How to increase penis and potency

Each exercise has its own level of intensity and load, which must be taken into account. The transition to a more sophisticated level should happen gradually and smoothly.

how to increase the member

The main good result of the procedures depend on the following:

  • cleanliness of the penis and magnifying devices;
  • posture;
  • compliance with the time interval;
  • time of the day;
  • the presence of grease;
  • pre-warming;
  • no pain;
  • caution.

The aforementioned characteristics allow to achieve the desired dreams to increase penis.

All groups of exercises can be divided into:

  • stretch;
  • vascular;
  • auxiliary.

Types of seizures depends on type of exercise:

  • ring;
  • full capture;
  • scissors;
  • the wings etc.

Exercises to raise potency

  1. Standing with a straight back is necessary alternately to raise high the knees to the stomach.
  2. Standing on bent legs to stretch and relax the gluteal muscles and muscles of the perineum in the process of bending knees.
  3. To raise the pelvis, while in the supine position.

Exercises to increase penis length

"Kegel" (involuntary erection)

Treating the penis with a cream or grease is required by translational vertical movements and a gradual increase of speed with two fingers to bring it into erection, before which you need to pinch the base of the penis.

"Jelking" (pulling movements and their varieties)

Active pulling of the penis in normal and flaccid state is due to the stretching of the head. Maximally stretched penis need to keep to 15 seconds. Letting go, repeat the exercise. The number of these "milkings" five minutes should reach 100 times.


You need to slowly stretch the penis relaxed for 15 seconds 10 times. This stretch should be done in different locations: the buttocks, the pubis, turns 360, the pendulum, internal stretch, double stretch, V-stretch, A-stretch, etc.

Exercises to increase thickness of penis

Exercises that are designed to thicken the penis, also have several levels of severity and are divided into the following types:

  • compression;
  • jelking;
  • Uli and its variants;
  • curves;
  • cycles.

Each exercise should begin with warm-up and warm-up and end with a massage designed to relax the penis and to restore the operation of vessels. Must meet safety, and at the slightest feeling of pain, it is better to finish the exercise to avoid injuries and long-term loads. After a workout, definitely need to give your penis to rest and recover.

Also increase the penis with a special weight of the device which must be worn for up to eight hours a day. However, such methods are more painful and uncomfortable.

methods of penis enlargement

Performing these simple exercises every day, you can achieve amazing results: an increase in the size of the penis, correcting visible defects on it, improved potency and more.Dr. In addition to all the above, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. It means: to give up bad habits, eat a healthy diet, not SuperCool, engage in sufficient physical activity, minimize test for immunity to the disease. All of this will be another indicator of good mood and confidence.

List of ways to penis enlargement at home

Almost every third man secretly wishes to increase the penis, although such a drastic step are solved not all. Today, specialists have developed and offer a variety of techniques to increase the penis men, but the highest rates of effectiveness are still in the method of surgery. The operation has a number of disadvantages — high cost and availability risks.

Based on this, many men prefer to look for ways to increase member at home in various sources and the Internet. The main reasons for the desire to increase the member, are dissatisfaction with the sexual partner, and psychological problems of men. But before looking for such ways, you should be familiar with the generally accepted standards of size, without the influence of unfounded stereotypes and patterns.

Generally, whether probably to increase a member?

The first question that occurs to many men, or even is it possible to increase penis size without surgery.

But before you begin to answer this question, you should accurately determine your own dimensions, to compare them with the physiological norms in order to assess the feasibility of increase of a member.

At the moment, modern medicine and human knowledge, suggest a few ways you can actually enlarge the penis. Namely:

  • surgery, costly and very risky step;
  • the filler, that is a specialized device for lengthening of a member;
  • pump with vacuum method of stretching the tissues of the penis;
  • creams and sprays for your home increase with a temporary effect;
  • Masturbation and massage that warm up and stretch tissue of the penis.

To achieve great results at home and quickly attempts to increase the member, you can apply to several methods. Combined approach in this case will only play into the hand of the man in his aspirations and desires.

How to make dick bigger at home without surgery?

Despite the obvious skepticism about how you can increase the member at home, most of the ardent skeptics still trying to experience the techniques for yourself. It is only a personal experience may be accurate evidence, there are such forces or are still in divorce. The main rule for achieving results — systematic execution strictly according to the recommendations.


Experts have developed special exercises, regular performance of which leads to heating and stretching of the tissues of the penis, and hence can increase Asmar member at home.

  • First, the skin of the penis need to be warmed up for greater tissue elasticity. Woven bag put heated in a pan salt, then it is applied to the other.
  • Next you need to achieve the state of erection, but to suspend sexual arousal halfway. This man would require a special lubricant.
  • Next, two fingers is a ring that connects the base of the penis. Squeezing a tight ring, it is done to the head, as if trying to stretch the length of the penis.
  • During the exercise, touch the head is not necessary. First, spend about 40 striae, gradually increasing them up to 200 times.

This exercise penis enlargement technique called Jelking or double vision. As a result, the tissue of the penis warmed up, and therefore be pliable to stretching.


There is another method as painlessly as possible and free increase penis size at home. In addition to size, significantly increases the potency of men. Massage before exercise, first warm the skin using a lubricant. But the most effective is a soft towel and herbal decoction for steam baths. A towel moistened in hot broth, after which it is put for a couple of minutes to the penis.

