The truth about surgery to increase manhood

Ligamentum – genital plastic surgery to increase penis in length, which terminated the upper supporting ligament (Ligamentun suspensorium, or ligament) and released a hidden part of the corpora cavernosa plays an Important role rehabilitation period - in itself, the intervention is ineffective without subsequent wearing stretching device (extender, grabatum). To achieve a significant result after ligamentum'll need quite a lot of time and patience.

surgery to increase the member


The aesthetic orientation of the Ligamentum acquired not so long ago. Such operations were previously performed as an extra in the treatment of various anatomical abnormalities of the penis. Today ligamentum appeal apparently healthy men dissatisfied with the size of his sexual organ. In the official medicine this condition is known as "penile dysmorphophobia," and in informal "locker room syndrome". This means a man is ashamed to undress in front of other because of the appearance of his dick, gets away from the ground, can not enter into a full sexual relationship. But some and at a perfectly normal penis and wish to increase it to improve their sexual life, raise self-esteem.

In addition to the reasons for the aesthetic nature of the testimony to the ligamentum are the following pathology:

  • Epispadia (cleft wall of the urethra);
  • Hypospadias (anatomically incorrect position of the urethra);
  • Cavernous fibrosis and the effects of trauma member;
  • Peyronie's disease (acquired deformation of the member);
  • Concealed ("buried", "buried") penis – an anatomical anomaly in which the member is deprived of the outer cover, which is hidden in the subcutaneous fat and the skin of the scrotum;
  • Webbed penis (connected with scrotum skin bridge, which interferes with erections);
  • Micropenis (less than 12 cm in erect state).
Aesthetic reasons are taken into account, provided that the patient is mentally healthy and has sufficient experience of sexuality is so fully aware of what he wants from operation.

Contraindications include mechanical damage in the operated region, skin and urological pathology, little coronal sulcus (will not be able to fix the filler). If the member in erection of more than 18 cm, the doctors are not recommended ligamentum – the result in this case will likely not meet expectations.

The operation and results

Previously the patient undergoing urological examination, passes all the necessary tests. Immediately prior to the intervention the operating area is shaved and disinfected. For anesthesia used General or epidural (local anesthesia in which the anesthetic is injected into the epidural space of the spine using a catheter) anesthesia.

ligamentum can be scrotal or suprapubic access. The first method is technically easier for the doctor but for the patient traumatica, so most clinics will offer a second option. The seam will become invisible after a month, sex life to live after the discomfort will disappear.

the operation aimed at penis enlargement result

Stages ligamentum (percutaneous access):

  1. Member rises up exactly at the seam of the scrotum is cut open and parted the fabric.
  2. Assistant holds incision open with retractors.
  3. The index finger of the physician penetrates into the interior of the scrotum, getting to the periosteum of the symphysis.
  4. Of the surrounding tissue is released in layers and stops the bundle.
  5. The member stretched, is fixed in the new position.
  6. The wound is disinfected and sutured. On the day there is still drainage.

The result of the operation will open the angle between the concealed part of the penis and the womb – ligament no longer holds the penis inside. It stands out that gives you the opportunity to continue to freely stretch the corpora cavernosa. Ligamentum allows you to mobilize from 3 to 6 cm hidden shaft. The result will be visible immediately (extension is most noticeable in the abduction member to the pubis at a right angle). The next day the patient can note the increase in length of 1-1,5 see Further growth occurs due to mechanical stretching through exercises and wearing the device.

The end result depends on the individual patient:

  • The size of the hidden part of the corpora cavernosa (which eventually is released);
  • The elasticity of vessels of a member;
  • The elongation of the nerves and urethra.
To more accurately predict the result of the ligamentum possible using MRI. This study is not included in the set of mandatory, but highly recommended by some doctors.


The operation lasts only 30 minutes, the following long-term hospitalization is not required. Patient leave for 1-2 days for recovery from anesthesia and recovery of physiological functions.

Rehabilitation after ligamentum is not less important step than the actual surgery. Almost immediately the patient is required to begin the traction member by means of special devices. Procedures will take 2 to 4 hours a day and will last at least 3 months (most required six months).

