How to increase penis size?

Most men, about 75% have a perfectly normal and the standard size of the penis, which is about 12-18 cm in the state erection. However, surveys show that despite these data, many still unhappy with the size of their penis and want to increase it. Doctors often discourage their patients from thought to do a surgical operation to increase.

Why do we need it?

how to increase the member

The reason there may be a lot, and every man his a significant reason to see a doctor or start taking drugs. Of course, large genital organ — it is certainly a reason for pride. On the beach, sauna or steam bath, wherever there is an opportunity to demonstrate itself in all glory, everyone wants to catch the surprised looks of women and envious men. Someone sincerely believes that to enlarge the penis should be first and foremost for emergence of confidence. It is generally believed that large size associated with power, aggression and male sexuality. That's why apparently, long and thick penis inspires a man a sense of confidence in yourself and maybe even superiority.

Methods of penis enlargement

Reason actually can be very much, but they are all in the end rested in one simple question: "how can you increase penis?". Answer it is problematic, because currently there is quite a lot of methods, each of which are effective and can lead different results. Among the most popular, of course, is a surgical operation and administration of the different medicines that claim manufacturers can increase penis size without the intervention of doctors.


Everyone knows that the surgical method is not always it is safe and it is associated with certain difficulties, which come after operations always. This is especially true if you have to operate like this important organ. No one would argue that today medicine can offer patients with the most modern approach, highly skilled professionals and the latest equipment, but the risk always remains. The doctor tries first to convince the patient to need surgery to increase, arguing that that size isn't everything. By the way, many women also speak about this, therefore, surgical intervention should be abandoned. However, if you've decided, you have to be ready for a long a period of recovery, which is not smooth at all, but will tell you this specialist. Generally it is believed that surgical intervention may be useful only if the patient has any physical penis deformities that must be corrected. Penis enlargement — the serious and responsible, so there needs to think carefully several times. Although the effect usually is achieved fairly well, but what price...


penis enlargement.

Currently, the pharmaceutical market is Packed with a drugs that promise to increase male sexual organ fast and without operations. All these tools work roughly the same pattern, providing impact on the erectile tissues of the penis that will stretch filled with blood, which in a sense contributes to the apparent increase. However, it is believed that all of it primarily influences rather subconscious level, so after long-term use of certain the medicine man begins to think that penis really was more. The increase in size, of course, but it is not so great as it is after the surgery, but everything is much easier and safer.

What to choose, only you can decide. It's not to forget that the impact on any human body, including sexual member is not always safe, so before you do anything, must seek the advice of a specialist.