Vitamins for men to improve the potency

A healthy person can have sex life throughout life. The ability to commit a sexual act called impotence. This word is translated from Latin as "opportunity". In a broader sense the criteria are potency tension of the penis, duration of intercourse, of normal libido. Reduced potency hurts the male conceit and reflects on his relationship with the opposite sex.

Causes of low male libido

On sexual performance of men is greatly affected by his lifestyle, diet, heredity and ecology. And if one of these items will "fail", can appear sexual dysfunction, loss of erection, impotence. To solve the problem of weakened potency is possible with the help of vitamins for men. But there are vitamins to improve the potency and how to choose them correctly?

Causes of low male libido

Weakening of libido can be temporary or permanent. Lead to loss of male power can the following factors:

  • Improper diet with a predominance of fats and carbohydrates
  • Bad habits: Smoking, alcohol, drugs,
  • Bad ecology,
  • Heredity,
  • Long abstinence,
  • Stress,
  • Suspiciousness,
  • A sedentary lifestyle,
  • Disease.

<and>a Temporary decline in sexual activity occurs due to fatigue or stress, and here come to the fore psychological factors.</and> Persistent problems with potency - the problem is more serious and requires diagnosis and treatment. Reduced sexual activity may appear as boys, and adult men. But they are most often experienced by men over 60.

Vitamins to improve potency

<>We are what we eat.</and> did you ever get over this expression? Our body is a complex structure, and if she rolled out of at least one element that suffers from this whole system. The lack of vitamins and minerals affects the health of the internal organs, appearance and mood. Sexual health of a man and his ability to conceive a healthy child also depends on how and what he eats.


What vitamins are necessary to improve potency men?

  • <>Vitamin C</and> helps to strengthen the immune system and has a beneficial effect on blood vessels: making them more elastic and strong, reduces vascular permeability. A sufficient amount of vitamin C in the body is important for the blood filling tissues of the penis. Ascorbic acid performs a barrier function, preventing the penetration into the body of pathogenic bacteria and infections.
  • <and>Vitamin D</and> is responsible for the production of the male hormone testosterone, which is responsible for the male attractiveness and potency. Vitamin D deficiency, which is often observed in the winter months, may impair erection.
  • <>vitamin a</and> improves reproductive function in men, increases the potency and improves the immune system.
  • Of particular importance are the vitamins <and>group</>, especially<and> B6 and B12</>. They are responsible for normal functioning of the nervous system that are involved in the production of the male organ and improve the erection.
  • <and>Vitamin E</> is responsible for cell regeneration and for normal circulation in the penis. It lowers capillary permeability and improves the condition of blood vessels.

For the smooth operation of all systems and proper absorption of vitamins the body needs minerals. The most essential for men zinc and selenium. Zinc is an essential component in the production of testosterone. In case of deficit, a decrease in sexual desire and erection deterioration. Selenium deficiency adversely affects sperm quality and can be a cause of male infertility.

When to take vitamin and mineral supplements?

<and>a Poor and monotonous diet leads to beriberi and reduce male libido.</and> Therefore replenish help vitamins tailored to men's physiology. Indications for their reception there, when a man has difficulties with achieving a proper erection when there is premature ejaculation or reduced sexual desire.

<and>Vitamins are necessary for men, women and young children in autumn and winter.</and> they can be Taken preventively. Some vitamin complexes designed specifically for men who plan to conceive a healthy child. Before planning pregnancy you need to walk responsibly not only woman but also man. Because of his physical condition on 50% depends on the health of the unborn person.

After 40 years, metabolic processes in the male body slow down, so during this period it is important to satisfy the body's need for vitamins and minerals. It is scientifically proven that men who lead an active lifestyle and watching your diet, number of chronic diseases and problems with a potency significantly less than their peers, start up business to chance.

Who should not use vitamins?

<>Vitamin complexes if used improperly, can harm the health of no less than the medication.</and> Therefore, before buying and taking any medication should read the instructions. With caution should take vitamins people who are prone to allergies. Vitamin E in excess is dangerous when cardiosclerosis and other heart diseases.

Drugs whose action is based on the expansion of blood vessels and capillaries, it is not recommended for cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. Some vitamins can harm men with diseases of the liver, kidneys and stomach. Taking vitamins, do not forget about the dosage. Good should be in moderation.