How to increase male penis – all the ways

Despite the proven fact that size does not affect the degree of satisfaction of women during intimacy, and many men secretly and aloud dream of being a member of a larger length. Looking to increase penis size medicine offers a wide variety of ways from the use of ointments to surgery. Let's look at all ways to increase read more.

how to increase male penis

Hardware method

When a hardware method using the filler tool that serves not only to increase the length, but also diameter of penis. It also serves as a straightening member, giving it the desired shape.

Thanks to the procedure the member is increased by 3-4 cm long, the volume is added 1-2 cm Main task is painless stretching of the penis tissues, which leads to accelerated cell growth. Wear the device for several hours every day. The undeniable advantage is the result that remains forever.

Extenders are divided into three types:

  • Waist;
  • Hinge;
  • Vacuum.

To determine the appropriate model men need to consult with a doctor and also familiarize yourself with all the nuances of using. When wearing the device you may not worry about appearance, the filler is not noticeable under clothes, does not cause discomfort.


With the help of simple surgical procedures to increase male member quickly and with a guarantee, but rehabilitation was long, difficult and painful.

Surgery adds the following parameters: the length is increased by 6-8 cm, diameter 0.7 cm

That's the essence of the procedure. The penis consists of the corpora cavernosa multiple serving containers for filling with the blood that lead member in praesent position. One third of the entire length of the fixed calf skin, ligament.

During surgery, the suspensory ligament is cut, which gives the possibility of penis enlargement in length.

how to increase male penis ways


Thanks to the exercise member not only stretched in length, but thickens.

Exercises of a member are made from a quarter of an hour to half an hour. The most appropriate time of day for treatments – evening or morning. Before the start of classes on the warm up, warm up, and at the end of the procedure is performed with a relaxing massage, which restores and improves the function of blood vessels.

Performed safety, any exercise is terminated immediately if there is a feeling of discomfort, of pain. The transition from initial, simple and short exercises, heavy loads and increase the longevity should be smooth. Before beginning the exercises, you consult a doctor.


Kegel exercises increases the length of the penis. Member is treated with grease or cream, the man carries out a translational vertical motion, speed boosts, inserting the body in a state of forced erection with two fingers, before the onset of erection base of the penis clamp.


Jelqing (translated as "milking") – varieties of pull movements combined in one complex. Member is in a relaxed or excited state, the man with hands actively diverts on, pressing and stretching the head. The penis is stretched to its maximum length without the feeling of pain, is kept in this state for about 15 seconds. Body is released, repeat the procedure. The man repeats the exercise until the five minutes.


Stretching called the actions which are performed on a flaccid penis that is in a calm state. Body slowly stretch approaches for 15 seconds. Repeating not more than 10 times. Use different types of stretch marks: stretch double, internal, pendulum, the buttocks, the pubis, turns and more.

how to increase male member recipes


Massage of the member can increase his at home without cost enjoying. Method pros: improves potency, increases the size.

Before you start the massage action, the body warm, using a soft wet towel with warm herbal teas. Towel applied to the surface of the member, making the cavernous tissue pliable, ready to external impact. The method is carried out as in relaxed and excited body. For better effect, use cosmetics that increase the reproductive organ.

Traditional medicine

Men who are interested in whether you can increase the member, using the recipes of traditional medicine, will be upset, because it's impossible. Herbal improve potency, but the penis size increase can not.

The main components of healing fees:

  • Ginko biloba;
  • Hawthorn;
  • Ginseng.

Despite the fact that to increase the member of the people's ways, tips popular. The man, wishing to improve the potency, reviewing the diet using instead of tea drink a decoction of thyme, and eat more parsley and cilantro.

Vacuum pumps

The vacuum pump is a device that increases blood flow in the penis by creating pressure around the penis. Improves potency, increases the penis, adds to the elasticity of the penis if necessary, at the time of intercourse. In the cylinder of the device is injected treated with special cosmetic penis, create a vacuum, getting rid of the air inside the flask.

Enhanced blood flow increases penis in length and width, without causing discomfort, pain.

Pressure adjustment is made by means of the built-in device of the pressure gauge. Used only before intercourse to improve, prolong erection, to add a couple of inches, providing your partner an unforgettable experience for the next few hours.

Ointments, gels, sprays

The use of cosmetic products to increase penis size only makes sense as an additional tool. The cost of such equipment is usually too high, and efficiency low. If you believe the advertising, then after applying the spray, cream or gel, the length increases by 5 inches. Perhaps someone helped money, but in most cases this tale.

There are three types of cosmetics:

  • Short-term effects;
  • Subsidiary;
  • Long.
how to increase a man's penis head

Drugs for the short term intended for time sex characteristic warming agents in the composition, which improves blood flow inside the penis that increases on 0.5-1 cm increased not only the length, width, and the head of the penis.

Adjuvant enhances the erection, duration of sexual intercourse. As for the products for long lasting impact, gels, ointments etc do not provide the long-awaited result on their own. Used in conjunction with massage, exercises to stretch.

Cosmetics help to improve the condition of the penis, erection, accelerate and increase blood circulation. Contain mineral components, polysaccharides, elements of tannins, amino acids and essential oils.

Nozzle member

Quality nozzle member saves time, money, enhances erection, adds body thickness a couple of inches, length from 3 to 10 cm are Divided into two categories: open and closed, the second is very popular. When choosing the material better stay on the soft and supple latex, silicone, which resembles the skin. Prolongs the sexual act by reducing the sensitivity of the penis, adds to the intimate variety.