How to increase male potency natural ways

Often many men of different ages complain about the deterioration of potency. Patients with these disorders are mostly too shy to go to the doctor, so self-medicate using various drugs that increase the potency, instant action (for example, Viagra leads to an erection half an hour after admission). However, you should know about how to increase male potency natural ways. Improving potency in a natural way involves not only actions aimed at improving sexual function, but also the healing of the body, a condition which directly affects the sexual function of men.

How to increase male potency natural ways

Factors that cause erectile dysfunction

Malfunction of the reproductive system is men, regardless of age. Today, many young people face this trouble and are looking for a method that increases the potency. The reason for this may hide in the following:

  • mechanical damage in the genital area;
  • long stay in stressful situations, prolonged depression, emotional distress;
  • a sedentary lifestyle;
  • pathological processes in the organs of the urogenital system;
  • bad habits;
  • improper diet;
  • violations of the hormonal level;
  • lack of sleep;
  • fatigue.

The rhythm of modern life is bad for erectile function. But don't panic – modern medicine offers different ways to improve erection drugs to improve potency, innovative medical treatments and traditional recipes. Each of the methods helps to a certain extent. Therefore, they are used in combination with each other. To solve need a lot of time and effort.

Recommendations for improving erection

The essence of the natural methods that help to improve reproductive function in men, consists in the reinforcement of the General condition of the body. In fact this depends on erectile function.

Potency disorders may be permanent or temporary. Irrespective of erection problems are observed in a short period of time or a long period, a man should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

To increase potency you can use the following recommendations:

  1. Of paramount importance for the coordinated work of the whole organism has a balanced diet. The foods should contain phosphorus, zinc, vitamins C, E, and selenium. Daily body should consume a daily intake of these substances. This is possible if the diet men foods that increase the potency, garlic, beans, peas, carrots, chocolates, eggs, honey, nuts of any kind. These products contain high levels of essential trace elements necessary for potency. Balanced diet normalizes hormonal men, it is also important to increase the potency.
  2. Regularly perform exercises that stimulate blood circulation in the organs of the urogenital system and trains lobkovo-kopchikovyye muscles. After a week of daily training the results will become visible.
  3. To normalize your weight, because extra pounds are a direct threat to potency. This is because overweight significantly reduces the amount of testosterone and increases the level of female hormones (estrogens). This situation not only significantly degrades the potency, but also negatively affects the overall health of men. Overweight causes diabetes and problems with the cardiovascular system, which also negatively affects potency and overall health. To know the man suffers from obesity, you should measure his waist, and if it exceeds 94 cm, it indicates a problem.
  4. To eliminate the use of alcohol, Smoking tobacco and taking drugs. These bad habits cause dysfunction of the reproductive system of men. Refusal of these habits, significantly increases the potency.
  5. Lead an active lifestyle, to play sports. Men, whose activity is associated with sedentary occupations are more likely than others to dysfunction of potency. Representatives of these professions to rectify the situation, you can use Kegel exercises, which strengthen the lobkovo-kopchikovyye muscle tissue. This special exercises is very convenient for those who have no time for sport, because they can perform in the workplace.
  6. To eliminate the psychological burden, stress, emotional upheaval. Especially adversely affect the erection troubles over bad sexual experience, lack of confidence in their abilities. If the self is not able to get rid of complexes sexual nature, it is best to seek the assistance of specialists (psychologist).
  7. To create optimal conditions for sleep. It must take place in silence and darkness. The daily duration of sleep should be at least 8 hours. Proper sleep and rest improves potency.
  8. Conduct regular sexual life. Any prolonged abstinence from sex affects the potency of men. Sex affects the overall health of a man and prevents impotence. Have sex at least once a week significantly reduce the occurrence of prostate cancer.
  9. To take preventive measures of sexually transmitted diseases. It is important to regularly take biomaterial to conduct appropriate analyses. In any symptoms of the pathological processes it is necessary to consult a qualified professional.

Top 5 ways to increase male potency natural ways

Experts in the field of medicine there are several simple ways to raise the potency. They are as follows:

  1. In the diet should be leafy greens and red meat.
  2. Regularly take a hot bath with the addition of Shilajit.
  3. To arrange a douche for genital organs.
  4. Daily use of any nuts (walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pine nuts, etc.).
  5. Every day to drink a glass of tomato juice and a little red wine.

