Can I increase the member

Can I increase the member, bypassing all the nasty consequences? Pressing question of all men on Earth! So is there a magical way that will allow you to really increase your penis size quickly as possible to avoid the problems with health (how much will have to spend effort)? Let's try to understand in detail.

penis enlargement.

"Mightier than the sword"

If penis enlargement side effects can be both positive and negative connotation. Clearly positive is the one trying to achieve using the cream at home, it is the increase in size of the genitals. Negative effects at the same the use of the cream can vary from dryness to severe irritation and appearance of rashes.

So as to enlarge penis and what methods can it be done?

The options are:

  1. With the help of the extender.
  2. Different options for creams.
  3. The hydropump.
  4. The vacuum pump.
  5. A manual technique.
  6. Tablets (other forms of drugs).
  7. With the help of surgery.
  8. Massage (in t.. h. at home).
  9. Suspension of the cargo.
  10. Tips on penis.

According to the manufacturer, with all these intimate means you can increase the penis up to 5 cm In my wildest commercials, this figure tends to infinity. But what is true and what really is to fear man, and what the downsides are to be expected, but what you can "earn" blind?

Important. Experts believe that to really increase the length and width of the penis by surgery. All the other ways nothing more than a ploy of the manufacturers of special means of the notorious placebo effect.

Parsing "brick by brick"

To answer the question about the possibility of penis enlargement, you need to go on the most important issues that concern men.

Myths and facts:

-When it begins to grow a penis?

10-12 years of age, initially he increases the size in length and then in volume.

-The size of the penis in a calm state that normal?

From 5 to 12 cm, but in stressful situations, and cold it may be reduced.

-Is it possible to increase penis with the help of ointments, tablets, creams etc.?

No facts, confirmed by experts, that when you use a cream, pump, penis extender at home grew to large sizes.

How do you increase penis?

With the help of a very unpleasant operation, which with a few cuts shall be made outside the hidden part of the penis. During the next 6 months. you will need to wear the extender.

-The size of penis decrease with age?

So, gradually the reproductive organ is reduced.

-A man's weight and the length of his penis interrelated?

The higher a man's weight and bigger dimensions in the waist and hips, the smaller the penis.

-Increase vacuum pump home really?

If successful, increase the "new size" may not last more than a day. However, when using a pump a lot of cons: breaks vessels in the penis, bruising or deformity of the penis.

-How effective are the exercises?

Because the penis is composed of muscle tissue and the corpora cavernosa, any exercise will increase its size.

how to increase the member

Thus, the majority of experts are unanimous in their opinion: enlargement of the penis a few inches is almost impossible, especially at home. The size is given by nature, and in most cases increase the member want the ones that have the penis according to statistics in the norm.

Negative result

Despite the fact that doctors advise to increase the size of a member only if he is unable to perform normal physiological functions (urination), followers of the dubious ways of increasing variety. What "surprises" await those who dare to use one or another popular method?

Consider in more detail:

  1. Filler. More complaints when using the extender with the silicone noose. When fixing the head of the penis often due to low elasticity-compression heads and stop circulation. May damage the blood vessels, the appearance of the nodes, the appearance of red-brown heavy tanks.
  2. Ointments, creams. There are many such tools that are recommended for penis enlargement. Use them at home, causing the penis at different times and at different times. Often an allergic reaction to components of the product, so need to be chosen carefully.
  3. Hydraulic pump (pump). Use can cause bruising or abscesses, bruises on the body member. When using hydro pumps at home very few people manage to avoid them.
  4. Massage. When excess pressure on the member and overtraining can be observed bruises, improper movement can damage the penis.
  5. Pills. Supplements are few side-effects but it works almost always with a couple of extender or pump. Hormones to increase penis, appoint a doctor, self-administration of their home can cause a lot of trouble, the most "harmless" would be nausea, allergies and poisoning. All other funds tangible results do not bring, but a lot of minuses.
  6. Massage size practically does not apply, the member cannot "grow" a few inches only from the characteristic movements. But improper manipulation can damage the penis.
  7. Suspension of goods. How can you increase the member using weights and how much will be the increase? Currently, this method practically does not take as high a risk of trauma.
  8. Tips on penis. Can really enlarge the penis, and the skillful carrying of nozzles have the least side effects.

The real way to increase the member remains surgery. However, the doctors themselves say about this that if they knew a safe and effective way to increase the size, have become billionaires.


The desire to increase the size of your penis indefinitely can leave bruises, scars, discoloration, irregularities, pain during erection or dysfunction of plus – desolate pockets. As far as 1-2 inches of growth (which is what the real figures) are worth it, remains in question. But while the world will be the cult of the "great friend" and advertisers will cherish this postulate in the minds of men will try different ways, despite the probable negative results, no matter what the cost.