Doctors disagree about which device is better to use: filler or grabatum. Most competent professionals in favour of the latter. The reason is the following: the design of the extender implies the support ring, which rests on the pubis and in fact pressed inside of the penis back to the heart. This means almost a complete leveling of the results of the ligamentum. Use the filler is advantageously a month after surgery.

grabatum pull member with an elastic strap. The result is a long scar, which actually is an extension cords. Outdoor in the course of the ligamentum pubis spuma angle will be gradually filled by connective tissue. When sufficient length of the scar member at the same location will not return that will provide long-lasting and noticeable results. As a compromise, the doctors offer a combined apparatus Peni Master Pro Complete Set, which combines both devices.

In some clinics in the void spuma pubis angle offered to fill adipem iniectio requirit. However, most experts take this negatively: in this tissue lacks the blood supply, which can cause suppuration.

In the rehabilitation period after ligamentum (about a month), doctors recommend to do with the pump for an erection to smear a member of the gel with dihydrotestosterone. It contained the body stronger and healthier of testosterone. To take the latter with the purpose of penis enlargement absolutely impractical.

The result

the operation aimed at penis enlargement reviews

With regard to the increase of the length of a member after the ligamentum, the rave reviews quite a bit. Many men claim that this operation for the hasty and lazy – the same result can be achieved by exercises traction without the risk of serious consequences and loss of money.

The results of a survey of men who suffered ligamentum:

  1. The result is noticeable immediately after surgery, the increase in a member was about 1-2 cm and 30%.
  2. The increase in length occurred only during the following exercises for stretching – 5,56%.
  3. The operation was useless – 64,44%.

Some men complain of complications. For example, bleeding (time of intervention sometimes lasts 1.5 hours). Could lead to a massive hematoma, which will literally hide and testicles and pubis. This means that the retractor cannot be used at least during the week – it means loss of precious time. Is sometimes lost the sensitivity of the member, the recovery takes about 2 months. Such often occurs due to the negligence of doctors who did not pay attention to variations in the coagulum of the patient's blood and other test results, inaccurate had the operation.

Some men Ligamentum does not increase at all, and sometimes even reduces the penis in erect state for 1-1,5 cm. Often this increases the girth of the trunk and head. Sometimes there is a curvature of the penis, dull pain (can stretch marks hurt after surgery).

The most severe option complications – necrosis of the penis. In the end, waiting for the painful treatments and a very long recovery.

Alternative ways of extending

Ligamentum is not the only surgical method of increasing the length of the member. There are also alternative ways.


The essence of the operation is to create in the pubic region (above the root of the penis) constricting skin defect. First incision is made in the form of the letter V, which is sutured to the Y. during the operation dissect sling and supports the ligaments. As a result, the member becomes more visually due to the elevation of the scrotum.

Possible complications in the form of pus, the formation of rough scars and folds. The latter may occur in the long term.

Method Perovic

Method is named after its sponsor, Professor Sava V. Perovic. During the operation, the penis literally was divided into parts: the head falls from the thicker corpora cavernosa, spongy tissue, mobilized neurovascular bundle. Then, in the space formed between the head and the porous bodies are made of particles of cartilage or synthetic materials. As a result of stretching of the nerves and spongy bodies increases length of a member by 2.5-5 cm.

With regard to complications, after, perhaps, the formation of scar tissue, too high mobility of the head (granulepos). Implanted cartilage gradually dissolve, so the original result will deteriorate. Synthetic implants may not settle down.

surgery to increase member rehabilitation

Operation SALEWA

The essence of the operation consists in introducing in the corpora cavernosa of implants of greater length than the sheath allows dapibus. To stretch on it a few cuts. Under normal in penile prosthesis is provided only by the hardness of the member, and the operation SALEWA is lengthening by about 2 cm implants occur through a circular incision 10 mm from the coronal groove.

For installation apply a prosthesis of greater length but smaller diameter. Thus their surface is covered with cavernous tissue, which greatly accelerates healing.


Ligamentum is not classified as complex operations, so it is a good source of income for many hospitals. But the optimal result is achieved only by professional surgeons who almost intuitively figure the allowable area of dissection and stretching of the tissues. Mistakes and carelessness are rich not only with no increase in length of a member but also impotence and even loss of the organ. It is important to choose a doctor with positive reviews, which typically are not written on the websites of clinics, and in specialized forums. Ligamentum, as with any surgery, is a strong stress to the body. Make the decision on its carrying out should be only in case if conservative methods have been tried, but to no avail.