargement take supplements. They have a minimum number of contraindications and does not cause complications in rare cases there is an allergic reaction. That is why before use, you need to go to a medical facility for diagnosis of an organism for the presence of individual intolerance components.

Ointments, creams, gels

Means of local action in recent times has gained wide popularity, they don't need to think, how to increase male organ grueling exercise or resorting to surgery. A wide range of different creams and gels allows you to choose an effective and secure means, and in most cases expensive does not mean quality. As part of the tools from reputed brands are natural substances, due to which positive impact is not only on the quantitative values of your penis but also improves functioning of entire reproductive system:

  • leads to normal blood circulation;
  • increases the quality and duration of erections;
  • changes the structure of the skin – it is more supple and elastic;
  • increases libido;
  • tissue better enriched with useful links.

In this case, very important rules and features of the procedure. These funds will not show any result, if not to Supplement the procedure with a special massage, the essence of which is the rubbing of the ointment to penetrate into the inner tissue of the penis. It is very good stretches the penis and increases blood flow, thereby configured male power. Consider the dosage, although allergic reactions are rare, but we are talking about more serious complications. The cream and ointment may include:

  • horse chestnut;
  • ginger root;
  • Japanese quince;
  • pectin;
  • mulberry;
  • leuzea;
  • fireweed;
  • amino acids and proteins.

As quickly and correctly increase male penis? Start with simple methods with ointments. Cream and gel have a balanced content of useful components, and therefore such therapy has established itself as a fast and efficient.

Litter, sediment and vacuum pump

  • With these devices, perhaps, familiar to all who are interested in the question of how to increase penis yourself. They have absolutely different principle of action, but accomplish the same task – resize.
  • The vacuum pump operates by increasing the pressure in the flask, which is the male organ. This increases the blood circulation and leads to active growth. The method is combined with specific exercises and massage. The duration of the procedure is small, so take action daily, and the result will not keep itself waiting long.

Extender works on a different principle, the product is a product whose design allows you to stretch the penis. First, he clamped into the groin area and a special clip locks on enhancing it.

Initially the device was used to correct the shape of the penis, but over time many men began to mention another positive feature of the device – the increase in male "dignity". After this, and began the active study, after a period of normal production.

If you have questions how to enlarge penis using a vacuum pump and extender, refer to a specialist in a medical facility.

If a man is interested in as to temporarily increase its dignity, it is necessary to consider features of use of special attachments. They do not increase "economy" thoroughly, and only act as extension. Just put the product and commit, then apply it in sexual lubricant and you're ready to have sexual intercourse. Men have reduced sensitivity, but their sex partner is experiencing a strange pleasure.


Many are trying to learn how to easily increase the member, but there is no such method, because in any case you will have to work hard to achieve a positive result.

One of the proven methods is massage. It can be performed independently at home or to turn such manipulation in the prelude, teaching your mate how to enlarge the penis with this method. The procedure is performed daily. To devote is the first time no more than 15 minutes, and then this time increases. This needs to be done to the structural parts of the penis are accustomed to a high voltage.

Do massage using special means to moisturize the skin, preferably oil-based. The main point of massage – stretching of tissues, for this it is necessary to consider the method of penis enlargement. The leading place in this business is jelcing, this practice is known throughout the world due to its effectiveness. Not less effective but less popular, is massage Kegel. In any case, the point of these exercises is to stretching and twisting of the tissues.

It is important to clarify that those who are trying to learn how to increase male organ needs to take into account the duration manipulations, i.e. immediate result count is not necessary. The first effect can be seen already after 3 weeks of daily manipulation and it is an excellent indicator.

To properly prepare for the procedure, thoroughly wash the groin area and warm it. To do this, use a hot bath or compress. And only then can you move through the steps one by one of the methods after learning how to increase member feedback can help in the selection.

The penis is a very sensitive organ and it often displays the influence of negative factors. Of course, the effect of massage, in which force is used, can not go unnoticed, even if you know how to increase penis size correctly and safely. In the process of execution or after a while can be side effects:

  • the appearance of spots on the head;
  • change the color of the head;
  • the appearance of the veins.
treatment tablets

Each of these manifestations bears no pathological influence, they do not require treatment and disappear on their own. And the last factor can go man even benefit, because the building is a ribbed penis positively affects the pleasure obtained during sex. Popular Thai massage the penis, but its implementation will need to visit a special interior or to study the technique how to increase penis size on their own.