National methods increase potency

Traditional medicine is rich with recipes, how to quickly raise the potency. However, it is important to remember that they can not be abused.

Effective means to increase potency, is the daily consumption of three cloves of raw garlic.

Pumpkin seeds also have a positive effect on the reproductive system of men. They are used in any form.

Help method to improve male potency are the applications of honey and the use of the product in pure form. Honey can be mixed with the same amount of walnuts juice and medicinal plants aloe Vera and take one teaspoon a day. The pre-mixture insist in a month. To enhance erection can be taken with this remedy is milk. After a week of regular intake of this mixture of men will experience an increase in erection.

Gorchichniki, are attached to the feet of men, significantly improve the erection. This can be explained by the fact that mustard stimulates blood circulation in the vessels that go from the feet to the organs of the urogenital system. Gorchichnik and can be applied to the abdomen and hold it for 10 minutes (if it will burn much, Gorchichnik can be removed sooner). As this method is aggressive, then it cannot be used often.

Improved potency can be achieved even one extra method – the use of decoction of nettles. To make this, chopped dried plant leaves pour boiling water, add a spoonful of honey and leave for some time. Take the decoction one hour before sexual intercourse.

Effectively stimulate the potency is possible with the help of ice – wrapped in gauze ice, then wrapped with cloth. Ice compress is applied for 2 minutes to different areas – directly to the head, then to the heart, and then to the scrotum.

To improve potency in men by using the carrot of the cocktail. A quarter Cup of this cocktail before meals promotes more rapid recovery. Besides the carrot cocktail similar action has and cabbage juice. Daily its use will relieve man from erection problems.

Exercises to improve erectile function

To avoid problems with erection will help special exercises, the effect of which increases the tone of the pubic muscles, and hence the potency. Active lifestyle and sports are very useful for General strengthening of the organism, but the increased potency occurs only with regular specific exercises.

Exercises that increase potency:

  • "Front step". The man takes up starting position – stand upright and lower the arms along the body. The essence of the exercise is to implement steps with raised knees, with their need to be lifted, pressing to his stomach.
  • "Hold the stone". Same original position, but knees slightly bent. Man you need to compress the buttocks and at the same time bend the knees. At this time, the man should feel like between his buttocks squeezed stone. You must then return to the starting position and relax.
  • "The bridge". Starting position – lying on back, knees bent, feet resting on the floor, hands lie along the body. The essence of the exercise is raising and lowering the pelvis.
  • "The muscles of potency". This is the most effective exercise for harder erections. Starting position is the same as in the previous exercise, but legs are slightly moved apart. A man should alternately stretch and relax lobkovo-kopchikovyye muscle. If performed correctly, this exercise is the impression that restrains urination.
  • "Rotation". Starting position – standing, feet on width of shoulders, hands on waist. Man you need to rotate the pelvis during 10 minutes in each direction.
  • "Bicycle". Starting position – lying on his back. The essence of the exercise is to perform rotational movements with the legs, simulating Cycling.
  • "Kegel Exercises". Training of the pelvic floor muscles for better blood flow to the penis. The essence of the exercise is the contraction of the muscles of the pelvic floor and contents in a stressed state so intensely, how it turns out. Can be performed standing, sitting or lying down.

Daily perform these simple exercises help to increase potency in men.

healthy potency

Preventive measures to increase potency

Not to think about how to improve the potency of men, it is primarily necessary to eliminate the factors that cause the deterioration of an erection. To do this, experts recommend the following suggestions:

  • monitor your emotional state;
  • to discuss with the second half all the exciting things that relate to sexuality. This will fix all the problems in sex that has a improving influence on potency;
  • regularly observe the rules of personal hygiene;
  • not to abuse drugs that enhance erections.

By following these recommendations, the potency will not decrease but only increase.

Modern medicine offers many ways how to restore the potency – reducing drugs, injections, vacuum-constructive correction, etc. However, the increased potency should be holistic in nature – use of tablets to increase potency in combination with the use of traditional methods. Do not forget about your diet – you need to eat foods that increase the potency. This will significantly speed up the recovery process of men's health and confidence in their abilities.