Further, the massage is performed two ways — massage in a relaxed state and during erection. However, both techniques involve the stretching of tissue. With hands penis, needs a bit of lead in the active state, and then clasping his as if to pull away from myself, down and up. In addition, the penis can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise alternately.

Special tools

In addition, to increase growth of a member in the home is possible by means of special devices. The modern market offers a variety of goods for such purposes, but the most effective are the vacuum pump and hydro pump, and filler.

Vacuum pump — a device for increasing blood circulation and stretching of tissues of the penis, improve the elasticity of blood vessels and potency. This fixture includes a special pump, flask, which together operate on the principle of negative pressure. After this member the cavernous bodies stretch and expand under the rush of blood the penis becomes larger.


  • first, air is evacuated, with the result that under the influence of negative pressure to the penis the blood flows;
  • every day apply a fixture from 5 to 20 minutes;
  • during class you may feel a slight discomfort.

If the use of the vacuum pump causes the pain, such lessons have to stop or mitigate the impact. If in parallel with the pump to apply special creams for penis enlargement, the result will not keep itself waiting.

Hydro pump is a copy of the vacuum pump, but the pressure in this case creates a fluid. In addition, such a pump has a mild effect, preventing injuries of the penis.


  • in the bathroom are gaining warm water to the level covered the man by the belt;
  • in warm water to soak for 5-10 minutes to warm the genitals;
  • further, the pump is immersed under the water, then you need to enter member;
  • to place the pump evenly around the member, supporting the scrotum before you create a vacuum effect;
  • with the help of the device creates a vacuum, and then a man needs to relax;
  • to vacuum not relax, you can do a few pumping movements.

With the help of such device you can increase the length of your penis by improving the elasticity and firmness of tissues and blood vessels. In addition, through such training can prevent and even fix erectile dysfunction.

Extender — orthopaedic apparatus, which is used at home penis enlargement. This arrangement ensures several positive changes:

  • the ability to increase the thickness of the member and its length;
  • the enhancement of hardness and strength of the penis during erection;
  • increase the duration of sexual intercourse by up to 60%;
  • the improved anatomical shape member;
  • the results are stored until the end of life.

Application rules require the wearing of the extender slowly at first, until the penis will be accustomed to such loads. On average, you should wear it from 4 to 6 hours, adjusting the length of the rods so that the man felt no pain and only slight discomfort. If was caused by strong pain, wearing the fixture postponed for some time.

Sprays and gels

With the help of certain pharmaceuticals can be increased, the head of the penis and its size, if correctly to pick up a particular drug. Every day the industry produces more funds for the growth of the penis. But it should be remembered that such funds typically involve only a temporary effect until they are applied to the skin of the genital organs for the purpose.

The most effective means for penis growth are those in which the active substance acts as ginger, ginseng, glycine or arginine. Usually, we are talking about special lubricants, creams and gels, which are applied shortly before sexual intercourse. After that ingredients are absorbed into the blood, increasing blood circulation and warming up the tissue of the penis. The effect is maintained for about 3 hours.

How important is size?

According to statistics, the penis size is much more important for the men, while women do not appreciate the dimensions, and the ability to use it. From the point of view of anatomy and physiology, science has confirmed time and again that the normal male penis should have a length of 12-18 cm And not the last role here is played by the increase in his weight class, body type and race.

Not always a large penis is the pride of men. As shown, a large penis can bring a woman during intercourse is not pleasure, but rather pain and discomfort. And stereotypes about what a big manhood is a matter of pride and a sign of courage long ago dispelled.


Before turning to methods of penis enlargement for yourself, you should consult with a specialist in such matters. Most often the desire to penis enlargement are groundless, there are times when they can cause harm. For example, special creams and gels for the growth of a member can assume the presence of contraindications that are important to consider before buying.

Exercise, massage and application of special devices can cause injury to your penis if you apply such techniques, deviating from the recommendations. Each technique should begin with small, gradually increasing the duration and intensity of application. And of course, don't forget to moisturize the skin of the penis, to warm up the tissue before procedures.

Sometimes it is enough just to strengthen the erection

To increase a man's penis, sometimes men just need to reach maximum erection. Because of negative factors or cause sexual dysfunctions, small penis can be the consequence of a sluggish and not strong enough erection. Therefore, experts advise men to resort to methods of penis enhancement and restoration of erection through Masturbation.

The penis is first applied moisturizer (the cream for the growth of the male penis), then you can perform a stroking motion with his hands. If a member will increase under the influence of an erection, you need to perform upward and downward motion, as if pulling the skin of the penis. You can also slightly squeeze the penis near the glans, that will only increase congestion.

Folk remedies

Traditional medicine does not involve any special recipes, and tools through which you can increase the size of the penis. But she has in the Arsenal of such funds, with which you can improve erectile function and potency. For this you may use special herbs aphrodisiacs — ginseng, gingko biloba, thyme, or hawthorn.

penis enlargement.

Useful to improve the quality of sexual intercourse will be the infusion of wild oat tincture on the garlic, and the herb pulmonaria officinalis. Well, the main favorite folk remedies for genitalia men is the honey and walnut.