The penis enlargement at home: review the popular ways

The man is arranged so that during the life of the regular change in the search for ideal beauty and self-esteem. Girls and women lose weight, get fat, curl and straighten your hair, cut them, and build up, visit beauty salons and go under the surgeon's scalpel. And men do not shy away from such treatments, but in severe this world, there is another concern. A lot of trouble delivers a small penis size. Therefore, owners of more than modest advantages overcome thoughts: to do the surgery, use pills or make a penis enlargement at home? Strange, but that last option is quite affordable and effective. Ways to grow penis without going under the surgeon's knife, there, the main thing is to use the methods and not harm your health, so first you need to figure out whether you need to experiment on yourself at home.

how to make dick bigger at home

Or is the normal size of a member

In fact, strictly observed, in principle, can not exist. It is considered that the member of length less than 8 cm — a deviation from the norm. Like it or not, that's up to the man. Because in real life everything depends on the opinion of the owner of such a body and preferences the second half. Moreover, doctors have long debunked the myth that only huge Dildo can satisfy a woman. It is proved that the dimensions of the penis does not affect it.

If the desire is to take the measurements from your "friend" still there, then it should be done correctly. The penis must be maximally excited, and the ambient air temperature is below room. Measurements are made from the pubis to the glans along the back of the member that is held at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the body. Circumference better to define a soft line.

For centuries men took the sexual organs with the purpose to capture optimal data. In fact, it turns out that these settings are individual and due to heredity. But officially registered indicators exist. Today we know:

  1. Micro members, up to 8 cm — owns just 1% of men.
  2. Little friends — 8-12 cm is detected in 2%.
  3. A normal on — 12 cm — 55% of men.
  4. Skittles more than 15 cm refer to the size of above average.
  5. A phallus with a length of 20 cm or more are considered large.

The men, who after measuring it seemed that the sexual organ is too small, should read this article and decide whether it is necessary to double the size of the penis at home?

Ways to increase on

Centuries-old search gave modern men dozens of techniques and recipes to achieve the ideal that do not require special skills and the help of doctors. Cost any home method is just as much the owner of a modest penis will spend on additional devices or supplements.


The most carefully increase the member in the home special physical activities. Of these two ways:

  1. Before the gym you should warm up the penis with warm bag of cereal, putting the body in turn from all sides. Then you need to bring dignity to incomplete erection, tightly clasp the fingers at the bottom and start a slow upward movement like a pulling member. Do not touch the head. It is recommended to start genital exercises with 20 repetitions daily increasing momentum to two hundred times. In achieving a strong erection should suspend classes, and after weakening to continue.
  2. The second exercise is performed with the whole palm. The grasping member and is compressed for about 10 seconds. If the body protrudes above the hand, it is necessary to do the exercise with two hands. During compression (strong, but without pain) penis, you can pull left, right, up and down.

The reviews on the forums, contain information that such "training" at home help to enlarge the penis up to two inches for the month.


methods of penis enlargement

This technique of "growing" a member is considered to be very ancient. According to some, the technique was used by the Indians and Africans. Is jelking in the Commission of specific massage movements, which resemble the milking. This therapy is very popular and has established itself only on the positive side.

The method will bring success in strict compliance with the rules and use lubrication. It is not recommended to use the means at hand type soap or shampoo. "Milking" is performed by the erect state of the penis is not more than 75%. The technique is to commit a set of movements aimed at lengthening and thickening cock. The purpose of jelqing is increased blood circulation in the body, filling the cavernous bodies, due to which there is a growth of the penis. Monthly training will significantly increase the size of the cells, and, accordingly, during sexual intercourse they have to do more than blood, and the member will become larger.


Quite effective home method that allows to achieve strengthening of inflow of blood into the penis. First warmed up on a warm compress. Contrast exercise and jelqing — does not matter, excited member or not, the movement should be similar to Masturbation, but slow and with a strong grip.


Popular device among men, allows you to "grow" in length and width and level of sexual dignity in the home.

By construction, the extenders are in the form of a loop, vacuum and belt. The first is the most affordable, but less convenient to use compared to other types of devices. We recommend that you increase the member using the extender for several hours a day. Choose the type of machine you need based on personal preferences.

Suspension of goods

Quite dangerous for home use, but the old and often used technique. The effect is achieved due to the impact on the cavernous body weight, which contributes to the extension of dignity. The thickness of these exercises have no effect.

The procedure is as follows:

  • the penis is warmed up by massage;
  • before you head with a band-aid is glued lace;
  • clinging to the rope load.

The first attempt to keep the weight should not exceed 15 minutes, then the procedure can be "heavier" and increase their time. Under the influence of the load must not numb the head of your cock. If this happens, decrease the weight.

The use of the pump

Principle of operation — impact, low-pressure body placed in the device. In the penis begins comes and weakly does the blood. The device is quite popular among those consumers who want to increase the thickness of the penis.

Before using any special device, it is better to watch a video in which detailed rules of application.


It would seem, well what does sodium bicarbonate have to do with the on men? The most direct. Apply this product at home in several ways:

  • massage;
  • scrub;
  • soda baths;
  • compress.

These old folk remedies for penis enlargement increase blood flow to the penis and anti-inflammatory and disinfectant action. According to the users already after a few treatments the penis increases significantly.

Dietary supplements for potency

Today there are various drugs, which quickly achieved the desired result in increasing the male reproductive organ. This creams, balms, gels, sprays, which, depending on the purposes can be short-term, long-term and minor.

"Fast" shall be applied directly before sexual activity and affect the penis up to 2 hours. Long drugs are used in strict accordance with the instructions on the scheme. "Helpers" are applied together with other techniques to increase penis and increase potency, including at home. Their objective is to expand blood vessels and increase blood flow to the organ.

In addition, men have herbs, pills and hormones, trying to quickly change the size of its "big brother".

How to get the best result?

The result of the foregoing is to increase the male organ in the home possible. If the effect was not enough, it is best to consult the help of medicine and transplant muscle tissue. The method is complicated and expensive, because after the surgery will have to go through rehabilitation and to decide on such a step is possible, perhaps, only in a critical situation.


Techniques and home methods of penis enlargement without surgical scalpel abound. If there are serious intentions can only choose the most convenient for yourself free method or use of special devices in the home, and you can simply use a single nozzle or injections. Of course, to "grow" the dignity to giant size are unlikely, but to build confidence in their abilities and to please the woman he loves just happens. But exercise and massage are useful for normal work of the penis and preserve an erection for decades to come.