Vacuum pump how to use

Vacuum pump for penis is not just the intimate toy that allows You to make the penis bigger and thicker. It is also a subject that can help improve the quality of your intimate life, to help align the penis in the curvature, to get rid of premature ejaculation... but the vacuum pump should be able to properly use it, and only in this case You will achieve a good result which will stay with You forever!

How to use vacuum pumps for penis enlargement.

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The first thing You should know – before you use any kind of pump, the penis must be relaxed, in an unexcited condition, and preferably heated. For this You can either take a warm shower (bath) for several minutes or to warm up the penis by yourself using massage movements. But keep in mind that the process of warming up the penis should not be turned into Masturbation. To warm up the penis apply on a member of a lubricant and massage movements from the base to the head rubbed the lubricant, lightly pulling member in different directions, if I get to the head.

We're often asked whether it is necessary to warm up the penis and warming cream, for example, such as we use for back pain. Not worth it. Enough to warm up the penis under warm water.

Once the penis is warmed up you can wear the pump.

Vacuum pump for penis can have different sizes and options vacuum. In our online shop presented a large assortment of vacuum pumps and before each buyer, the question arises: how to choose a pump?

Of course, as in any product on the market, the price depends on quality. The higher the quality, the greater the cost. Some pumps may be equipped with additional equipment, for example vibration system, additional rings, rings to hold the erection, etc. but nevertheless the principle of operation of all pumps for the penis same. Therefore, choose a pump that You will be happy to use and it does not matter which factor you use. Even if You just like the color of the pump is already an important factor that wakes You stimulate to use it.

Vacuum pump for penis is quite a fascinating toy. First and foremost fascinating is that the results can be seen immediately. For flasks many pumps have a scale division, and with each new procedure, You'll notice that the penis becomes larger. Also, after the procedure You can visually see the difference "Before" and "After". Of course such an effect can not fail to please the eye and, of course, many men with every session I want to achieve even greater results. But remember that one procedure should not take more than 15-20 minutes. If You want to get an even better result, then do an extra session a few hours, but again, no more than 15-20 minutes.

How not to hurt yourself with a vacuum pump for penis

Many men mistakenly think that the more pressure they create inside the pump, the greater and faster results they will get. But this is false!

Vacuum pump for penis is not a magic wand, and the process of increase the cells that you want to spend time. Therefore, necessarily, during use, create the pressure inside the pump, which penis wakes is tight, but no pain effect. The pain in this case is a signal that You overdid it and need a little ease the pressure.

After a while, You will feel that the pressure inside the pump slightly loose. This is normal. Just a little more pressure and do so several times during the procedure, maintaining such pressure, in which the penis is taut, but without pain. The very next procedure, and with each subsequent procedure, You'll notice that the size of the penis becomes bigger, and You can also create more pressure inside the pump.

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After the procedure, massage movements massage of the penis in for several minutes. Better to use a lubricant, or a special oil (ointment, cream, gel, lubricant... penis enlargement).